Living Eternal Now Moment

Have you experienced the eternal Now moment on the new earth? If you haven’t, shift your focus to your heart that will help you to be in the now moment.
When we experience a present moment through the heart, we enter the eternity through the heart. What exactly happens we access the capacity of love, which is eternal through our heart.

What is the significance?
The significance is to avoid many struggles of our minds and to be in better alignment with new parameters of the new earth.

To explain what I mean is as follows.
In the twentieth century and centuries before, Mind over matter played a vital role in human lives and our evolution.
We’re born and brought up by this notion.
For this reason, it’s important to know that with the 21 Century exactly, in Aug of 2003 the New Era has begun.
In this Era, the Soul will play a vital role in all aspects of our lives and our–Humanity’s evolution.

The only way we can access the directions and give a lead to our soul is through the heart. Therefore, being in the Now moment, through our heart’s experience, is essential for being in alignment with the current reality.

Mind, Body, Spirit Has Shifted to
Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body

Consequently, we’re in sync with the new parameters of our existence and in this way we’re not going against the stream.
In other words, we’re avoiding confusion and unnecessary issues firstly in our day-to-day lives by trying to overthink and to figure everything out precisely through our mind programming.

It is just that mind is on the second and third place.
Of course, we use all the knowledge the mind has but the root of the ideas, and our processing comes from our heart and soul.

Finally, this makes the new order in our new reality to Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body. As we know, until just a few years ago, the order was Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The New Reality in the Ever New Moment

So, at this significant time of rapid higher frequency shifts that are dissipating density in our energy fields. and increasing our body’s frequency, it’s a new beginning with every now moment.
Once we emerge in the now, through our hearts, everything reflects the purity of our hearts and souls.
We allow the heart to connect us to the love of our eternal soul and powers from within, where every moment truly feels eternal.

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Isn’t it a relief to acknowledge that the new light frequencies have lifted off much darkness from the earth, resulting in our presence to be anchored in the now moment, naturally.  

When we let the now moment and our heart to lead the way, we experience the flow and ease. So enticing as nothing else exists.

In delight, I remember reading the books on being in the NOW, decades ago. It seemed a great idea although I wasn’t able to actualize it, due to my mind always wanted to adjust the moments in time.

On the contrary, it’s so easy to let go and let the heart lead the way, today. The fact is the crisp high frequencies of the new earth keep us anchored in the present, and our presence in the now.

Being on the Acceleration Path at All Times We Lock in the Now

Not all the moments are enchanting, but a comfort zone is not where we accelerate. It is when we feel uncomfortable that we learn the most about ourselves and others.
The challenges signify that there is something we need to know and experience. Through them, we adjust to our next chapter.

Consequently, life circumstances are our allies to move our journey faster.
So, letting the moment teach us, by being aware of its message through the heart, is being on the acceleration path at all times.

When it feels uncomfortable for some time, and until we adjust, the key is to endure in trust.  
There is always something good about all occasions.
So, we focus on what is a challenge to reveal to us.  

When we’re in the now and processing life through the heart in trust, the fears and doubts can hardly overcome our experience.

Tune into the Eternal Now Through Your Heart

Tune inward.
Feel the love when the heart takes over, the comfort and greatness.
Due to the fact that the heart, in the Now, connects us to our eternal soul and purpose, there is no need to rush.

One can not achieve anything by pushing and rushing through to it.
Now, to tune in and feel the moment through the heart, first, it’s becoming mainstream and the manner of the time.

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A saying, to be at the right place at the right time, is changed  
to being present in the now, through heart, and to trust, it’s the right place to be

Wondering do you also feel that glorifying the past and making many plans for the future, has lost its grip in the New Reality. These mind patterns are rarely an option today.

Fortunately, the new Era brought the new notion also that consists of nothing to linger on and to hope for, it is all here and now.

So, not to dwell on the past, and think about what the future may bring, is an important step forward in our evolution.

It is about the truth and taking responsibilities in the now.

