The Ascension Grid Activation

TThe good news is that acceleration, awakening, and our collective ascension, on all levels, are prevalent in the well-organized flow of the cosmos.

The Ascension grid exists around and above Earth’s atmosphere to help humanity in the process of our awakening globally. 

 Planet Earth has a significant place in this global evolution process, and it must evolve to the higher dimensions of consciousness, together with countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes. 

 Due to our human struggles, through pandemic and beyond upheavals, at this critical time, we are assisted by the Ascended Masters and other advanced light beings of the universe through this high-frequency light field.

Many people are perplexed and dumfound in the net of fear, separation, and restriction-based awareness. These boundaries have to resolve, and human consciousness must expand for us to evolve to the next levels. Therefore, the Ascension grid is here to assist this cosmic reset and further our evolution.   

This perfect geometrical energy and light frequency grid is in place as a tool for our individual and collective healing and dismantling of the chains and lower frequencies of very present three-dimensional reality. 

So, we can connect and activate this high-frequency field by sending our love and light to it. Once the grid is activated, it lights up while streaming down a high-frequency light to humanity and Mother Earth. Thus, removing darkness and awakening more people to the new reality. 

Liberation to the Higher States of Consciousness

#Ascension #Grid #Activation #Practice

As our human consciousness awakes and expands influenced by the higher frequency of light from the Ascension grid, the illusion artificially placed on human consciousness can disintegrate. 

 In other words, once the ‘Maya’ banishes, we can experience the new higher realms of consciousness and awareness. Consequently, our higher selves aspect can rise above the illusionary realm. 

The idea is for our collective belief systems to liberate and expand that we can experience our higher-self presence and frequencies of the New Earth and its realm. 

 Higher dimensions are aspects of consciousness. Also, the dimensions are worlds of existence. So, when we remove confusion and set free from fear, separation, and ignorance collectively and individually, we can evolve. Thus, move through different dimensions of consciousness intentionally. 

Then, through the heart center and our higher-self love, we are limitless beings as our birthright. Therefore, by connecting to the Ascension grid, we institute and upgrade to a notion of our unlimited potential and help others experience the same. 

When we work with the Ascension grid daily, we can notice our frequency is accelerating. Consequently, we experience heightened awareness for shorter or longer periods. So as our frequency rises and consciousness expands, we can let go of old patterns and suppressed belief systems. 

Utilizing The Ascension Light Field

Given that everything has a soul, we do not need to be in the groups to perform this global ascension acceleration practice. 
All we have to do at the beginning of practice is to invite the souls of humanity and lightworkers around the globe to practice with us. 

Exactly, we are to invite and visualize all of us around the globe practicing together and simultaneously sending love and light frequencies up to the Ascension grid. 

Thus, activated this light energy field is streaming down the ascension frequency and light to humanity and Mother Earth. 

The light is awakening people who are asleep and offering upgrades to everyone as appropriate and for the highest good. 

Everything is in divine flow and intelligence of the universe, creating configurations and upgrades to all, as it is needed. 

Connected and attuned to the Ascension grid and our higher-self presence and purpose through divine love and light in our hearts, we are sending our light up, activating the ascension light field, and receiving blessings for our life and others in return.    

It is significant to know and integrate the light frequency Ascension field at this time. 

We have a chance to access higher realms of consciousness and awareness and usher them to prevail on Earth as the new normal.  

 So, when we access this high-frequency matrix, individually or in groups, we dissolve the negative within and from the collective. 

 Here is an opportunity to help humanity evolve and to benefit and receive virtue for our journey. Yes, our journey is blessed, and we are uplifted on all
levels when we offer universal service like this. 

The Law Of Universal Service

Allow me to explain soul wisdom on universal service and our virtue. 

Virtue is a spiritual currency, just as money is on a physical plane. 

 Unlike money, the virtue stays with the soul eternally.

In other words, virtue expands and grows our soul power. 

There is nothing more potent than the power of the soul for our collective or individual existence. 

When we offer good service, genuinely without expecting anything in return, we receive a wealth of virtue for our journey. 

When we do something for recognition or fame, we are less blessed. Our ego and attachment to that cause are stopping the flow and virtue to come our way. 

Also, for money, we cannot by virtue. 

The reason that many wealthy and some people do not experience true happiness and abundance is their lack of virtue.

Spiritual wisdom is, we earn virtue for our journey specifically by creating a good cause through service. 

Therefore, the law of universal service is:

  • Serve a little, receive a little virtue from the Divine Source.
  • When we serve more,we receive more virtue. 
  • Unconditional service, when you do not expect rewards, creates unlimited virtue for our journey. 

Thus, the unconditional silent service is the gold for our evolution. It is when we benefit the lives of others and our own the most.

We can join as one in this practice by inviting others. We are all connecting and attuning with the Ascension high-frequency light field. Our higher-self presence is in action through the breath and love and light we are transmitting to it. Activated, the Ascension field is blessing all in return.  

Let us join to assist humanity, Mother Earth, and our lives to evolve further!

Working with the Ascension Grid And The Activation Meditation Practice

In essence, we will connect our body through energy centers with the Ascension grid to receive upgrades to our current state.    

Stand up straight. You can also sit in a chair or on the floor. Make sure your spine is straight and away from any surface, allowing light to flow. 

