Heart is the Core of Life, when a Heart starts beating Life begins and when Heart stops Life ends.

Heart is the Core of our being. Heart is also a Bridge between our true Self ~ our Soul– a Light being within, and our Minds.

Heart is the Core of LifeStay focused in your Heart at this time, beloved one, it’s rewarding and beneficial for every aspect of your life.

When we see the World through our Heart, the picture is Real; it’s our Truth,

Our truth becomes the point of our reference and we avoid making mistakes, through our actions, words, speech which are not in alignment with our True Self ~ the Light Being within ~ our Higher Self.

When we stay within our hearts, we are in the Divine’s presence and in a Condition of unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Peace, Harmony, Light and Gratitude.

We feel safe and protected, in the Flow and everything around us, seems to be Unfolding in a perfect harmony, grace and ease. We are One with everyone and everything, there is no separation, we’re one within and with the outer world.

In this state of grace and ease we are connected to our true passion,
our main purpose in our lives and what we are here for, at this significant time on Mother Earth. What is that we are meant to contribute.

In Traditional Tao teachings, the space between our physical Heart and our Message Center (Heart Chakra), in the middle of our chest, it is called Ling Gong ~ means Soul Temple. Where within the light of our Soul, our assigned special Task, for this Lifetime, resides.

So, it is very important to be connected to this sacred place, Temple within our body and do spiritual practices, daily to purify our Hearts’ chakras that we can experience our true Selves and to bring it out to the World.

In order to hear the true Messages and guidance from our Soul, our Higher Self, Divine self within us, we have to have a Pure Heart. Heart is our Receiver, an important bridge, from our Soul to our Mind.

Mind’s job is to process and call for action, to direct the energy and matter, our body. When Mind receives Pure, heartfelt message, has no choice but to execute, the most appropriate action for our Highest good.

It is when we do actions, solely guided by our Minds ~ programed messages and so called auto pilot behaviors we experience challenges, struggles, anxiety, worry and more.

I can see many people are still on guard in a state of self-protection, and believe if they were to operate from their hearts they will loose control over things.

This is an illusion and an old paradigm that is slowly and truly dissipating, due to the new and high frequency of light on Mother Earth.

To operate only from the Mind, disregarding messages from your Heart can not be further from the Truth.

When the actions are not aligned with your Heart’s and Soul’s desires and wants, the only thing that happens one spends the precious energy, time and becomes very rigid–creates many blockages in one’s life.

By acting and seeing things with our Hearts, we accumulate good virtue as well; we serve others in profound ways. We are able offer more love, compassion, care, healing, forgiveness, peace and light to our selves and others.

When we live guided by our Hearts, we sort of clear the space from clutter and there is less confusion in our lives and lives of people around us.

Our goal is to be co-creators of this New Era on Mother Earth and the basic difference of the course of action is to Transform our Consciousness and Consciousness of the people around us, through transforming our Hearts and Souls.

It’s time to be in a space of allowing things to unfold, rather then controlling outcomes.

Time of transparency, letting go and flexibility, avoiding expectations, since many different dimensions are in play at the same time, changes are rapid and everything is possible and available at any given moment, as long as you’re fully present in the Now moment!

It is what we are ready for, to receive at our particular level of frequency and light, as well as our original Soul plan.

It is true Freedom to be in the Now moment, guided by our Soul through our Hearts, taking chances that appear, out of the ‘blue’ so to speak, unexpected fortunes while romancing our Lives and our Truth! ~

Open up your Hearts and Souls to Receive with intention and be Ready and Willing to Give ~ is the Key!

Love You, LOVE U, LoVe You! ~ Blessings, Blessings, Blessings! ~

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles! ~ ~ ~ Tat Jane


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