Forgiveness practice is the most Profound Wisdom that I believe I’ve ever learned, and the most Beneficial practice that I have ever implemented in my physical life and on my spiritual journey.

Forgiveness practice is connected to the Sixth Chakra–Sixth Soul House, in the area of Pineal gland, and in the middle of our head. It is crucial for developing 3rd Eye abilities. So, if you’d like to develop your Spiritual Channels, in particular, your 3rd Eye Channel, I recommend Forgiveness practice, besides the necessary, Foundational Energy Centers practices.

To understand the foundational qualities, and the essence that is behind this simple technique, I suggest that you first watch the enclosed YouTube Video.

Please, let go of any preconceptions, you might have, on the depth and significance of this process, and your true forgiveness, to yourself and to others.
I advise you to give it a try, since it works, as a powerful tool to self-remove blockages from your soul, heart, mind and body, your life, and acceleration in any aspect of life.

The forgiveness practice can bring a major transformation and desired Shift in all areas, that you are seeking healing, and transformation.

I am encouraging you to give Forgiveness practice a chance, to help you transform your life. I am saying this, since it took me, more then 2 years, from the time I was introduced to it, to the time I understood it on deeper levels, and actually started implementing it, every day.
I am happy to share, that I’ve experienced benefits almost instantly, after I realized the true reason for doing it.

Open your heart and your mind to receive the information, and then follow your own intuition and guidance to proceed.

Whether you’ll be able to resonate with it, at this time, it’s just the level of your readiness.
Life always serves us with the occasions or challenges, which would assist us the most, and are truly the tests, to show to us what we need to change, and transform.
What we need to learn, that can move us further and to the next level of our life.
Many times doing the Forgiveness practice can prevent some of the tests–challenges from coming our way.

There is a right time for everything to occur, and it doesn’t mean that this is the right time for you, to experience and embody the forgiveness practice.

In the Power of Soul wisdom, forgiveness practice is one of the Key techniques to implement in order to transform for better.

Why is that? Because we have to understand on a deep level, that what ever we are suffering from, is simply the message within our heart, mind, body, our spirit that we carry, and it needs transformation.

Our journey brought these messages within our physical form, and to this lifetime in order for them to be healed, cleared and transform to light.

The negative messages need to transform into the positive message of, love, forgiveness, compassion, light and other Divine and the Source qualities.
One of the short cuts to accomplish this transformation, is to do sincere forgiveness practice, to all those souls, who our ancestors and us have harmed or hurt, in this or any previous lifetime, and in regards to the challenge we’re experiencing.

Forgiveness practice is a practical way to self-clear, your own negative karma.
If anyone is not familiar with what Karma is?
Karma is the record of services, one carries within, it is the message in one’s soul, heart, mind and body.

Negative Karma is the debt—negative message, we awe to others. Particularly owed to those whom we, or our ancestors have harmed or hurt, in the areas of our current sufferings.

When we do forgiveness practice, we are offering good service. We release others, who are connected to us/our ancestors; and from any debt they awe us.
We sort of, set others FREE from bondage, they might be caring on, in their lives. Also, we ask them for forgiveness, so that we may become free from any baggage and bondage, we owe to others.

By setting someone free, we help them to release many blockages from their life, and in this way we help them grow, on their journey, much faster.

It is a “WIN-WIN” situation. The Journey of those we forgive is lighter, and at the same time, our life and soul journey becomes lighter as well.
This is good example of The Law of Cause and Effect, in the practice, which is one of many known definitions for Karma.
Karma is the universal law of cause and effect.

Good Karma is record of good service, which our ancestors and we have accumulated over this, and our previous lifetimes. So, we want to keep developing and accumulating good karma, by offering good service.
We offer care, compassion, love, forgiveness, and anything that can help other progress, in any way.

The general Invocation is recorded and many Blessings for you, to be able take this task to heart, sincerely and lightly. It is just another way you can help yourself, from many unnecessary struggles.

I mentioned already, you might adjust the recorded practice, to serve your own specific issue.
It is best to work on one challenge at a time, so that you may go into a Condition of sincerely offering your Love, and Forgiveness to those whom your ancestors and you, had caused sufferings and struggles, previously.

Be sincere and open your heart to give and receive forgiveness. There is a saying: “Sincerity moves Heaven”.

This is so true, since we know every time we were truthful and honest, we have gained virtue and we’ve benefited our lives.
Every time we become One with what we do, we receive lot of energy, and we feel uplifted.

When we do the Forgiveness Practice, one of the significant things that happens is, we loose the attachment to the outcomes. Little by little they do fade away.

We already have experienced, and we know, that any attachment to outcome is the very thing, that prevent us from manifest what we want.
Our mind and heart are closed, and limited to our expectations; in this way we are not able to see and receive what is the best for us.

With doing a sincere forgiveness practice, we start understanding more and more that we are truly not in charge, completely and unconditionally.
There is always the bigger plan, which we are part of. Only by aligning our hearts, souls, minds and bodies, selflessly, with the bigger plan and the whole picture, we’re able to prosper.
This is our minds’ ego that does this. The forgiveness practice can help us purify and expand our minds, as well.

May you experience the Greatest Transformation and Growth, as I did, by implementing simple, Forgiveness practice, every day.~

I suggest you do the practice, at least once a day, for 15 minutes.
Take notes, and share your experience and your progress. To share is to serve others, who also need transformation in their lives.

The forgiveness practice can be applied to the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional aspect of life, and to relationships and finances.

To Experience is to believe in something.
The way to transform any aspect of life is to do an appropriate spiritual practice.

The Forgiveness practice is an appropriate practice to transform your whole Life.

I am here with you, for you and always! ~

In Eternal LOVE & LIGHT, Tat Jane

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