The USA Presidents Energizer painting by Marijana Bego Digitally edited with President Trump by T.J. Bego, co-founder of Bego Energizing Art

In LOVE, a while gone, Ms. Marijana Bego’s 2008 painting, the ‘U.S.A Presidents’ is live and supporting the Bright Star among the presidents, President Donald J.Trump, and his achievements as the 45 President of the USA.
***Given and for this purpose as the Bego Energizing Art administrator, I am honored to digitally add President Trump in our spirit and support of his work and mission.
Thank you for viewing.
Cheers! Tat Jane

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In Love, already awhile gone, Ms. Marijana Bego's 2008 painting, the #American #Presidents. Here, as her Art Administrator, I am honored to Digitally ADD the Bright Star among them, #President Mr. #Donald J.T#rump in our spirit and support of his #presidential# re-election run this #Nov. 2020. Cheers!

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In Short, About Bego Energizing Art

Bego Energizing Art was founded, and came into life, in the Nineties at the Loft apartment of the Upper West Side in Manhattan.
Having an innate desire, my sister Marijana Bego and I, to benefit and contribute to the already amazing cultural and art scene in NYC we contemplated the basic concept of Bego Enegazing Art.

Through our explorations. and a burning desire to create the art that would be decorative but also would energize and focus others energy to excel on their journeys. Specifically, I remember we wanted the Bego Art to empower and bring about people’s Higher Selves abilities and potential.

Birthing Of The New Energizing Art

Marijana, being an Architect by profession, constructed and created different images originating from the centers within them.
Thus, this focal point represents the source, our source, within us, and it is serving as the spring-board for everyone’s original powers and potential to rise beyond the current state.
In other words, the concept of the Bego Energizing Art is that our unique potential and powers, that lie within all of us are to be ignited, awaken, and to spring forth.

Therefore, and with this in mind, when you tap into the focal point, in the center of the Bego Energizing Art paintings, you can receive the most appropriate inspiration, some realization, and the messages from your original self and your Higher Self.

Similarly, if you hang up one of the Energizing Art paintings on your wall, you can notice an increase in your energy and focus for the everyday activities, life, and your pursuit.
Granted that, was the goal and an idea of Marijana Bego as the creator and our ultimate contemplations plan behind the Bego Art and concept.

Uses and Purpose Of Bego Art For Your Evolution

For example, you can use one of the paintings and set your intention for your greater awareness and alignment with life and your purpose.

In particular, connect through the center point, within one of the Bego Energizers, and seek and receive the inspiration, alignment, additional energy, or anything else you need for your higher potential to come through.

Among all things, these paintings are beautiful pieces of art, and even without any additional purpose, they will uplift your home, office, or any space energy and give it a higher dimensional vibe.
I know you will enjoy it.
Also, please, reach out to me with any questions or comments about Bego Energizing Art.

in LoVe and Light,
Tat Jane
Bego Art Co-Founder and Administrator

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Bego Art Supporting President Trump

#Bego #Art in Support to #President #Trump's #Re-election 2020

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