Abundance and Flourishing and What We are Vibrating To

We flourish in all aspects when we vibrate and emanate the frequencies of our hearts and souls’ unique message and purpose. Our emotional and mental bodies have the power to manifest the outcomes and experiences we live. 

It is the harmony and union with the passion of our innate being that we need to act to produce abundance and flourishing in our lives.
Consequently, once our physical body starts emitting the frequency of our hears’ and souls’ desires and what we are focusing on, at the moment, the outcomes are our expanded being living in harmony and joy.



For this reason, it is essential to be aware and conscious of our feelings, the emotional, mental bodies, and our vibrational field.
So, to be focused within the heart chakra, where is our inner sanctuary of peace and harmony is what we attract to our lives. By gathering our feelings and emotions in a higher purpose, here in the heart center, we become the magnet to things and situations that are the most aligned with our highest destiny and evolution,

 In the sacredness of our inner being through the heart, in consciousness and awareness of our original self’s message, and presence, coalesce to our highest destiny. 

In other words, when our hearts and souls’ intentions are in alignment with our higher-self purpose, the heart opens. The opening of the heart is a good signal of whether we are in accord or going against our highest plan.
Consequently, when the heart is open, we vibrate the frequency of our innate desires, and we can expand in all aspects of life. So, our hearts determine whether we experience abundance or live in scarcity.

Harmony and Unity With Our Passion Produces the Abundance

Often, this is habitual and it’s a result of the way we’re experiencing and projecting our selves moment-to-moment. The good news is that it can be modified and reverted through living in reflection and acceptance also, being aware and conscious of what we’re sending out into our world.

In essence, we can observe our state and catch the feelings of separation and disharmony in moment-to-moment with our ultimate desires. Additionally, instead of indulging in the old and disconnection, we can consciously bring the focus back to the heart where our most beautiful feelings and the intent reside. The emotions of love and gratitude for our life’s journey itself and the pursuit we undertook can bring us back to a condition of faith and fortitude.

It is the shift in focus from a struggle of the mental body to love and compassion of the heart and soul that works miracles.

Sometimes, when this option seems unattainable at the moment, being aware and finding the light in all circumstances is the optional key.
I realized early on that human has to versatile in finding good, or the light, in all circumstances. Moreover, we have to recognize the causes on our own instead of looking out-there for all the answers. Simply because the experiences we live are individual, and we are not led to any situation by chance. Therefore, taking responsibility and going deeper within looking for the causes of what we are experiencing is of paramount value for our growth.
Thus, through the heart, and evoking the feelings of love and warmth for what we already have, we can consciously transform our experiences by emitting love and gratitude to our world.

There is no significant progress for us humans without self-love and taking responsibility through action.

The Power of the Light Within For Our Flourishing

To be a conduit of the frequencies of love and light from the source within us, it is  universal service. Given that being in this state of love and gratitude we benefit others, too. Therefore, as soon as we’re in alignment with our higher selves aspects, and sending forth the frequencies of love and gratitude, the universe is responding by gifting us  with virtue to manifest our desires, and more abilities to offer service.

The holographic field of the universe gives us what we put out through our presence and deeds. Our Auric fields carry all our feelings, intentions, actions, and performance. For this reason and until we completely purify and align our physical body with the light frequencies of our soul and the quantum field of the universe, we train by being aware of what we are emitting to this field.

Our treasure is our light within us. So, by connecting, and living this source of light within we become the light. We are our truth. Everything is different frequency of the light. Us, when we are one with our original light and message, we attract the most appropriate circumstances for our highest good, and the good of others. 

Therefore, sometimes we attract what appears not to be the best circumstance or an outcome at the moment. The key always is that we stay content with what is, in love and gratitude. 
Knowing to accelerate on our journeys, we usually have to recalibrate, amend, and improve, when after our new frequency brings us a new the most appropriate resolution. So, we trust and endure the moment, revising in love and gratitude. 

The same applies to attracting abundance and flourishing into our lives.

