The next Step in Humanity’s Evolution is ‘One Heart’ Consciousness

As part of the continued evolution of our consciousness at this significant time on earth, we are evolving through our hearts.
Specifically, humanity’s awareness is shifting from being aware through our minds, to being consciously aware through the heart.
The one heart consciousness is the next step in our evolution and the awakening of ‘one heart’ in human beings on our New Earth.

What is ‘one heart’ and why it is significant at this time of our evolution we’re going to explore in this article.

Due to the fact that the heart is the essence of our being, living from the heart denotes the higher purity and quality of our lives in the new earth and our new reality.

To be exact, we are experiencing expansion and liberation of our human consciousness through living from the heart.
This itself is a huge step forward to our next levels of awareness. It’s a monumental shift on a global scale.

Maybe you have noticed that with the new higher frequencies of light on earth, the mass consciousness is shifting from an individual to a collective consciousness. People are becoming more aware, and are concerned not only for them but also for the well being of others.

Awakening of the ‘One Heart’

Since the heart determines what our experience is, and the level of consciousness we are able to experience here is something to reflect on.

On the scale of the ladder in our human evolution through the heart, there are three stages.
From the personal heart—in the middle of the chest–the Heart Chakra. It’s a vortex of energy in the center of our body, the wheel of our immediate concerns. It is an emerald green in color, denoting our necessary harmony within .
The second stage is the development of the higher heart– the higher self heart. This is when we go beyond our personality self and realize our Higher-Self love, the Christ consciousness, and the sacred heart. The rose pink color denotes the development of unconditional Christ love for all.

The third stage is opening and activation of the ‘One heart’.
‘One heart’ resides in the center of an upper chest, and in-between the higher heart and 5th–throat chakra.
Once it is activated, it’s crystalline turquoise in color, emanating brilliant translucent light throughout the upper chest. It reaches out to all beings.
It symbolizes our unified existence, merged in devotion in ever present Now moment.

The ‘One heart’ is the heart without struggles, attachments, and separation, with no chains around. Liberated, just like the ocean it is flowing freely.
Through its presence, it is meant to set free not only oneself journey but the journey of others, also.

Image--Ascension of #Love #Consciousness to 'One Heart' 6D Consciousness
Pin–Ascension of Love to One Heart–
6D Consciousness

The location and translucent turquoise color of ‘one heart’ symbolize two main characteristics of One Heart:
Firstly, ‘one heart’ contains the heart of everyone and everything; therefore it’s connected to all things, the animate and inanimate beings. It is the feeling of eternal love, harmony, and bliss beyond time and space.

The One Heart is the Heart of Service to All Beings Equally

Among all things, one heart is the heart of service to all.
Translucent turquoise tone represents the crystalline—fluid nature of One heart. As water is, it symbolizes an unconditional service to everyone abundantly, without distinction.

‘As a drop of water that can go through the stone’ the one heart characterizes huge potential power. Forging vigorously, yet humbly, and equally in service to all.
The One Heart, unites and brings things together.

With these qualities the awakening of ’one heart’ allows us to access the sixth-dimensional consciousness and higher. Additionally, it allows the creation of crystalline aura of the new human of light.
The ‘One Heart’ Meditation and Activation Practice is at the end of this article, enjoy and benefit from it.

Access Your Highest Abilities, through One Heart Consciousness

When our heart holds the ‘one heart’ frequencies we can retrieve all our talents and abilities. As the one heart has no chains around, we can share our gifts freely with the world. 
Furthermore, through ‘one heart’ opened and activated, our ability to bring the highest frequencies of love, care, compassion, and light to our lives and the lives of others is magnified.

In this way we’re the awakeners on the new earth, assisting many to evolve to the next levels of consciousness and awareness. Hence, helping them to access their soul’s wisdom and abilities, to utilize them, in service for the highest good of all.

The New Earth–the Endless Potential

This is the reason why the new Earth and Era have endless potential. They’re meant to be the time of every soul light, and highest potential.
Notice, that it’s not a possibility only for a few souls or the privileged ones, but every soul.

Since we all have the heart and soul, it’s doable vision for every soul to experience fulfillment. Also, we all carry wisdom and experiences from this and many lifetimes, our unique purpose to fulfill.

Given that we’re living in the now moment, through the heart, in devotion, and the unconditional state of the One Heart consciousness, our highest gifts are springing out, naturally.

Living in the now stands for being in unity and harmony, and with no separation within and with the outer world, are essential for the ‘one heart’ activation. Additionally, it means we’re not expecting from the external world.
Instead, we’re generating the frequencies of light out through being focused within, in the heart our potential powers.

The Shift from Mind to Heart Awareness and Experience

Ascension of Love Consciousness to One Heart--6D Consciousness
‘One Heart’–6D Consciousness Pin

Do you get the drift, the freedom, and liberation for humankind is coming from the individual and it’s within us.
Through feelings of an unconditional love and gratitude, connected to all beings, Mother Earth, and the Universe we can experience our multi-dimensional conscious being.

The shift lies in the following:
Since the living from the knowledge and experiences solely derived from the mind is 3D consciousness.
The third dimension is precise, a human in regards to space and time.
In other words, many people are still holding onto the old using mind power, having agendas, and attachments to controlling others and outcomes.

