We are living in a New Era–Soul Light Era, has once again returned to Mother Earth, in its all glory.

Besides many advantages for our healing, transformation and an acceleration journeys, it’s a powerful time to perform the Spiritual and Energy practices.
Additionally, through daily practice and meditation with the  the source and light within us–our essence is empowered and ignited evermore.

Today, I will introduce our Soul Channel practice technique.
A strong connection to our soul power is essential for our fast progress. The soul wisdom with technique can unite us with our original eternal light, within. Yes, our soul is eternal, and with that in mind we can experience eternity almost at all time, right here and now in our physical form.

At this time, we’re able to manifest almost effortlessly, potential powers of our soul, heart, mind and body.
Easily, we can become the Divine and the Source vehicles on the new earth, and in this way assist others, to be the same.

The Recorded practice, you can do every day, until you feel you’ve started connecting, to the Truth through your heart to your soul. Our soul’s wisdom and powers are limitless. Therefore the messages, teachings and guidance we are able to receive from our soul are vast, and for all aspects of our life.

This process continues and it’s endless, so do not stop there–continue to connect to your inner truth, light and love every day and until we’re connected at all times.

To receive pure messages from your heart and soul, is the crucial step in order to grow, and accelerate in alignment with our highest purposes. We have many purposes and more we connect to our eternal soul’s knowledge we can discover them one by one.
Just keep your mind and your heart open, and willing to embark on this discovery journey, and the rest will come in flow.

The recorded practice is infused with the Source Light, and Love, many Blessings through my own Transmissions, to assist you to connect more easily, and to go into the Condition of Love and Gratitude.

When you’re in a Condition of Love and Gratitude, and your mind is quiet, your heart will automatically open further, and at that moment you can clearly hear the messages from your Soul.

This simple chant may AWAKEN the highest truth of your original Light within, and your unique Message, and the Task to be fulfilled.

Furthermore all have received the special task to fulfill in the new earth, and this monumental time.
So, it is rewarding to stay connected and align within and with this task.
It is similar to staying on the track and not loosing the sight of the goal.
Every time we do Soul Channel practice, with this video or on our own, we are one step closer, to realization of our true selves’ endless potential and message. Do not forget to keep the notes of your experience, guidance and messages you receive.
Among all don’t forget to share your experience with your colleagues, loved once and friends.
To share our revaluations is a sure way to gain and accelerate faster.  

Every day, go within, and into the condition of quiet and stillness, and connect to the eternal Love and Light, that is always available within you.

It is powerful to accelerate with Mother Earth together, and truly manifest, all that we always wanted to bring to light and to live.

We practice, we purify, we take this task to heart, and as good Service, not only for our own benefits, but also for the benefits of many beings, which are looking for the same.
Many beings around us are also looking for the healing, transformation, and the connection to their essence.
Do not forget abut others.

We are all co-creators of this momentous time on Mother Earth, and everyone counts.

The sounds which resonate, and vibrate the areas that Form, and ignite our Soul Channel, in the body are:


Weng – 7th Chakra (Crown chakra–very top of our heads)

Hei – 1st Chakra (Root chakra–at the bottom of our torsos)

Hong – 3rd Chakra (Solar plexus chakra–the navel area)

You – Ming Man–the acupuncture point, straight across from navel to our back)

Our individual effort plays a vital role, and benefits all beings.  With our acceleration more people are AWAKE and AWARE and the higher frequencies of light is available to all.
Everything that is unfolding here on our planet, is also happening in all Universes. Transition to new–higher levels of consciousness and dimensions are present on all level of light and consciousness everywhere.

Use this opportunity, and this moment in time, to succeed and exceed in your growth, healing and transformation journey.

Please, know you are Loved, completely and Unconditionally by the Divine, and the Source, always.

in Eternal LoVe & Light, Tat Jane

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