And in this way, the next now moment is a product from this now. Everything is possible and depends on the frequencies we are vibrating, and emanating in the now.

Harmony and Unity in the Now

Only through heart, we can experience this harmony and unity with all and what is.

Our hearts know what we need and what is best for us to experience the next.
Therefore, by surrendering to the present moment in harmony, not trying to change something, we are allowing our hearts and souls to flow our experiences in grace and ease.

It’s liberating, and our pure essence to allow the heart in the moment to moment to lead the way. 
When we’re one with the Now, in love and gratitude, we are the source and the master of our reality. 

Benefits of Being in the Now Through the Heart

For one, we are able to communicate with everyone and everything, telepathically, and attentively through our heart and soul powers.
Intuitively we know lot more when we’re in our hearts and we trust the process.

Secondly, Now moment in the heart connects us to the Creator, the Divine and the Source. Exactly, we are in Divine presence.
The Divine and the Source light is our Higher Self.
So we’re aligned with our Higher Self at all times.

Being Locked in the Now is Healing

Thirdly, when we’re immersed in the now moment, through heart in feelings of Love and Gratitude we are able to change our destiny very easily.
Due to the fact that our body is vibrating in the frequency of our heart and souls desires, we are the magnets that attract only things that are aligned with our highest destiny.

Additionally, we receive light, love, and we feel empowered once we allow our higher selves to lead the way in the now moment through the heart. Then everything falls naturally into the right place.
It’s like Mother Earth is giving us all our offerings back when we are in service and in harmony and unity with all that is.
So, as the Universe is eager to give us back anything we offered, and additionally it’s feeding us with an unconditional Love, in abundance.

The Unfolding of the Grand Plan in the Now, Moment to Moment

Have you experienced the phenomenon of being fully present in the now moment before? If not, it’s the perfect time to relax into it from today.

Every breath we take, in Love, Gratitude, and Harmony for what we already are is precious.
Just by being present here and now, at this monumental time on the new Earth is so elevating for our journeys. 

You see, Mother Earth is the mother to us ALL. So, you can feel how big and unconditional her heart is, and how much she can withhold, and for the eons.
What is that which we can provide, and give to others in return for this love and the opportunities we have?

Imagine all humanity as One in the Now, in love and gratitude, what kind of power would be available to everyone.
In my vision, this is the grand plan for the New Era and the full realization of the higher dimensions of consciousness on the new earth.
Until the grand vision unfolds, we keep up the good work by being in the Now, through hear, in love, gratitude, and service.

To illustrate I will share the poem, I wrote some time ago:

A Poem on the Time

Humanity's #Consciousness #Shift Being in the Now. 
In other words, #Time #is #Now.


Time isn’t money, money isn’t time
In time you make some money
For the money you can’t buy time.

Now it’s the time, and space is here
We make a dazzling thrill, crystal clear
Proceeding from him, to help us see
To make us be.

Take someone along with you
It’s easier when there is two.
Dream of your reality
and take some time to action it.

Time we arrange, we rearrange
the time you change.
It’s a skillfulness
Of your mind and the spirit.

Flowers and bright minds
Manna of joy, in the happy minds
Happy minds, in the Heart of man.
Retrace your footsteps in a song
In the song of peace within.

When it becomes really rough,
Dare to create, create a new one.
Create the time of your life.

When it doesn’t go so fine
Imagine the mountain range at that time.
How many years you need
to make them the way they are.

Flowers and bright minds
Manna of joy in the happy minds
In the heart of men.
Retrace your footsteps in the song
In the song of peace within.

In Love and Light, always Tat Jane

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4 thoughts on “Humanity Consciousness Shift-Being in Eternal Now Through Heart

  1. I love this! I think about these concepts all the time and I’m always striving to live my best life. Thanks for the reminder today!

    1. Yes Melissa, it’s crucial at this time on earth for people to shift the focus, in order to avoid unnecessary struggles and hardships. in Love and blessings Tat Jane

    1. You are so right. This is an important time for us to step into our higher selves and purposes we always wanted to live. in LoVe TJ

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