The next step on humanity’s evolution is 4D, which is a transitional purification period of the mind, thought patterns, and emotions. Many people are currently going through this inevitable reconstruction within and with the outer world.

Considering that Mother Earth already carries the 5D frequency they will be led to let go of the clutter, and shift to their hearts’ experiences in the now, where the higher frequencies of love and light are available to all.

Our Hearts and Souls lead the way in the 5D, 6D & higher dimensions of consciousness

The easiest way to understand when we are able to move forward on our journey is through our hearts’ evolution. Please, know when we’re referring to our acceleration path, we point out to the spiritual heart–heart chakra.
To activate our 5th and higher dimensional being we go through a process of connecting fully to the crystal core of Mother Earth and the Cosmic frequencies through our Prana-tube, first.
After we feel grounded and connected through exchanging energies of love and gratitude with our beloved Mother Earth and the Universe above, we’re ready for our heart’s activation.

In other words, to experience our multi-dimensional self through the three heart’s activations we have to be well-grounded in feelings of unconditional love and gratitude. Once grounded, we proceed with our first, second, and third heart activation. As explained earlier, we activate the personal heart first, then the Higher Heart, and the third is ‘One Heart’ consciousness activation.

Furthermore, we call upon the pineal gland–our spiritual eye to assist us in accessing the higher wisdom through intuition and 3rd eye visions.
The pineal gland gets activated when the left and right brain hemispheres are in proximate balance which happens and it’s ignited through the ‘one heart’ meditation.


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In Conclusion

To experience and benefit from the shifts that are happening on earth the best is to allow the heart to lead the way.
The awakening of ‘one heart’ will enable us to reach even higher awareness and higher levels of consciousness, through the 5D, 6D, and higher.

When we live through the heart’s experience our life is our creation and depends less on the outside world.
Additionally, when we experience the world through the ‘one heart’ we’re filled with unconditional love and gratitude in divine union with all things.
We are becoming masters in this form on the new earth.

No doubt, through ‘one heart’ the new golden age is here, and we have arrived.

‘One Heart’ Meditation:

Sit or stand up straight in an upright position. Be sure your spine is straight, feet shoulders width apart, if you are standing. If sitting, the hills of your feet touching and head parallel to the Universe.

Send the grounding silver string from the solar plexus area, through the center of the body, to the core of Mother Earth. Visualize the crystalline light coming from the core of the earth, creating the tube of luminous light going through your central channel and away up to the Universe. Imagine luminous crystalline-light is coming back down through the top of the head and accumulating in the middle of the chest by forming the vortex of crystalline green dazzling light.

Personal Heart and Abilities Activation

Besides the enormous power, the light carries the emanation of your gifts and abilities. Thus, its translucent green tone harmonizes and amplifies their potency within you. Take a few deep breaths coming from Mother Earth, and the Universe to boost the light and potential power of your heart-center.

Stay in this space of radiating and emitting your traits to the world freely and fully through your auric field. Open yourself to receive the blessings and love back from all the beings you touched. See, your aura is feeling up with the crystalline particles of your gifts and offers, creating a blanket of shimmering translucent grass green light around you. This light is attracting your highest destiny and purpose.

Higher Heart Activation

Now, imagine rose pink light overtaking the green, creating the emanation of crystalline rose light of your Higher Heart. The Christ-like consciousness of your Higher-Self heart is now emanating from the center of your chest to all beings. Your Higher-Self love is manifesting through your gifts, emitting the rose-pink crystalline raise of light and love to all. 

Stay for a few minutes in this state of your higher consciousness to receive the Divine, the Source, your higher-self love for all that you are. 

Receive the nourishment from your divine presence for a few more minutes. 

When you fully establish the divine presence within your higher heart move the focus up to the middle of the upper chest. Visualize the fluorescent crystalline turquoise light saturating your upper chest. 

The ‘One Heart’ Activation

Its turquoise light recalls the fluid nature of the One Heart residing here. 

Visualize the oceans of the earth subdividing and connecting all beings in One Heart consciousness in your expanded one heart crystalline translucent field. 

 So, as the oceans and waters that are serving everyone equally with humility, resilience, and vigor, as is your One Heart, emitting diamond raise of crystalline light to all beings. 

Stay with this visualization of One Heart opulence and expand its scope to at least eleven feet all around your body. 

Evolving Into ‘One Heart’ Consciousness

As you feel comfortable with, visualize the translucent crystalline turquoise light expanding, reaching out, and uniting the consciousness of people around you and beyond.
You can stay with this visualization and listen to your heart and soul for the unique guidance for your One Heart exploration.

We all have different tasks to fulfill, and the One Heart meditation can be a unique journey for everyone. Therefore, allow yourself to relax into visualizing a crystalline turquoise diamond light emanating to all beings and things. Continue to visualize the awakening of more people to One Heart consciousness and awareness. Thus, bringing unity and higher dimensions of consciousness to all beings and the new earth. 

Don’t forget to express love and gratitude to all beings, the Divine Source, and your soul at the end of the practice.

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