When we enter the manifestation zone, beyond time and space, such as dawn and dusk, we experience the empowerment–the endless possibilities in our lives.
As time seems to stop, at these hours, the innate life and inspiration, they take off. The never-ending story of beginnings and the ends, on the horizons, of the setting and rising sun.

What is that, that keep us captive, at dawn and dusk?
The palpable feelings, so intensely different, yet, both tangible enough to allow great realizations and discoveries, to come to our lives.

Since I was really young, I have this accord within the sun, at dawn and dusk. It made me want to understand the deeper meaning of life and to contribute the human psyche.
I’ve realized early on, at these times, I appear to be ‘locked’, and in the zone, beyond space and time. It is that place inside, where only magic reigns. 

Why at Dawn & Dusk We Seem ‘Locked’ in Time

No wonder, why.
We surrender and become one with the eternal moment, such as setting, or the rising sun. When our spirit through the heart, takes over time.
It’s at dusk, that we let go of the grip, of our minds, and then, we can enter the zone beyond the space and time…. 

This is an amazing realization that made my life, the true miracle, in time… Humans and all beings are blessed to have dawn and dusk on our side.

Each day we can enter the territory, beyond space and time, where we rejuvenate and recalibrate. 
God-self, us, being one with the creator, and all creation, in an eternal now moment, at dawn and dusk.
It’s a perfect time. 

Ultimately, when we’re one with all, and in the now, through our hearts, we enter an eternal timeline, where all things are possible. In those moments our realization and manifestation powers are magnified.

The Time, Space and Human–the Sunset at Dusk

No wonder, why. 

Nature has this eternal quality, that is able to shifts and expands our notion, and consciousness in regards to time, space and us.
The time, space and us, are the three-dimensional consciousness. 

The sunset and dusk in its essence are more like a fifth dimension and higher.
In other words, we are able to forget about ourselves, for a moment, and then we become one with eternity. Given, that we are fully present, through our hearts, in the now moment.

The mind being stunned by the beauty of the scene, and the light of the setting and the rising sun allows our heart to fully take over.
When heart ‘thinks,’ the things, they manifest. Our most innate desires come to the past.
Therefore, keep this in your heart, at the times of dawn and the dusk.
The sun’s light is by far, the most powerful influencer, in our lives.
We want to utilize his gifts and abilities, with ours.

In fact, we can join with the Sun as one. Due to the fact that we all have the sun within us. Our own sun, the one in the Solar Plexus area.

Join with Sun as One at Dawn or Dusk, It’s the Perfect Time

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Whenever we want to increase our manifestation powers, all we need to do is to ask our own sun to bless our vision. We can see/feel, experience the sun, in our solar plexus, starting to rotate and expand.
It is joining together, with the outer Sun, and begins to emanate the golden rays of light. As a result, our vision, and the body, they become a golden sun.
Now, the magnetic nature of our inner sun will attract all things which are the most aligned with our highest selves, to revolve, around us…
At times of dawn and dusk, it’s the perfect time for this visualization.
And so it is!
Additionally, having in mind that the dimensions, and levels of consciousness we experience, are the result of our awareness in the now moment.

3D-Consciousness Vs. 5D- Consciousness @ Dawn & Dusk

So, when our awareness is based, and is in reference to time and space, only, we’re in three-dimensional consciousness. 
All our awareness beyond time and space reference and when we allow ourselves to experience the eternal now moment, through the heart, we’re being exposed to magic, which is, and was always the 5th dimension, and higher levels of consciousness. 

Due to this fact, our manifestation powers, they come down to our ability to surrender to the given moment, through our heart.
In conclusion, all our great creations were made, when we’re one with the eternal now moment, through our hearts.

It is super exciting for me to realize that 
today, on earth, we are living steadily in the eternal timeline, almost, at all times.

Sometimes I wonder, do you experience the same?
Of course, we still have the same joy and bliss, while the sunset or sunrise, at dawn or dusk.

Isn’t it grand to be living on Mother Earth at this monumental time?
Still, at the dawn of the new era of Light, and one heart consciousness for all Humanity, at hand.
In other words, it’s time to relax, at last.

To illustrate, I will share the poem, I wrote a decade earlier, on the setting sun, at dusk. 

When the Sun’s Coming Down

When the sun is coming down

I’m always there,
sitting, watching, imagining
this night and a new day.

This path of light is making me

very romantic and bright

It is quite a time
to imagine one 
I’d like to love,
today, tomorrow 
at any time,
in the perfect glow 
of this burning light,
for what’s this life
 without a loving one.

A Trick, With the Sun That’s Coming Down

Since, the time I was very young, 

I have this trick, with the sun that’s coming down
My constant longing for growth

is replaced by a longing for love

The real one that would never ask but satiate my soul

In the perfect glow of this burning light

For what’s life without loving one

On that path of light towards me

I see the man of my dream

He is coming to stay

I see him talking to the Light

Imagining one he can speak to
only with his eyes

In that Land of Signs 

It’s like romancing the stone
I know,
but, I come to meet you there

In that land of love

On that path of glow

Very close to the edge

Where is the beginning 

And where is the end?

Imagine what else you can find
When the sun is coming down.

Love, Love, Love Tat Jane

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