LOVE U, EveryONE! ~  ~  ~

…Dying and the Rebirth is our Human Destiny! ~ LET US, Begin! ~ 


Hello, Sunny, how are you, today?
So much Light is in your hair,
can I take a ride with you down
Park Ave. It’s been two months,
looking for the new way, seeing
a lot, believing in fulfilling the
right spot, although the only right
One form me would be, playing in
the field with people around me.

You just ask me for the place
I’m going to but I don’t know
any name, any brand, only Action
I am married to, searching for Beauty
in Life, every Day, and very Night
…And there is only that Life to be Lived …

I choose my path with Heart,
I fallow it, not thinking about it
just acting, nor I think what will
happen when I finish it, just act and
that Life to be Lived…
And then at night, I look at it,
I laugh, I rejoice, then I See and I Know.

In other word I am just One that
believes that Day will Come, when
everyone will be giving the most
of what they’ve got; wouldn’t that
be so right, like you’re under
this Sunlight.

So, don’t be tight, let us share
this moment bright besides, do
you think it’s healthy being alone,
with the had full of thoughts,
on it’s own. You have to keep that
Beautiful face all the way, long.

Why do you think about the act?
In reality nothing rally matters,
nothing is more important than
anything else, and
TO BE LIVED …                                                        Copyright ‘2003 TBEGO

You are ALWAYS in MY HEART! ~ ~ ~ 

I LOVE U, Eternally,   Tat Jane
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