BODY’S Energy & Matter circle is a Daily practice to promote energy and blood flow, and overall wellbeing.
I have recorded YouTube video with my Special Transmissions Blessings to assist  you in developing your vital:
Healing Circle — also called Energy circle
Rejuvenation Circle — also known as Matter circle.

They are channels in our body that make Inner Yin Yang circles.

<–!google_ad_section_start–>There is a saying that says:

When Qi (energy and blood) flows, one is Healthy.
To balance Yin and Yang is to heal All sickness.

The practice to develop Energy and Matter circles is given through my Spiritual father Master Sha as a healing treasure, to empower people to Self heal, and to heal others at this Significant time on Mother Earth.

Sounds that are chanted and which resonate these areas and create the Energy Circle
also called Inner Yin circle, are formed by chanting:

Hei – 1st Chakra (in TMC is called 1st Soul House- bottom of the torso)
Heng – 2nd Chakra ( – lower Abdomen, 2nd Soul House)
Hong – 3rd Chakra (- navel, 3rd Soul House)
Ah -4th Chakra (-Message Center–middle of the chest)
Xi – 5th Chakra (- throat area, 5th Soul House)
Yi -6th Chakra (- in the brain, 6th Soul House)
Weng-7th Chakra (- at the top of the head, 7th Soul House)
You – the space in front of the Spinal cord

Chant, repeatedly: Hei – Heng – Hong – Ah – Xi – Yi – Weng – You

The above vowels FORM, and resonate the most important Energy Circle in the body. By chanting the energy circle vowels, repeatedly, we remove blockages from these major areas–the energy centers and  we heal our whole body, our mind and our spirit is uplifted.

The Matter Circle — also known as Inner Yang circle, is the same Pathway, just opposite direction. It starts in the biggest space in the body, the space in front and along the Spinal cord, and up over the top of the head and down the central channel, through Seven Chakras, to the 1st – Root Chakra.

Sounds (the vowels, which FORM the Matter Circle are:

You – Weng – Yi – Xi – Ah – Hong – Heng – Hei

The Spiritual and Energy, Healing and Transformation practices have served Humanity, and all beings for more then five thousand years.

The Ancient wisdom, knowledge and practical Techniques have been proven to be extremely powerful for Healing, Transformation, Prolonging life and it is the path to soul, heart, mind and body Enlightenment. ~

The above YouTube Video:
contains the full 10-15 minutes Daily practice with Blessings. It is recorded for you and for your practice, to embody this amazing wisdom and practical technique.

Please, enjoy it, Benefit from it, and don’t forget to share your experience,
Thank you! ~

in LOVE & LIGHT ~ Tat Jane


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