Our New Reality and the Shift

Sincerely carrying for Humanity and Mother Earth, I dedicate this article to explain what I know about the current New Reality we’re experiencing on Earth. 

I will share some essential knowledge in regards to the ongoing events and changes in frequencies that are taking place when we align with we experience benefits. 

In other words, at this time and just by BEING who WE TRULY ARE we can benefit the most. 

The article is meant to awaken what’s not awake yet, in our conscious minds. Consequently, it will heal some wounds that were not able to heal under the influence of old mind programs that are misaligned with the essence of the New Earth.

I have always seen Humanity flourishing and our mass consciousness expanding with no limits and no boundaries.

The truth is my vision can come through at this time on Earth.

To understand what I mean, let us go back in time, just a little bit. 

Firstly, after the January 2017 Equinox and total Solar eclipse on Aug.21,17, a new paradigm has dawned on Mother Earth.

The New Concept is From the Mind to the Soul Power

Things that are carefully calculated and programmed by our minds don’t seem to work as they used to.

Together with great calamities and destruction of different kinds, the time is now for us to experience all that we have ever wanted to be and to become. Why is this true?

This is the power and significance of the new era, the Soul Light Era, that began on Aug.8, 2003 and it is just taking off in the last two years, globally.  

I’d like to point out the difference between the Century, and an Era. The Eras, they rotate and last 15 000 years, while Centuries last only 100 years and do not reincarnate. 

The main difference between the new era, and the previous one, is that in the next fifteen thousand years, the Soul is governing all things in our New Reality. 

Yes, our wise, eternal being within, the Soul is taking the lead over the Mind. The mind, as we know, was the governor in the previous era we’re just emerging from. 

The Shift Creates the New Experience for All Beings

We all have to agree this is a major shift that is establishing our new experiences and the new reality.
For this reason, a transposition of our experience from a mind perspective to the heart and soul experiences is creating the New Paradigm for all Humanity, Mother Earth, and all beings.


Considering that this is a permanent shift for all of us present on Earth at this time it makes it an important point to avoid confusion in our day-to-day lives and the delays in our evolving through it.

Therefore, our mind, body, and spirit need to assimilate and re-calibrate to the new variable, the soul, heart, mind, and body equation.

You can read there is a heart in the new constant. Why?
Because only by living through the heart we can give the lead to our wise being within, the Soul. 

This permanent change is a celebration and denotes the time of more truth and sincerity. In other words, the time for humanity to evolve through taking responsibility. 

Limitations of the Mind

The Human mind is powerful and advanced, yet it has many limitations. They show to name a few: negative mindsets, negative beliefs, ego, and attachments. The mind tendencies are often inclined to manipulate things in order to obtain something. 

So, it is to follow the patterns and knowledge acquired through only this lifetime.

In truth, these characteristics limit our true potential and abilities.

On the other hand, and what we need to be aware of and intend to bring forth is our Soul, the eternal wise being within us knows better. The soul carries wisdom, knowledge, and experience from all our lifetimes. It’s our original, true, Light being within, closely connected to the Creator and our essence. 

Currently, for most of Humanity, this Light being within is still waiting for full attention. It wants to speak and lead our way to our acceleration. Our ascension and higher dimensions of consciousness are closely connected to our soul abilities. 

Characteristics of the Soul

The main characteristics of the Soul are:

  • carries consciousness and intelligence, (We can access through the heart)
  • incredible wisdom, knowledge and experience (from our many lifetimes. It is by far our best consoler  and guide).
  • great memory
  • flexibility
  • communication power and abilities to communicate with all souls naturally
  • incredible healing power, the soul can self-heal and heal others
  • ability to prevent sickness
  • blessing capabilities
    If you want to experience this, when you are in difficulty simply and sincerely ask your soul to bless your life and you’ll be assist.
  • Incomprehensible potential powers when accessed and developed we are able to exceed in all areas of life.
  • naturally follows spiritual principal and laws. Once we align with our soul’s flow and we let go of desire to correct and adjust it, we experience our true powers.
  • it is eternal
  • can reach enlightenment

The above characteristics make every soul advanced and with limitless potential.

The Mind’s Tendency to Take Control are Still Present

One that always knows the truth and the way how is this wise being within–the Soul. All we need to do is to ask for assistance and to trust. This puts the heart at the forefront of our being on the New Earth. 

Only the pure Heart can carry and facilitate clear information from the Soul to the Mind. 

We work on opening and purifying the Heart to hear and receive the messages from a wise light being within our Soul.

When polluted the heart and the mind, our soul will patiently wait for us to transform first and then will direct us to our next level of evolution.

The Mind will still tend to arrange and control the information she receives. This takes practice and tuning in and within again through the heart moment-to-moment. 

Spending time in reflection listening to our hearts’ and souls’ needs and desires. Once attuned to our soul, through the heart, we can direct the mind to perform the actions to our greatest acceleration in this new reality.

