Forgiving Others Help Us Advance to our Next Levels Faster

Forgiveness practice carries a pearl of profound wisdom that I know can help us in removing the immediate blockages from our lives’ experience. We transform blockages to move forward faster in life by practicing forgiveness.
Simply, when we’re stuck in one place for a while, we carry blockages in our systems that we have to release to move to the next level. The same applies to heal or transform any other aspects of life.
If these blockages are not transformed to light frequency, one way is through forgiveness practice, we can stay in the same spot for a while. Even if we move a bit, without releasing the main causes of our struggle, we can attract the same problems over again. Because we’re still vibrating the same frequency.
Through forgiveness practice, we sincerely reflect unto the core of our issues that lie within us.
Let us explore further the significance of offering forgiveness and asking for forgiveness in regards to our struggles in life.

Advancing Blockages Through Forgiveness Practice

When we experience challenges in any aspect of life, this means that there are negative memories–the messages that are causing us to vibrate against our highest intentions. So, we attract what we vibrate-out to the world.
If we’re vibrating the frequency of the struggles, in that aspect, this is the experience we live.
It is simple and straight forward yet, to realize and transform an issue takes work, patience, self-love, and self-reflection.
If you’d like to self-heal and transform blockages, the forgiveness practice is the fastest self-healing method I know.
Firstly, when we’re performing forgiveness for our issue we have the time to reflect on ourselves in regards to the issue.
Where do the attachments, that keep us bound, are coming from? Know that they are negative memories from this or the previous lives. These messages are stored in our cellular systems and at the same time, they are ready to be released when we’re ready.

General Forgiveness Invocation

So, the forgiveness practice can facilitate this transition from a blockage to the light frequencies of love, compassion, and forgiveness.
Secondly, when we forgive the souls that have hurt us, we release them from the bondage of karma law of cause and effect. This is a huge benefit for their soul journey and evolution. In other words, by offering forgiveness to the souls that have hurt us, we’re setting them free from the karmic low of cause and effect. 
The release is taking place on the soul level, first, when the physical manifestation follows throughout their lives’ experiences.

Practice Forgiveness with me, VD on YouTube:



Forgiveness Practice Invocation (General)

Becoming one with a challenge and surrender to it, while offering forgiveness to all people and things that are causing this issue and throughout our lifetimes helps. Additionally, we’re asking forgiveness from them, therefore we’re creating the harmony within an issue on the soul level. 
We include our ancestors and the ancestors of others since we all carry our ancestors’ messages and deeds within our cellular vibrations. For this reason by including the ancestors we multiply the effect of forgiveness practice.

When the Challenge is an Aspect of Life–Finances, Business, or the Love Life

When we’re experiencing difficulty in the aspect of life such as our finances, business or difficulty finding true love, we can still do a forgiveness practice. Since the blockages are caused by negative memories when we were hurt, or hurt others in this aspect. Forgiveness will soothe the wounds.
Therefore, offering forgiveness to all those people that we’ve hurt, or our ancestors have hurt, and asking for forgiveness from them, will remove blockages from the aspect.
The more we sincerely reflect on this situation, in love and forgiveness, the more negative emotions will be released.
The essence is to sincerely assess the situation and to offer love and forgiveness as it is happening right now in front of us through visualization.

Forgiveness Invocation for the Aspect of Life

You will be amazed by the positive effect that offering forgiveness on the spiritual level has in real-life situations.
The crux of the forgiveness practice is to satiate the core of the issue with love and compassion. The spiritual level is through visualization and performing forgiveness as it is happening now.

The Forgiveness Affects Our Whole System to Relax and Surrender

The forgiveness practice is closely connected to our heart chakra and the Sixth Chakra–in the middle of the head.
Through the heart, we experience heart to heart connection with an issue or a person we’re creating forgiveness with.
Through our brain and the Sixth chakra, we’re making it as real as it is happening right then.
The more blockages we release from our emotional and mental body’ systems, the more we become intuitive and free within.
Releasing resistance and disharmony from our lives through forgiveness practice will harmonize our left and right brain hemispheres. When left and right brains are in proximate balance, the Pineal gland produces serotonin and other endorphins that create feelings of happiness and joy. 
The Pineal gland, in the middle of the brain, is also crucial for developing our Third Eye abilities. So, if we want to grow our Spiritual channels, in particular the 3rd Eye channel, forgiveness practice is a facilitator. 

