Grounding To Mother Earth and Opening Our Hearts For Acceleration

In my desire to support our collective and individual evolution to the next levels of consciousness and awareness and regarding current events, I share grounding and heart-opening exercises that align us with this opportunity to evolve to the next level.

These practices are beneficial for any time when we want to tune in and within, our magnificent world within. 

 I am referring to the natures way that is constantly assisting us with every New and Full moon and occasional eclipse seasons. Please, read more in the linked articles on the sun and moon and how we can benefit from it.
Gateway 12.12.2020 to 12.22.2020 is one of it and it is our opportunity to evolve and further our awakening journey. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are up for transformation during yearly eclipse seasons.
This Dec. 2020 portal includes Solar Eclipse, New Moon on Mon. 12.14.20.
Soral Eclipse equals the Moon is obscuring the Sun.
Therefore, there is an opportunity for the subconscious memory and codes to awaken and to settle within through the gentle, feminine, yin influence of this Ecliptic New Moon.

Whatever is happening in our small universe is also happening in the big universe, including the world stage and globally. In other words, it’s a period of revelations and realizations for moving forward with more grace and ease for all. Also, we can already feel the uplifting frequencies of the astrological Aquarian Millennia beginning on Dec. 22.20.

Many can remember Dec. 22.2012, eight years ago, as the massive awakening and shift that took place. That eclipse season in 2012 changed the face of the earth and the way we perceived our reality globally. It was a long waited and tremendous change to our psyche and lives that lasted to today.

Open The Heart To Align Within And With The Opportunities To Evolve

Due to even higher frequencies of light on earth today, also many more people already consciously on the acceleration and ascension journey, this Dec. 2020 carries a vast opportunity for change and metamorphoses for all.
But if you are not grounded in your foundation, the core of everyone’s being, and Mother Earth, makes it hard to benefit from anything. Also, the heart has to be open and pure without blockages to allow acceleration.
We have this open highest frequency and vibration portal to evolve and further adjust and align with our next level of awareness and consciousness. Thus, make it the doorway to appropriate timelines for our evolution.

The following exercises can help us firstly lose the attachments because nothing happens to us, but it is flowing through us.
Thus, through practical techniques, we are in our Higher Selves and states of consciousness. We perceive our world from the Higher self’s perspective until it becomes our predominant state of being. It can happen anytime and within this Dec. 2020 shift.
Now, do not expect too much since these shifts are subtle, and their might gets known in retrospection.

We descended to this 3D world at such times, through our gifts and talents, to assist the ascension process on earth. The earth, until recently, was in the declining mode when one of the shifts happened, where we changed the course to an ascending mode. So, currently, we are in the ascension process.

Divine Assistance At Last

It is worth remembering the final goal and the Divine plan for humanity and Mother Earth in this New Era, and our ascension, which is all beings join as one in unity consciousness.
In other words, humans in our original state, aligned with the Higher Self’s presence, being the Divine love in form.
You can see the goal of the Golden Age, returned to our timeline, is far fetched for most of the people today. Transitions usually take 25-35 years.
Therefore, this December 2020 Gateway is one of the divine ways of ensuring the New Earth rising and humanity’s awakening.

Massive and global shits are possible only through Divine interventions. Naturally, they happen at certain times of our earthly evolution.
Such as, at these occasions, we have the opportunity to evolve, awaken further, receive the uplift to our current frequency, open our hearts more, experience higher realms of consciousness, and more.
In other words, when we are open and ready, we can receive and absorb more, which is the point of this post.

As you may notice, the portal is ten days long and continues throughout the New 2021 year. So there is plenty of time for our transformation and acceleration.
Relax, open up, and enjoy the final 2020 blessings and healing from Divine, the Source coming to you and everyone.

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Pin Exercises for Opening the Hearts and aligning with our Higher Self.

Grounding In Love And Light For Healing

Let me introduce the soul power wisdom and practice to ground yourself in love and light.

Our power resides, besides the heart center, in the lower abdomen–the second most significant part of the body, 
Additionally, the lower abdomen is equally significant for our transformation journey and overall well-being.

The whole sphere below the navel, in between the 1st and 3rd Chakras and to the back, create our foundation. 
Thus, the whole space in the lower abdomen is the engine of our physical body that supports energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity.

Also, this very foundational energy center through the spinal cord and central nervous system support our mind and brain functionality. 

Therefore, in the ancient teachings, such as Buddhist, Hindu, and others, the foundation is the second important area to develop for acceleration on all levels. 

Exercise 1: Grounding

Firstly, bring the focus to the lower abdomen, taking a few deep breaths to the space couple of inches below the navel. Take a full breath through your nose, and exhale through the mouth. Feel your lower abdomen expanding gently on the inhale and subsiding on the slow exhale. 

Visualize now the golden ball of light, spinning count-clockwise in this foundation while radiating and emitting golden rays of light throughout the body. The light is connecting you to the core of the earth. 

 Repeat the exhale and an inhale in this way by visualizing the golden light ball a few more times. Feel the light expanding and receiving the nourishment from Mother Earth, as well as from the Central Sun above.

