Grounding in Love and Gratitude for Frequency Upgrades

Grounded in love and gratitude is essential for Humanity, to know and practice, at this time of constant shifts and changes on our planet.
I am saying this, because  in order for us to benefit more from the major light frequencies alterations on Earth, we have to be aware of few things. Allow me to explain further in this article, why, what, and how, on the grounding in our foundation and feelings of Love and Gratitude.

The Universe is blessing the Earth with the higher frequencies of light, at all times, during the ongoing times of Mother Earth transition. It is our evolution to higher levels of consciousness and awareness that we are going through. 

These light frequencies are exactly changing the face of the earth, by also, evolving humanity to the next higher levels of consciousness, globally.
In addition our physical bodies’ frequency is forever upgraded and raised. 

The ongoing events are magnificent and they are true blessings for all beings, here on Earth and beyond. Consequently, they’re bringing further awakening to more people, some are lead to join forces and to become the active contributors to this monumental time. Others are slumbering still but the awakening is happening, globally.

The Ascension of Earth & Humanity through Grounding in Love & Gratitude

Although frequency and light waves upgrades on Earth are the happy events, they’re also sudden and unpredictable in their nature. Their means are not revealed to mass consciousness enough. Thus, they cause the feelings of fear, despair and upheavals throughout our societies. We have to feel compassion and empathy for those who struggle, perhaps assist them when we can.

The best way to be beneficial to those around and our lives is that we stay grounded in love and gratitude.
How we do it?

We focus on the eternal forces within us such as love, gratitude, and forgiveness to others and ourselves.  We connect to the state of deep appreciation, and love, for all we have and have ever had.

The point to know and be prepared and swift is as follows:
Whenever frequencies on our planet, which is an ongoing event, are about to change and becomes higher, simultaneously, all of us living

Grounding in Love and Gratitude
Grounding in Love and Gratitude is the Key for the ongoing frequency changes on Mother Earth

beings also receive an upgrade in our frequencies.
For this reason, while and beforehand we’re all going through severe re-calibration.

I believe we’re well aware, that the shifts are significant and are not to be taken lightly.

Taken lightly means, I am referring to possible unfortunate events that often take place at the same time.

Shifting our focus from external to internal, and sharpen our awareness, and attention to within at such times can help us. We bring strength, stamina, and focus to our foundation. The energy centers at the bottom of our body we ground there in love and gratitude, first.

Shifting the Focus from the External to the Internal Forces Within

Our thoughts, and emotions are always crucial to our actions and what we’re vibrating to, and out. What we’re sending messages for?

In other words we have to master our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, through these upheavals. Our unification through unknown and unpredictable circumstances is required and precticed.

One negative thought, if not addressed in love, forgiveness, gratitude, and light, at these times of great shifts, can attract a lot more negative energies to come our way.  Always, be aware that these are not normal circumstances. 
So, we pay more attention. This is the awareness and being present in the moment-to-moment that we’re to develop. It is all planned for our evolution.

Consequently, we don’t want to allow any space, any chance, for darkness, and dark energies to prevail and take over.
What we do?

Share Your Wisdom & Knowledge Freely and Selflessly

I will share some of the things that I do, and that I’ve acquired from some other beautiful servants of light, for these occasions.
I will not be always mentioning the names of each, since that’s not where the point is.
The point is that we spread the messages of love and light which have assisted us in the times of trouble so, that it may benefit others in their time of need.

Credits are not necessary when messages of the healing, light and comfort are promoted in order to assist others.

All credits always go to the Ultimate Creator that works through us and it’s present in each one of us, respectively.
We are each a shooting star, one flame of Creators’ light, and wisdom that is working through us.

So, feel free to share any of the knowledge and wisdom you believe can help others on their journey. The planet earth and humanity needs more people who are able to share their knowledge more freely and selflessly. This is all that’s needed.

Real-life Example of being Grounded in Love & Gratitude

So, when we recognize some negativity coming from outside, or the negative messages, thoughts, or feelings that are rising, within; we have to acknowledge them, and not to push them away.
I suggest looking into those negative upheavals, sincerely, and deeply. When observed from this perspective, through our hearts, we can realize more easily the root cause of their appearances.
Sometimes we can see, or feel what causes some of them immediately.  Know that even if you don’t realize the cause, it’s the same; all we need to do is send the loving thoughts back to them. Offering forgiveness, appreciation, and gratitude to the event, the person, the thought, or emotion help.

Offer forgiveness, appreciation, and gratitude to the event, the person, the thought, or emotion.