Practice Forgiveness With Me

#Forgiveness an Asset to transformation
Forgiveness Practice An Asset for Transformation

To understand the core qualities and the essence of this simple technique to transformation, please watch the enclosed YouTube Video.
To benefit the most we let go of any preconceptions we have on the depth and significance of this process of forgiveness towards ourselves and others.

Since it works, I advise you to give forgiveness a chance, it is a powerful tool to self-remove blockages from your system and your life. Also, it is a way to remove blockages from the aspects of life.

The forgiveness practice brings a transformation and the Shift in the areas that we’re struggling with. As with any practice when we go deep, and become one with, forgiveness brings healing and inner peace. Thereafter the desired transformation follows.

 Don’t let it take you two years to implement it. It took me that long to understand the depth and to actualize it in my life’s routine.
I did experience profound benefits and instantly after I realized the essence of it. So, watch the video to learn what does it take.

Unlock the Door of Manifestation Through Forgiving Yourself and Others

Open your heart and your mind to receive this information and then follow your intuition and guidance to proceed.

Life always serves us with the occasions or challenges that will assist us the most to move forward on our path. In other words, the challenges are our tickets to realizing the necessary change and what we need to learn.

Many times doing the Forgiveness practice can prevent some of the challenges–occasions from coming our way. Since, we recalibrated through doing the forgiveness practice, and time spent in reflection.

In Summary Why Forgiveness? 

In the Power of Soul wisdom, forgiveness practice is the Key techniques to self-transform for better.

Why is that? In essence, whatever we are suffering from is caused by our vibration and the message we carry within us. The way to change our vibration is to transmute these negative memories and messages to the light frequencies of Love and forgiveness.

Our eternal soul brought these messages to this physical form and to this life so, that they can heal and transform to light. One of the short cuts to this transformation is doing a sincere forgiveness practice. We offer forgiveness to all beings, and things, that our ancestors and we have harmed, in this or previous lifetimes in regards to the challenge, and we ask for forgiveness. 

Forgiving and Being Forgiven the Benefits

Forgiveness practice is a practical way to self-clear our negative karma. What is Karma?
Karma is the record of services, we carry within us, and it’s manifesting through our cellular vibration and our message.

Negative Karma is the debt—negative message we own to others. Particularly owned to those whom we, or our ancestors, have harmed or hurt in the areas of our sufferings.

When we forgive others, we release them from the debt to us and our ancestors. By setting someone free, we help them and their evolution. Simultaneously, we create a good virtue for our progress and growth.

Forgiveness and Cause and Effect

In other words, we’re setting others free from the karmic law of cause and effect, creating good karma for us. Good karma is a record of good service that our ancestors and we have accumulated over the lifetimes. 
When we offer care, compassion, love, forgiveness, and when we help others progress we create good karma.

The general Invocation to offering forgiveness and receiving forgiveness is recorded on the video. It is best to work on one challenge at a time, so that we may go into a condition of sincerely offering our Love and Forgiveness. We reflect in love with those whom our ancestors, and we have caused suffering and struggle, previously.

Sincerity Moves Heaven When it Comes to Forgiveness

#Forgiveness & #Third #Eye
Raise your vibration

Be sincere and open your heart to give and receive forgiveness. There is a saying: Sincerity moves Heaven.

This is true since whenever we’re truthful and honest to others and ourselves, we benefit from the situation.

Additionally, each time we become one with what we do, we receive a lot of energy, and we feel uplifted. 

Similarly, through sincere forgiveness practice, we lose the attachment to the outcome since we shift to a zone larger than life.  

The attachment to outcome is preventing us from manifesting what we desire.

This is because our minds and heart are closed and limited to our expectations and not what’s flowing to us naturally. By selflessly aligning with what is we prosper.

When Forgiveness?

In essence, forgiveness practice can assist us in letting go of the grip on our life.

Do the forgiveness practice for your challenge ones a day, for 15 minutes.

Take notes, and share your experience and progress. To share is to serve others who also need a transformation.

Apply the forgiveness to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. Do forgiveness to transform your relationships and finances.

To experience is to believe.

I experienced forgiveness practice as the best practice to transform my whole life.

In Love and Light with you on this sway! 

In Eternal LOVE & LIGHT, Tat Jane

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