Soul Teachings, Practical Techniques & Wisdom

I am honored to be a Certified Soul, Mind, and Body Teacher Practitioner. On this account, I teach the ancient and new wisdom, and practical techniques to empower people in their lives. 

From day one, living in NYC and day-after-day, I am convinced that humanity here and globally needs edification and embodiment of wisdom for their lives more than anything.

In other words, the power that was taken from people, to support evil and personal agendas, in the previous centuries has to be given back. There isn’t a better way than through edification, first.  
Especially in this first part of our new era and reality, the transition period, most of the population needs the re-set of the state of mind and being, through gaining knowledge and wisdom.

For this reason, it’s the time to stop the misery implemented unto humanity and help nourishment, recalibration, and expansion of consciousness, the hearts, and minds of people to the wiser and more knowledgable versions of being. Thus, to support the highest good and the evolution of the collective.  

The knowledge and wisdom are far more victorious than the healing is. Most sickness is caused by mental, emotional, and spiritual lack and imbalance. 

Edification through Wisdom, Knowledge, & Practical Techniques 

Additionally, I believe that the Soul Power practical techniques and wisdom are meant to be taught in schools as primary education. 

You may ask me why because both the practical techniques and soul wisdom are critical and effective knowledge by being right on point.

Most importantly, they bring inner knowingness and trust within, which is what’s lost and missing in the lives of general population today.
Also, they can be utilized without the assistance of another person, anytime and anywhere. 

In other words, through wisdom, you embody them, which makes it effective self-help techniques to self-heal and assist others casually or in an emergency. 

Secondly, this simple wisdom and practices consist of the items that are missing in the majority’s current state of consciousness. One of which is sovereignty over your life. Consequently, the soul power is perfectly aligned with our new reality and new era we’re living in.

Don’t you want to have your colleagues or the employees, up to date with what’s available to them, so that they can be more productive and content in what they do? 
Never mind helping others to fit their needs and not always looking to others for help or misusing their power.

Keep in mind, although, the teachings and practical tools of the soul power aren’t meant to replace conventional medicine but to prevent and complement it. Also, as the First Aid to those in need. 

Applications of Soul, Mind, Body Teachings, and the Benefits

Apply practical soul power techniques to increase the confidence and the will power to your day-to-day life.
Additionally, we teach soul power techniques to assist others in releasing negative emotions, and mental body challenges. 
The imbalances, such as anger, stress, fear, sadness, and more.

Some of the exercises are used to build your (your peers) foundational energy center. Good foundation boosts energy, stamina, and will power.
Think of a building, what is an edifice without a good foundation. 

Also, many quick self-healing techniques for all common colds and pain reliefs. For example, there is a 3-5 minute practice to promote energy and matter flow in the body. 

Wouldn’t that make a difference to your (your employees) life to help themselves when feeling fatigued, tired, or coming down with cold. 

In general, soul power practices take 3-5 minutes several times per day. That is how long it takes to notice the improvement of many common ailments or to promote the quality of life. 

With this in mind, imagine how much time, and money we would save to others by introducing self-healing methods to them. 
Never mind the effort of going to the doctor for every single small impairment.

It’s good to know that those techniques if applied on time, when it’s not deep in the imbalance, can prevent the cause. 

In Conclusion

The universal aspect of the soul wisdom and practices make it feet for all aspects of life. From work to playtime this knowledge can benefit throughout our lives.

Consequently, all the above benefits of soul wisdom and practical techniques can escalate your, or your employees performance and well-being at the same time.

In summary, the soul empowerment practices are the effective tools to know and apply to self-help and to assist others in all life’s circumstances.  

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I am looking forward to hearing from you and collaborating on helping others at this significant time of our evolution..


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