Alternative Therapy ~

Open your heart, expand your consciousness.
Remove blockages from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
Awaken your potential through Heart and your Spirit.
Increase your Frequency and Vibration, through our Alternative therapy.
Heal yourself, prevent sickness, and ultimately prolong your Life.

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The Heart is the Core of Life and of our Alternative Therapy focus

Soul Light Universal Alternative therapy  is designed, firstly, to help you remove blockages from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Your heart, mind, body, and blockages on the spiritual levels, when present, they are the root cause for sickness and challenges.  Once the blockages are removed healing and transformation take place.

Whether you would like to lose weight, stop smoking, end depression, you suffer from a chronic condition, or you’d like to benefit more from the current shifts, and changes on Mother Earth, we can help you through our alternative therapy and methods.
Also, we can help you to connect to your Higher Self, and potential powers of your being.
Our alternative therapy is focused on the power from within.

Whatever we help you with, we will make sure you’ll be able to continue to accelerate and heal on your own.
The goal is for you to recognize and Unite in Harmony, with your potential powers within. 
Also, you will be able to recognize and harmonize with potential powers within everyone, and everything.

Free yourself from heart and mind blockages first and foremost

Our Alternative therapy mission is to help as many people to expand and liberate their consciousness, through removing blockages from their soul, heart, mind, and body.

The blockages I am referring to, are our fears, negative mindsets, negative beliefs, ego, and attachments, are removed.

Increase Frequency of your physical, mental, emotional bodies

As a result of the removal of blockages, from your soul, heart, mind, and body, the frequency of the issue, or a physical condition you experience is significantly increased.
When our bodies frequency increases, and we start vibrating aligned with our innate potential, our lives experiences are permanently changed.
Therefore, by increasing the frequency, chronic conditions, and other life’s challenges can be transformed.

Do you suffer from pain?

Soul Light Universal therapy does not believe in a quick fix. Our Alternative methods encourage healing and removing the root causes of physical manifestation of pain, or a challenge.

Our results are long-lasting

How we do it?
I’ll give you a simple example.
Do you remember when ever you’re ‘in Love’?
Life seemed to be effortless and in flow. It seemed to unfold without much effort on your part.

This is the alchemy of an Unconditional Love, and it is where we can step in to assist you.
Exactly, we can help you with shifting your focus to your heart.
Through our alternative practice, firstly, we can help you to realize where is the key focus for your healing and transformation.
Secondly, we can initiate the healing process within you.

Where is Soul Light Universal Located

We are located in New York City, and we’re here to assist your healing, transformation, and your acceleration, in person and globally, 24/7 via Skype, telephone, or email.


Special Blessing/Training Sessions

We offer Special Blessing/Training Sessions, consist of the ancient and new wisdom, and practical techniques that do the following:

– Remove Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body (energy & matter) blockages from one’s life, an issue, or a condition.
-The Blessings uplift the Frequency and Vibration of one’s body, the mind, heart, and the spirit.
When frequency becomes higher, and finer, everything in our lives start to shift, and changes for better.
-The method and practical techniques, with special blessings are meant align Soul, Heart, Mind and Body as one Unit.

These three are the most potent Benefits of Soul Healing and Transformation therapy.

Learn more

Some of the results you can count on when working and training with Soul Light Universal:
– You will experience greater Harmony and Flow within you and with everyone around you.
– You’ll feel more comfortable and better align within your body, mind, heart and soul.
– Experience awareness of your own Higher self and purpose–your special task
– What’s the most important, you’ll feel empowered to forge vigorously towards the manifestation of your perfect life.

If you’d like to learn more about the power of the Source Blessing Transmissions, and the wisdom behind it, please Contact us for a Complimentary 30min assessment Session, to see how best we can assist your physical life and your spiritual journey.



“Your light, love and words spread truth and a vital message, while informing and educating. What you write is inspiring and uplifting and each word is loaded with love for all that has been, is and will ever be. Glorious”. Fauxcroft WorldPress Blogger poet

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“Great session last night, with you was very helpful and healing. Always appreciate your efforts, LY LY LY, TY TY TY!! :)”

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