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The cycle of nature, the Sun and Moon, the Day and Night, the New and Full moon, are the most profound benefit to Humanity. They provide balance, alignment, and purification for our physical and spiritual lives, naturally.

The radiant golden rays of Sun, which hug and comfort the Earth, they ignite the fire, and the Light within each of our hearts with every new day.

Yet, at night, the cooling, gentle, silver light of the Moon, with its magical, sacred, feminine powers, graces and settles our beings with peace, comfort, and inspiration.

This natural cycle of Day and Night, it’s nature’s perfect manifestation and perfection of balance for all that is feminine, and masculine within our lives.

With not much effort just by aligning with it, and recognizing its might, we can let this cycle of Day, and Night, the Sun and Moon, alone, balance, heal and re-set our soul, hearts, minds and bodies everyday, naturally.

There is another cycle of the Sun and Moon, that when more deeply examined, and utilized, can brings us even to a greater Union, and harmony, within and with outside world.

This is the phenomenon of New and the Full moon, every 28-30 days of our lives.

If you haven’t yet started benefiting from the magic of New and the Full moon, I suggest that you start from today.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are very ‘old’ Souls;
all three, they carry specific, wisdom, knowledge, and different power within them, and on our lives.
They are each, approximately 3.5 billion years old.

So, to start benefiting from their influence, it is never to late.
In order to truly dive into different possibilities, it’s good to recognize some facts first.

Generally speaking, the Sun influences and rules our consciousness, our actions, reason, logic, analytical side of our being, our speech, and all that’s connected to the Fire element, and masculine power, within us–our Yang.

On the other hand, the Moon’ influence in our lives is associated, and stimulates our sub-consciousness, our emotions, feelings, receptiveness, intuition, mood, creativity, our Water element, and all that is feminine within us-our Yin side.

Every New moon is the new beginning, when we have the opportunity to set the intention for our goals, desires, and areas of our life that we want to transform, or realize and bring to life.

The Sun is the Star, very close to Earth, and other planets of our solar system. If there weren’t for Sun, Earth would be very cold place.

Earth orbits around the Sun, and the Moon orbits around the Earth.

The different phases of the Moon, as they are perceived from the Earth, are caused by the different amount of Sunlight that reflect from the Moon’s surface, while Moon’s orbiting around the Earth, for about 28-30 days at the time.

The New Moon happens when the Moon, while orbiting, comes in between, and in alignment with the Sun and Earth, and covers—‘takes over’ all the Sunlight, leaving the side, that is facing Earth in shadow, that appears as no moon, for about 2 days, until the Moon starts waxing, and New Moon appears.

This absence of the moonlight, and Sun’s high influence causes our minds, hearts, and spirit to be supercharged with the power of the Sun.

This is good time for us to set forth and invoke some new beginnings that we wish to manifest in the following two weeks, of the waxing Moon time, until the Full Moon.

We’re likely to be able see clearly what it is that we wish to transform, or bring about in our lives.

This clarification and setting of our intent, while the New Moon, comes sort of naturally since our consciousness is exposed, and stimulated by the Sun’s impact on the Earth, and the absence of subtle moon’ power and light.

In the following two weeks, and the Waxing Moon time period, we experience the increasing influence of the Moon’ power on our subtle bodies and our sub-consciousness.

At this time our receptive, indirect, subconscious minds are more stimulated, and tend to come up with the most obscure, and mysterious ways to bring our desires that we set forth, to life.

Let me share one practical example on how this may manifest in the real life.

If you’re a writer and you’re writing a book and know you’re missing some piece of information for your story.
You sort of know it’s dormant, and it’s stored somewhere in your memory bank (your subconscious mind) and you wish to bring it forth, so you can add it to your story.

You may set up your attention, at the time of the New Moon, for this special information to be revealed to you.

During the waxing moon period, and the rising influence of the Moon, and giving that you’re actively working on your story, it is likely that the information you requested will surface, and sort of migrate from your subconscious to your conscious mind, and you’ll be able successfully to continue with writing your novel.