Relax. Take a few deep breaths to your lower abdomen and slowly exhale. On the exhale, imagine all you do not need is leaving you and relaxing you even more. 

#Ascension #Activation #Practice

Begin by inviting all lightworkers of the world and humanity to join the practice and accelerate with you. 

Visualize everyone as a myriad of light bulbs around the globe in meditation together. 

Send the grounding cord of light to the core of Mother Earth. 

The crystal core of the earth is responding by giving love and light to your Earth Star chakra. 

At the same time, visualize the light force of the universe through your cosmic portal is coming down. 

Shiva/Shakti, creation and manifestation energy and light are running through your central channel in a column of crystalline white light. Visualize your Earth Star chakra and all seven chakras lighting up one-by-one. 

Take another deep breath to the Earth Star chakra, seeing it light up. Intentionally on an exhale, stream the light and love up to the Ascension grid. Visualize the ascension grid lights up while releasing the I AM crystalline frequency and light to you and many people on earth. 

Feel and see the masses awakening to their I AM presence. 

Stay with this visualization for a minute. 

Connecting Our Energy Centers With The Light-Ascension Field

Continue now to focus on the first chakra. Visualize the ruby-red vortex of light rotating counter-clockwise and expanding. The crystalline frequency of your foundational energy is strengthening your being. 

Take a deep breath, while exhale send the light up to the Ascension grid. 

Ask for assistance and what you need help with at the moment.

See the ascension-field lighting up like a wildfire streaming down light-frequency and codes to you and those you invited on earth.  

Stay for a minute in the feeling nature of this experience.   

When ready, visualize the bright orange light in your second chakra. See the light expanding throughout your body in a counter-clockwise motion. The body is turning into a bright-orange force of your creativity in purpose. 

Send the rays of light and love in action to the Ascension grid. When activated, the grid is streaming down the light, awakening and igniting the creative powers for all.

Repeat the process for all chakras and receive benefits by spending few minutes on each. 

Visualize the golden weel in the solar plexus, rotating and connecting you with the power of your soul. Imagine your sun here, expending its golden rays up to the Ascension grid. The grid is activating. See the ascension-light coming down and increasing the soul power for everyone. 

Visualize all people empowered by this network of light, shining like the million suns around the globe. 

 Stay with this visualization for a moment. 


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Ask For The Transformation You Desire And See It Coming To You And Others

Continue up and focus on the middle of your chest in your heart center. Send love and light from your heart chakra up to the Ascension grid. Initiated by love from your heart, the grid rains down the higher frequency of love and light to you and more people on earth. The ascension light is bringing love, balance, and harmony to the hearts of many, awakening to their gifts and talents.

Visualize Mother Earth and humanity awaken and bathed in love and light from the Ascension grid. 

#Heart is the #Core of #Life
Higher Self Heart is Limitless, Connect to The Ascension Grid for Update

Through breath, wake open your Higher-self heart and stream up your unconditional love for all to the grid. 

Feel the power of this higher-self love activating the Ascension grid. The grid responds by streaming down Christ’s unity consciousness to you and all. More people are awakening to unity consciousness.

See people elated and free through the power of this ascension love and light.  

In your throat, visualize the vortex of sky-blue light, now spinning and emanating its crystalline light to the Ascension grid. The ascension frequency light is coming down and initiating many to their truth. Receive the codes on how best to shine your light and speak your truth. Imagine many people awakening through their purpose. 

Stay with this visualization for a moment. 

Now, in the center of your brain, visualize indigo blue flame streaming its high-frequency waves up to the Ascension grid. The ascension light field is responding and bringing to you and many a high-frequency intuitive knowledge and awareness. 

Take a breath through this visualization of more people awakening and advancing through their spiritual channels.    

Embodying The Higher Realms Of Consciousness & Awareness

When you are ready, see your crown chakra opening in crystalline translucent violet light, emitting light to the Ascension grid. The grid is lighting up while pouring down the higher frequency light to all present. 

The light is opening the crown chakras and connecting more humanity to the higher realms of consciousness and awareness. 

Ask for assistance for your journey and receive the messages. 

In the end, thank the Ascension grid and all souls who came to practice, and send them back to their abroad by saying:

For all those who came please, return, get well, get perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you, love you, love you.

The first thank you is for the Divine and the Source. The second is for the Ascension grid, and the third thank you is to your soul.

May we all benefit from working with the Ascension grid and accelerate further collectively and individually. 

In Love and Light, Tat Jane    

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2 thoughts on “Ascension Grid Activation Practice

  1. Hi there! I am very discouraged as I suffer from aphantasia, meaning I literally can not visualize things visually, only via inner monologue. Please help if you have any suggestions!

    Thank you 😊

    1. Hello there, Thank you for taking the time to absorb this potent practice and service at this significant time. I have an insight that this is a perfect practice for you. One day your inner monolog will turn into beautiful images of what you feel. Use the love in your heart to enjoy and go deeper with what you have available. Anyway usually images come with a monolog so, it is a perfect place to start. Also, do not worry about not seeing it at first, just play with it and drive upon it, explore more the way it flows naturally with you. Must be something that you have to overcome and it will be very rewarding when you do. May the desire to provide for others remove this blockage.
      Let me know how things progress. Sending love and light your way.~ ~ ~

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