Consciously Activating and Opening all 12-Chakras of our Bodies by Using Prana~Energy & Light Force of the Universe

Human Auric Field–the Chakras Outside of Our Body

We can activate and open all 12-Chakras of our body by implementing Conscious breathing. In its essence, we are bringing in the Prana- the Energy and Light force of the Universe to awaken and expand our body’s energy field. In other words, we can raise the frequency and vibration of our body to a higher frequency. Thus, raise and expand our consciousness and the consciousness of others. 

I know most of the readers are familiar with the 7 chakras within our bodies and are less familiar with the significance of the six additional energy vortexes residing outside of the body.

Chakra 0~is the Earth Star Chakra

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12-Chakras and Body’s Energy Field and FlowThe Earth Star chakra is 3′ below our feet, and 5 more chakras are above our head, and all of them respectively create our energy field.

Our energy body, and our body’s energy field attract all that we experience in our lives. So, by activating all 12-chakras, we are more aligned with our true nature and purpose. Also, we can be more divinely guided in our lives. 

In the description below, I will point out the chakras that are less known to average readers, and are crucial for our growth and acceleration in all aspects of our life.


Chakra 0
~the Earth Star Chakra

Earth Star chakra is our unique connection to the Earth’s life force and the crystal core in the center of the Earth. As you may experience, the Ultimate Creator’s Light does exist within the Earth, also.
So, when you begin your meditations start with sending a grounding cord from your belly to the core of the earth. The grounding will allow you to experience higher dimension of consciousness more easy while activating the rest of the energy vortexes outside of your physical form. Let’s begin.

The 8th Chakra is the Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra is located six inches above the 7th–Crown Chakra, on the top of the head,

When this chakra is opened and activated, the Creators Light can flow through this energy vortex of light above our head. As the light force flows freely, it’s allowing us to access higher states of consciousness. 
Consequently, we experience the highest Love from the Divine, the Source, and Ascended Masters here in the Soul Star Chakra. These frequencies can instigate our higher-self love allowing an experience of heightened awareness and our ultimate powers as Spiritual beings.

Our Soul Star Chakras is a vessel of our Soul energy and contains the essence and power of our accumulated soul experiences throughout lifetimes.
When we can, through meditation, dwell in this realm of the 8th–Soul Star chakra, we can experience more of our souls’ abilities. Simultaneously, we can communicate with the Ascended Masters that are aligned with our message here on earth at this time.
When fully activated, open, and as a result of one’s total soul realization, prity, and devotion the Akashic records wisdom and data are available within the Soul Star Chakra.

The 9th Chakra is the Spirit Chakra

The Spirit Chakra is the vortex of energy and spirit we received for this life. When open and activated our Spirit vortex of energy and vibration will enable us to connect to the potential powers of our spirit. Afterword, we can connect to the vast realm of spirit everywhere. Also, here in the Spirit Chakra we realize and establish our direct connection with the Source.
Therefore, we can communicate with light beings from around the galaxy, angels, guides, and star beings.

When this energy center is fully open and activated we completely surrender to the Flow of our Spirit. Thus, allowing the Divine, the  Source to flow and guide our experiences. This chakra is the gateway to access our Soul’s gifts and abilities to their full extent. Also, we feel free to share them with the world
Our direct connection to the Source allows us to experience, draw upon, and realize our abilities to create and manifest through our spirit.

The 10th Chakra is the UNIVERSAL Chakra

As the name denotes the Universal aspect of our being resides in 10th Chakra. This vortex of our energy is proximately two and a half feet above the head. 

Through this energy center, we are connected and part of the infinite flow of all creation, through us. When activated, the Universal chakra will allow the feeling of our close alignment with the Universe and all that is.
Thus, we can develop a connection with the Divine light beings in the universeAdditionally, we can merge in unison and alignment with our Divine light body within this form, here on earth. 

When this chakra is fully open, it allows our ‘Merkaba’ light body to be constructed, enabling us with access to travel within the higher realms of spirit.

Through the Universal Chakra we experience Divine healing balance and full access to the Divinity of our Souls’.

The 11th is the Galactic Chakra 

Our Galactic energy vortex is located proximately four feet above the head. When this energy center is fully open and activated, it allows the development of advanced Spiritual abilities. 
Part of which is traveling beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, instant manifestation, and more.

For now, here we can reach out anywhere in the realms of Creation and to communicate with higher dimensional light beings and Ascended Masters.
Therefore, we can bring higher healing, insights, and growth from the Galactic realm into our present existence.

When activated, through our Galactic chakra, we can bring balance to the wide number of people. Everyone around us, including Mother Earth and the highest realms of spirit can benefit through our frequency and vibration.

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The 12th is the Divine Gateway Chakra

This chakra center is the Divine light portal allowing our complete connection to Divine–the Source, therefore it is an open doorway to explore other worlds and realms.

Here we experience full ascension, complete oneness with Divinity of our being, and Divinity of everyone, and everything. Our full connection to the cosmos and other worlds is possible when this energy center is fully activated. 

Through this vortex of energy we are the vehicle of love, peace, harmony, and ascension, enabling these greatest qualities to enter others through us.
All the levels of Divine and all the qualities of Divinity represented by higher vibration beings may align with us here.

Activating the Divine Gateway Chakra will allow the Divine–Source Blessings to flow down our body to the Earth Star chakra. Thus, us as the vehicles, we are connecting the Light and power of the divine universe to the crystal core of the earth.
This unending loop of Divine awakening is working through our presence, bringing growth and our ascension with every breath we take.

In Conclusion 

Utilizing this wisdom and practicing awakening, opening, and activating these energy vortexes of our auric field with the body through the conscious breath and visualization can bring the awakening and transformation to our life.
that we’re using our might in unison with Universal forces, it makes it most appropriate and in alignment with our eternal light being design. Our Soul Star Matrix and the plan are being initiated through this wisdom and practice.

LoVe, LOVE, LOVE! ~ ~  ~ TJ

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