At the same time if we don’t set good intention for our progress, our sub-conscious mind, may reveal some negative messages, memories or experiences that can surface at, and around the Full Moon.

In the essence, when we intent to bring forth our gifts, and talents, our special abilities, at the time of the New Moon, so that we can benefit others and Mother Earth, there is a great possibility that they will surface and manifest, during these periods of intense influence of the Moon on our subconscious!


Scientifically proven, and it’s worthy to mention, only 10% of our brain is consciousness and 90% is sub-consciousness.

This means that within our subconscious minds we carry wealth of knowledge, information, and abilities, which are dormant and we can potentially awaken them, during these periods of more intense Moon’s influence on our lives.

In the same way, and for the two weeks time, that follow the full moon, and the waning moon time when moon is decreasing in size, and her influence, we feel inspired to organize our lives, spend time in revising, altering and modifying what we already have. This is also a great time to break bad habits and reverse what’s not aligned with our true purpose and plan.
I found this period to be powerful for spending more time in spiritual practices and aligning more with divine, and the source within me.

Moon phases can help us purify, re-set and re-calibrate, our conscious, our sub-conscious, and develop more of our super-conscious hemispheres of the brain and align them more fully with potential powers of our soul’, hearts, minds and bodies.

The moon cycles can help us expand our horizons, and we can see and feel more clearly how we’re part of the whole, and our connection to Cosmos and the Universe.

We can experience our divinity, the Divine, the Source within us, and within others, our true nature and purpose.

This connectedness is very nurturing and it’s super food for our soul, mind, spirit, our intellect and our physical body.

It’s Magic, Magic, Magic in LOVE & LIGHT,~ ~ ~ TJ

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8 thoughts on “What is Benefit of the Sun and Moon to Humanity

  1. Fascinating insights into moon phases and the impact on life harmony. You can see nature fluxes around these cycles… somewhere we have lost the rhythm. I say “we” as a generalisation. Modern society can’t even work day night cycles properly never mind monthly ones. Everyone is too busy and struggling to be mindful.

    Makes you think reading posts like this.

    1. That’s right Gary, I was going to share my BLog ‘Soul Power–The New Paradigm‘ on Mix.com, and was asking you: what do you think? Since, I think we’re meant to open the minds and hearts to others, at this significant time! ~ More people that are Awaken, and sooner, the higher frequency could be available to all … and more! ~ please, check out this ‘older’ blog post, when you can! ~ in LOVE ~ T

      1. You should share it there. I know a lot of people who are dissatisfied with society at present when really what they need is an open mind and an ability to reach inside themselves.

      2. Thanks so, much Gary! ~ This has to be just a Shift in one’s mind, body, heart and soul. That is why it is important to understand that Time has shifted to another level of consciousness, and I believe this blog post, explains quite thorougly the cause of this Shift, and what it is.
        If one is not aligned with the ‘New Paradigm’, and is clinging unto the ‘old’ ways, programs, and time, certainly that everything will be very off. Remember, this is a permanent Shift, for us living at this time on Mother Earth …. this is only a dawn of the New Era, so it’s very important that people realize as soon as possible, what’s truly going on. ~
        Anyway, I have just visited Mix.com for the first time. Can you please, let me know where to go to share the blog. I noticed I will need to open an account , that’s fine. Do you have a suggestion, so I can get around more quickly … Thank you,so much again, please, provide me some guidance. LOVE, LoVe, LoVe! ~ ~ ~ Tat Jane

      3. To share your own things on Mix then you need an account. During set up it asks for interests and creates content boards for you based on them For example Travel, Parenting, Mindfulness, etc. After set up you can create your own. It’s a fairly straight forward process. A few minutes checking their suggestions at the start is worth it though. Spend time to save time kind of thing.

        The most effective method is to get your content shared by others into their profiles. I engage in two Facebook groups for that very reason 😊

  2. Thanks so much that’s perfect, I’ll do this today! ~ Since you’ve read the article, do you have any suggestions, on whether there should be more, or less explanation somewhere? I believe the blog post should be very clear to someone who is not familiar with this theme, yet?
    Thanks Gary, LoVe! ~ ~ ~

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