We may see, or feel an immediate release in our bodies, our feeling towards the occasion. Sometimes when the blockages or the negative memories are too deep within us, they might come back again.
The key is not to feel irritated by them coming back. Simply, repeat the process of healing the wound with love, forgiveness, gratitude, and light.

This process is to be repeated as many times as it is needed, until the memory, the feeling, the event get healed within us. What exactly happens is, we, through our own effort just transformed it into light.

 Clean the Room for the Important Guest to Come In

The purpose of me sharing this wisdom with you, today is to prepare you better before another major wave of light frequencies comes our way.

Maybe you’ve heard and felt yourself pre-tidal wave frequency changes. It is a lot of what seemed to me as a pressure or can be explained as a ‘dark cloud coming down on us to smash us’.
This is just my expression of how I felt at these occasions.
Furthermore, they fallowed by many negative thoughts, emotions, and revival of some memories, which are not even related to what I am experiencing in my life at this moment.

Usually things we’ve not completely resolved within us, that would come up at these times to be healed.
They are the memories from our lives which seem to be needing some help, and more love in order to completely transform to light.

So we’ve been given the opportunity ‘to clean the room, for an important guest to come in’.

We need to transform and heal the old first, before we can have the opportunity to experience the new.

In other words, at this time, through grounding in the feelings of Love and gratitude we prepare ‘the room’ for the new frequencies and our next best state of consciousness to come in.

Prevent Negative Events, through Grounding in Love and Gratitude

It is unfortunate that some peoples’ blockages and negative memories are too deep and too strong or they don’t have this kind of spiritual wisdom stored in their memory bank.
This kind of knowledge can help humanity through the times of great calamities, and abrupt shifts in energy and frequency changes on earth.

Every time when something great is to unfold and manifest itself, at the same time some unfortunate events they take place.

The truth is we can prevent negative events and darkness to multiply, prevail, and to take over us.
By being aware of our own state of being and through consciously moving into the feelings of Love and Gratitude. to what already is, we are safe.

There are simple techniques, which can help us ground in these eternal feelings already within us. Let us begin. 

The Practical Techniques for Grounding in Love and Gratitude

Firstly, we have to acknowledge negatives accumulating within, and around us. At that point, we can compose ourselves by seating or standing upright.
The best is to focus in the area of lower abdomen, where is our foundation, and we say:

“I call Light to come into me, now!”
Repeat this sentence for few times until you can see or feel the Light coming into your body, from above and washing away all those messages you don’t need at the moment.

It is beneficial to concentrate the focus not in our head but in the lower abdomen, below the navel down, where is our foundational energy.  In addition, lower abdomen is the core and the engine of our body. Therefore, it’s the best place for us to accumulate the light and initiate grounding in love and gratitude. 

Visualize the whole area below the navel, and between 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra, and to the back in golden healing light. The light is saturating and condensing with each breath, more and more.

Now say, lowed or softly:
”I call all the energies I have given away, and I have left behind to come to me, now!”
Imagine all the times when you felt taken advantage of, misled, or misused, all the resources, are coming back to you.

Invoking the Light Frequencies to Clear up our Energy Field

When and if some negative thoughts, feelings or emotions, still pop up we can add:

“I call the golden rain shower to clear my aura, now!’
Visualize the golden rain shower coming down and washing away your body and aura, until it’s clear and it is shinning bright.

We now connect, and ground ourselves to Mother Earth by saying: “I ground my self in the heart of Mother Earth, now!” also we can continue by saying:

“I open my earth star portal, now.”
Visualize the golden beam of light going out from your belly button to the core of Mother Earth and connecting you with crystal core of the earth, and all that is below. Feel the unconditional love of Mother Earth coming through you.

Continue by connecting through the crown chakra with the cosmic energies, and the Universe above, by saying:

“ I open my cosmic star portal, now!”
See the white beam of light connecting you to all that is above.

Say: “I activate my prana-tube, now!”

See and feel the energy and the light rushing throughout our bodies, in both directions. From the earth below, the Creation energy of ‘Shakti’, and
from the cosmos above, the Manifestation Energy of ‘Shiva’,

***We have to make sure we are breathing out, deeply and evenly throughout all the invocations.  Filling up the bellies first and up the chest and through the throat area, out.

Benefits of Being Grounded in Love and Gratitude

These visualizations and affirmations can serve us greatly for grounding our physicality and mental/emotional state daily.
When we are well grounded, balanced, and resilient we’re less likely to attract negative experiences in our lives.

We are able to awaken our true purpose, our original light, and the flame within is shining bright.
As the vehicles of everlasting Love and Gratitude in our hearts, we are powerful servants of light.
All the opportunities are opening to us effortlessly when we are beacons of light and love.   

in Eternal LoVe, always! ~ Tat Jane

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