Heal & Rejuvenate Your Body and Life by Promoting Energy & Matter Flow

BODY’S Energy and Matter circles is a technique to promote energy and blood flow, and overall wellbeing.
We can perform it anytime, and anywhere, while we commune to work, while running, riding bicycle, walking, and more. It takes only 3-5 minutes at the time.
If we suffer a condition we want to heal, it’s recommended to do it several times a day.

I have recorded YouTube video with my special Blessings to assist  you in developing your vital energy, and matter flow  in the body.

Having in mind when energy  flows freely in the body there is less, or no chance for illness, Energy Circle is a healing circle, also.

When energy is promoted  and flows freely through the whole body. the organs, systems, and all parts we are healthy and happy.

The Healing Aspect for Physical body as Well as Mental Body

I am pointing out that this simple practical technique promotes our health on both levels, the  physical and the mental, emotional and spiritual.  

On the other hand, the Rejuvenation Circle promotes health in our Matter absorption and distribution through the Matter Circle. 

There are the ancient sayings:

‘When Qi–the energy and blood flow, one is Healthy.’
‘To balance Yin and Yang is to heal all sickness’.

The Yin and Yang are Universal principal and law, given that coexists in everyone and everything.
In the instance of Energy and Matter circles in our body, energy circle is Yin and matter circle is Yang.
Therefore, by practicing and developing these two channels in our body, ultimately we’re balancing yin and yang as well.

Benefits of Energy & Matter Flow in our Daily Lives

VDBody’s Energy & Matter Flow

The recorded practice will help you remove blockages from your Energy and Matter flow in the body.
Consequently, once the energy start flowing  we’re boosting our health, energy, vitality, and immunity.
For this reason Energy circle is also referred to as a healing treasure for all bodies physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
As well as, the healthy Matter flow, through the rejuvanation circle will promote our body’s rejuvenation so will prolongs our lives.

Use these two practices to complement your healing of all physical conditions and other challenges, including depression, anxiety, sadness, and similar mental and emotional impairs.
Considering that everything has soul, so our finances and relationships have the energy and matter flow that we can address the healing to those aspect, through practical promoting the flow in those areas. Expand the wisdom to all things, animate and the aspects of life, since everyone and everything has the energy and matter flow within.

How Do We Promote Energy & Matter Flow–the Actual Technique

Sounds that vibrate and resonate the areas in our body that promote the Energy Flow are:

Hei – Sound vibrates the 1st Chakra — the bottom of the torso.
Heng – Sound resonates the 2nd Chakra –the lower abdomen area.
Hong – Sound stimulates the 3rd Chakra–the navel area.
Ah – Sound vibrates the 4th Chakra–in the middle of the chest
Xi – Sound stimulates the 5th Chakra–the throat area.
Yi – Sound the 6th Chakra–the brain area.
Weng-Sound vibrates the 7th Chakra–the Crown–top of the head.
You – Sound resonates the space in front of the Spinal cord.

Vocalize (you can sing, it’s recorded on the video) the vowels repeatedly, slow, fast, loud, and softly. Alternate the sounds by singing in the groups of 6 sequences at the  time:

Hei – Heng – Hong – Ah – Xi – Yi – Weng – You (X6) 

In Summary:  By voicing the above sequence–the Energy Circle vowels, repeatedly, we remove the blockages from our major energy centers–the chakras. When the energy flows in these areas simultaneously we’re healing our physical body also, our minds and our spirit is uplifted.

When the Matter Flows in Our Body We Rejuvenate

The Matter Circle — flows along the back side, in front of the Spinal Cord up, and coming down from the top of the head through the middle of the front to the Root Chakra.,
It flows in the opposite direction from the Energy circle.

The sounds–the vowels, which vibrate and resonate these areas of the body are:

You – Weng – Yi – Xi – Ah – Hong – Heng – Hei  ((X 6)

PIN–‘Energy and Matter Flow’

As with the Energy circle, vocalize the sequence in the groups of 6 sequences at the  time:

The spiritual and energy, healing and practical techniques have served Humanity for more then five thousand years.
It is time to refresh our memory and re-learn them again because of their effectiveness and simplicity.
They are perfect for our busy lives schedule.

In Brief:

The Ancient wisdom, knowledge and practical Techniques have been proven to be extremely powerful for Healing, Transformation, Prolonging life. Additionally, they are the path to soul, heart, mind and body Enlightenment. 

Usual length of these energy practices is 10-15 minutes per day, to feel significant improvement in our well being.

Please, enjoy it, Benefit from it, and don’t forget to share your experience with me and others.

in LOVE & LIGHT ~ Tat Jane

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