Send the grounding cord from the navel to the core of the earth and see it coming back through your central channel connecting to the universe above. 

Repeat Invocaation Silently or Aloud: 

I am light, I am love, I am a channel of love and light of the Universe.
Mother Earth is nourishing me with her love and light.

I am open to receiving all the blessings that are available to me now. 

Firstly, experience love, light, and gratitude coming up to your lower abdomen and from there permeate your whole being. Mother Earth is nourishing you with her love and light. 

Receive the shower of brilliant white light coming down to you and your auric field from the universe above. 

The wisdom is that the more we are grounded in love and gratitude to planet earth, the more we open, and the higher frequencies of the light and consciousness we can experience. Also, by shifting our energy to build the foundation, instead of stimulating a constant mind chatter in the head, we can experience peace and content.

 Practice by repeating this invocation and visualizing light in your foundation. Now, expand the light out through the body’s auric field and beyond for 3-10 minutes, repeating the invocations:
I am light, I am love, I am a channel of love and light of the Universe.
Mother Earth is nourishing me with her love and light.
I am open to receiving all the blessings that are available to me now. 

You can be surprised by the peace and tranquility this practice can bring to you at any time, and especially when challenged. 

Exercises 2:

Releasing Blockages And Opening The Heart 

Sit or stand up straight in a quiet space. Make sure your spine is erect, feet shoulders width apart if you are standing. If you are sitting, the hills of your feet touching, and the head is parallel to the universe.
Send the grounding cord of light from the Solar Plexus to the core of Mother Earth. We ground our physicality the most by sending love and gratitude to Mother Earth and her crystal core. Open to receive her love and blessings in return.

Take a few deep breaths through your Prana-tube and the central channel.
Visualize the silver crystalline beam of light, 3-6 inches wide, shining throughout your central channel. The light is bringing to you the higher frequencies of light from the Earth below and the Cosmos above.
Both streams of crystalline frequency are saturating in the middle of the chest and the heart emitting a brilliant light.

Grounded and centered, feel your presence. Looking from above, observe and embrace all the feelings and emotions within you without judgment.
Stay with the feelings and emotions that are coming up for a few minutes, even if it feels uncomfortable. Observe, with no attachment, what is happening within you. The team is, we observe to know ourselves. To observe all the states of consciousness that pass through our awareness is being on the path of awareness. Therefore, to observe and love all states and aspects of ourselves is the beginning of the awakening journey.

Love Heals, Prevents Sickness, Rejuvenates and Prolongs Life

Send love and appreciation to all occasions and emotions that are arising within you.
As we observe ourselves, through the heart center, we experience full heart awakening and perfect union and love with now, then the heart opens to those changes that free painful memories.
Also, self-observation and reflection, with love and acceptance, align us with our Higher-Self aspects that are unconditional in every way. In the stillness of the mind and openness of our higher-self heart, we access our heart’s intelligence. Thus, through this knowingness in stillness, we expand within in sovereignty and integrity.
When we listen to the messages of our higher-self presence, they unite us within and with the outer world, Thus, united as one, we flow freely and eternally in the here and now.

Consequently, all unnecessary themes, emotions, and feelings are released in this perfection of love and stillness of the heart.
For example, we heal the feelings of fear or lack through our higher self’s love and light. For one, we are preventing the accumulation of negative memories in our consciousness and subconsciousness through this higher self’s presence awareness.
Thus, we are liberating our lives day-by-day through the process of self-love, acceptance, and the perfection of higher-self love.
Subsequently, we are uniting with our higher-self aspects.
Gradually, through self-reflection in stillness, we move to a space beyond the physical and into the embodiment and light of our higher self’s divine presence.

Observing Like An Ascended Master

When we are one with our Higher Self’s divine presence, through the portal of the heart in the now, all that we seek can unfold within us.
Therefore, send love and light to all beings, things, and the issues that came up. Namely, use this time to deepen the aspects and feelings inside.
So, go deeper embrace the intensity of any pain from the present, past, and future through the Higher Self love.
Know that the pain is also a springboard to the new beginning and the new you. Be excited about your rebirth through releasing the painful experiences and ending resistance to your expanded self through love.

Trust the process, step aside as your smaller self and let the higher self-lead the reigns of your freedom. Being and living the union through love and compassion is the alchemy we all desire.
Besides, in harmony and unity within, all aspects of life are joined as one.

When you feel that you completed the self-reflection for that day, affirm silently or aloud for a few minutes:

I open my heart to receive all the blessings from this abundant Universe.

In the end, thank your heart and soul for their cooperation and healing you received.
You can repeat this exercise anytime and when you feel there is a resistance within any aspect of you. Also, you can benefit from heart-opening reflection meditation anytime you have a moment of peace.

One Heart‘-6D Consciousness Meditation

When you feel ready visit the ‘One Heart’ consciousness Meditation and the article about the One Heart.

#One #Heart-#6D #Meditation
‘One Heart’-6D Meditation

May you benefit from the current shifts.
In Love and Light, Tat Jane

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