The decades of the old program and characteristics of the previous age, such as our desire to change things, the attachments to outcomes, living in the past, or the future, are the mind’s ego, ways, to control things. These negative programs will still come up and we have to be aware of them, and consciously and patiently focus on the heart. Our heart intelligence at the moment will avoid confusion and reminisce of the old patterns. 

Soul Blockages Drain our Life-force the Most

There are a few main blockages that can exhaust our Lifeforce at this significant time. We have to be aware of them so, we can prevent their effect on our reality:

Soul blockages are negative information stored within our soul, heart, mind, body, and the aura. 
This information is a result of the negative actions and deeds we made in this and previous lifetimes. This includes our ancestors.

Some messages are created by us harming, hurting, and taking advantage of others in all lifetimes. We made mistakes through our speech, emotions, and thoughts. In other words, we carry these messages within our being.

This is normal, we all made mistakes at some point in our evolution. Mistakes are lessons that we learned to move forward.
So, the wisdom is to be aware, and conscious of the possibility for these negative messages to surface. We don’t want them to block our vision and experiences at this time. Forgiveness Practice is the best Soul Power and Self-Healing practical technique, to remove soul, heart, mind, and body blockages.

Heart and Mind Blockages

To prevent negative messages from taking over our lives we can simply be aware and conscious of them while seeking wisdom and blessings from our Soul.

If this seems to be advance at the time we spend more time in reflection through our heart and seek help from others who are knowledgable in this area. 

Many things we can change by focusing on and striving for better ways of being. For example much of the heart and mind blockages we can work on our own.

– Heart blockages are impurities such as selfishness, greed, desire for fame, money, unworthiness, and similar limitations. 

When realized and faced, the heart blockages can be easily eradicated through the power of soul techniques and blessings.

– Mind blockages are negative mindsets, negative attitudes, negative beliefs, the ego, and attachments.

Think about how with the conscious awareness, the desire for change, and the help of our wise soul being we can dismiss most of the mind’s struggles.

Emotional Blockages are Often Result of Soul, Heart, and Mind Blockages

Emotional blockages are anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, worry, grief, fear and more

According to the previous paragraphs, you can notice that emotional blockages are a result of Soul, Heart, and Mind blockages.

In short, before we experience sickness our Soul gets sick first and sends the message to the Heart. The heart receives the message and transmits it to Mind. The mind generates the actions of the emotional and physical imbalance which cause sickness on the physical plane.

It is this simple if you look at it through the soul wisdom and knowledge teachings I’ve just shared.

Body blockages are matter blockages, within the cells and energy blockages, in between the cells. They usually, result in tumors, cysts, inflammations and similar. As explained, they are most often the result of our negative emotions, feelings, and actions.

In essence, once we’re aware of the root cause of our problems and issues there is a good chance that we’ll be able to overcome them.

Know thy Self–Go Within to Benefit in The New Earth


This article is meant to reveal the Truth of our New Reality which is ‘Know thy Self’.

‘Know thy Self’ in the reference to our New Reality–the New Paradigm on earth is the change of our focal point from the Mind to the Heart experiences.

The crux and the new dimension diffining our new reality is that our focus is within us and less on the outside world.

It is about becoming conscious and aware of what already is through the heart, moment-to-moment, sizing all the possibliities.

Also, being more aware and in union with the higher plane, the Cosmic energies and Intelligence of the Universes is our evolution today.

This is available to all of us on earth and it starts within our hearts and souls.

Access the Eternal Now Moment through the Heart

There is a brilliant and simple way to quickly transform, purify and accelerate, at this special time, once we know the above mechanics.

Being present in the now moment, focused within, and experiencing life through the heart in the feelings of Love and Gratitude we live our truth in harmony. 

The key is the feeling of unity, not a separation, its when we can access our original soul Light and message–the Creator within us. 

When we access the eternal now moment and the Divine presence within us we can receive the purest messages, guidance, the insights for our journey.

There is no need to reach out for anything; to grasp, to try hard, everything is already within us when we’re connected through our Hearts, to our Divine-self, in the present moment.

That is why it is so essential that as many people, and as quickly as possible, AWAKE to this truth and recognize and be guided by their soul light beings within.

Our Souls carry Love, Light, and kindness, co-operation abilities. The soul wants to serve and to bring out its qualities to the World, has the desire to assist and be the vehicle to others.


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Every Soul is Equally Important in the New Paradigm of the New Earth

It is the Unity consciousness and our collective effort to bring the full manifestation of the new era and the new dimensions of consciousness.

Never underestimate your role, importance and co-creation powers in these new settings. 

Through being focused on our hearts and the unique messages within while in feelings of Love and Gratitude to better this World we are all together in this.

The clear intentions from the heart and soul will bypass the minds’ clutter and will direct the energies to the right places. 

Hence the manifestation for the highest good for all follows.


Remember that where you put your mind, that’s where the energy goes and the action follows. So, put positive, creative thoughts in your mind, filtered by your heart and the benefits of many, and they shall be fulfilled. In other words, Be larger then Life.

Stay focused in your heart. The heart is the core of Life.

The time is now for all to experience what we always wanted to be and become.

In Eternal Love and Light, Tat Jane

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