Attracting Abundance By Altering Projection through Heart Center

Therefore, an abundance we don’t necessarily have to acquire.
It’s something we can adapt by changing our frequency and what we are emitting.

How do we modify and alter our projections in the quantum field of reality?
 We come back to our heart centers and feelings of harmony and excitement about our passion and pursuit at the moment. In other words, what we already have.

We do things that easily connect us to the flow of our original light and purpose within. 

This flow usually happens when the mind is quiet and it is not directing.

When we let go of programming and what an outcome should or could be like, we enter the flow.
For some people walking in nature or biking, for many, can be dancing or writing that produces flow.
Everything that we do with passion and excitement, through the heart, can connect us to our original light and flow within.

Being in the FLOW is Flourishing & Abundance

As I pointed out earlier, there are many ways to enter the flow of our heart and soul. One of which is the heart and soul dance or movement. 
 It is the movement or dance when we let our hearts and souls to lead the way. Our mind is quiet and not in charge. 
Try it with me on this video below:

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Doing such an activity, we get in the flow of our innate being—our original light. By practicing being in this state we have the opportunity to experience how good can feel to be led by the heart and soul.

The truth is that when we’re in the flow of our light within, our heart and soul, we automatically live all the wisdom and knowledge we have.
Without having to have the mind to take over the lead, all the knowledge and wisdom from this and other lifetimes they come alive when we’re in the flow. 

In other words, we’re the wisest when we don’t try hard, to precisely figure everything out by our mind. Instead, we allow the flow of our wise being within, through the heart.

To come back to abundance and flourishing, we attract them more easily when we’re in the flow of our wise, light being within.

The Layers of Our Purification & the Wise Light Being Within

#Abundance_and #Flourishing.jpg

 This is simple, although why we often struggle to project our lives into abundance and flourishing in all aspects?

 One reason is that we have to grow into abundance and flourishing, like anything else, they are an on-going process and have layers. 

Our hearts and souls carry the messages, and memories from all existences. Consequently, it takes time for all of them to purify, modify, and align in a union with our current tendencies. 

 For example, what we can do, also, to assist the process is to align with and evoke the memories, times, and lifetimes when we were great contributors in a particular aspect we want to fortify. As we learned in the previous chapters, the heart is also the bridge to our soul and the center of transformation, healing, communication, and the key to overcoming the challenges. 

Therefore, when we experience a lack in finances or any aspect, we consciously bring the focus back to the heart, where our wise, light, and abundant, all-knowing being is present for guidance.
In this way, we can receive additional wisdom and knowledge to help us prosper and evolve. 

Consequently, when we align with our higher aspect of being, through the messages within our hearts and soul, our life becomes more harmonious and abundant. 

Abundance and Flourishing are about being in tune and our ability to adjust, align and vibrate with what’s for the highest good of all concern that is ultimately the highest good for us, too.

Utilizing Universal Forces to Abundance & Flourishing

I experience the waning Moon phases, as well as when Mercury retrograde is a great time to revert things that are not in alignment with our highest destiny. 

 Any residue and feelings of lack or shortage can be transformed into abundance through these universal forces and celestial occurrences.. 

 When Mercury retrograde, especially when in conjunction with the waning moon phases it’s time to take control of things in our lives that need to shift to their counterpart. 
We go deeper within, we trust the process and we’ll find our unique way to transform these impairs. 

Given, that we desire change and we’re ready for it, these universal forces, when used intentionally and for the highest good are powerful in manifesting the changes we seak. Try it

We can benefit and clear up our lives and auric fields through reversing what’s not in alignment with our highest purpose while moon phases. The waxing and the winning moon, both are extremely beneficial when utilized for our evolution.

In Conclusion and Practice to Create Flourishing

It’s all in tune and our ability to adjust, align and vibrate with what’s for the highest good of all concern that is ultimately the highest good for us, too.

So we chose abundance instead of scarcity. 
And so it is.

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VD Practice for Creating Flourishing in Your Life

in Love and Light always with you, Tat Jane

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