WE have Four SERVICE

Our Services consist of healing/ blessing
Light frequency transmissions .
We have three main therapies. They are:

In addition to healing/blessing, light frequency transmissions, we offer knowledge, wisdom, and practical techniques to our clients. 

In this way we prepare, and equip our clients, with essential tools, so that they can continue healing and transformation journey on their own, forevermore.

Our alternative therapy is  meant to initiate healing and transformation. Through these methods we remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages, and raise your frequency and vibration. This process seems to be effective for most conditions or life’s challenges.

In the following chapters we will explain each method in more details. Specifically, we wish to illustrate our services with more of  real-life examples, so that you can have a clear picture of how we can assist you.


The Soul Light Hand

Soul Light Hand -High Frequency of Light Healing/Blessing Therapy

Soul Light Hand is our high frequency Light healing/blessing–an Alternative therapy. It is applied to treat  common conditions,  and to life’s challenges,
The Soul Light Hand carries the high frequencies of the Source Light.  When transmitted through spiritual healing/blessing these high Light frequencies can  penetrate the issue and result  in removal of the blockages, which caused the issue.

Therefore, through applications of high frequencies of the Soul Light Hand healing/blessing transmissions, we  can help you with an extensive number of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions.
Besides, the high frequencies of the Soul Light Hand blessing transmissions can prevent sickness, rejuvenate your body, and ultimately, prolong your life.

The Soul Light Practitioner Hand for healing/blessing and transformation

Soul Light Practitioner hand carries the high frequencies and qualities of four major Universal forces. They are: the Source Light, Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.

What does this mean, and how  these high frequency forces  effect your healing and transaction journey. To illustrate, I’ll give you the real-life examples.

When your heart is open, and you experience unconditional Love towards your condition, your resistance is melted away. After this, the healing can take place.

Furthermore, the high frequencies of unconditional Forgiveness open your heart, further, and create inner peace with what is. Then your hope and beliefs they inncrease.

Finally, the frequencies of an unconditional Compassion boost your will power, energy, and your stamina, and vitality.

For this reason, the high frequency transmissions of four major Universal forces, are an essential container for healing process.

In summary,  the Soul Light Hand can transmit blessings that are effective for removal of soul, heart, mind and body blockages.

The soul, heart, mind, and body blockages are the ‘root cause’ of many of our physical conditions, and other challenges.

What causes sickness and challenges on the physical plane?

Our negative emotions, mental images, repetitive patterns, ego, and attachments, when accumulated, create blockages in the body’s energy and matter flow.
This unbalance causes sickness and other chronic conditions.

So, through our Alternative therapy, we can help you recognize what the ‘root cause’ of your issue is.

The root cause is determined through our careful analysis of your differen bodies, and their behaviors. We examine your mental, emotional, physical, and siritual bodies, and their impact on your condition. Again, this is solely, spiritual examination.

The Source Field Blessing Transmission

The Source Field Calligraphy Blessing

At these times of great shifts and changes, it’s also the time of greatest possibilities for our growth and healing journeys. In other words, it’s a monumental time to transform, and accelerate in our lives, along with Mother Earth’s Transition.

That’s being said, I’m honored to be able to offer to you, the highest frequency blessing transmissions for your journey.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic condition, or you desire more peace and contentment in your life; we can assist you with our the Source frequency spiritual tool.

The Source Field 6’ original Calligraphy, created by Tao Master Healer, carries the Source healing field, with very high Frequency & Vibration.

Once its activated, in and around you or your condition; this Light frequency and vibration field stimulates and causes the higher levels of negative messages, karmic patterns to transmute to the Source llight.

We know the Light can heal, prevent sickness, it can rejuvenate, and prolong life. Given, that this is the Source frequency and vibration Field; it carries the light of countless planets, stars, galaxies, and Universes, also. This powerful frequency causes the healing process on a deep cellular level, and results are long-lasting.

Let me illustrate with an example, how it works.

Real-life Example:

One of our clients had a chronic depression. I saw at once, that the nature of her struggle is deeply rooted. It was obvious to me that she was in pain for a long time. Her pain wasn’t connected only to this life-time. I knew the Source calligaphy field can remove some of those deep negative messages, from her system.

At her first session, I surrounded her with the Source Calligraphy field. We’ve done various exercises, in order to empower her dormant abilities. Just after two, Calligraphy healing/blessing sessions, she was healed. Now, she is completely in charge of her life. The source field, and me as its vehicle, have shifted her perceptions to where they’re meant to be. The truth is, the deep healing on the cellular level, had to take place first.

When and Why the Source Field

You can receive, the Source field healing/blessing in person, or remotely. Considering this is a spiritual tool, the benefits are equal in person, or remotely.

Immediately, our clients experience high awareness, nourishment, inner peace and content.

Furthermore, the negative messages and darkness, from the issue, are removed on the deep cellular level. As a result, we are honored to offer, the Source healing/blessing, to more serious, and  chronic conditions.

Let me address further, why heart, mind, energy, and matter blockages are so crucial for well being. For you to completely heal, you should know the wisdom behind your illness. In particular your awareness, and conscious attention are the keys to your healing. Our clients receive this knowledge, along with a healing process. For this reason, you’re in a favor of prevention, rather then healing.

If you’re on the spiritual and an acceleration journey, being in the frequency of the source field, can mean a jump-start to the higher realms of consciousness.

Schedule an assessment session for more personalized information on this service.


Movement/Dance Therapy Healing Blessing

High  frequency of Light healing transmissions through Movement and Dance

Our Movement and Dance Therapy is comprehensive, given that consists of two essential points for the acceleration and growth on movement and dance journey.

They are:

  • ancient and new techniques
  • high frequncy of light blessing and acceleration transmissions

Movement therapy is form of psychotherapy that uses movement to promote emotional, mental, spiritual and physical intergration of the individual.  In it essence, its a non-verbal therapy, that uses verbal processing, only to intervene and assist in a person’s overall health and progress.

For example, we teach our clients movements, which promote body’s energy and blood flow. At some other instance, we teach  breathing excercises, or how to develop their foundation, and so on…

These are some of the ways we use movement theraphy to remove blockages from the particular conditions.  The ‘dance’ and movement comes from the individual, not the therapist, as an organic expression of the self.  We’re the facilitators of your healing and transformation through movement.

How Does the Movement and Dance Therapy Work

As a soul Movement and Dance Practitioner, I am able to conduct–teach movements and techniques empowered by frequencies of four major Universal forces.

They are:

  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion
  • Light

Our clients are enabled to heal, adopt, and acquire, the ancient, and new practical techniques, and wisdom for using movement to heal and transform.

Additionally, the high Light frequency blessing transmissions, result in faster progress, and longer-lasting results.

Soul, Mind, Body Teacher Practitioner

I am honored to be a Certified Soul, Mind and  Body Teacher Practitioner, and I am available to share and teach, the profound ancient and new Wisdom, and Practical techniques to empower people in their transformation, self-healinghealing others and assist them on their acceleration path to the ultimate goal of everyone’s Journey, which is to reach Soul, Mind, and Body Enlightenment.

My purpose in Life is to support others, and help them grow, expand and accelerate on their physical and spiritual journeys.

Please contact me, I am driven to share all I have experienced and learned throughout decades of my studding spiritual, and physical life’s wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques.

Teachings are universal, and I carry sincere desire to open the hearts and minds of others to their own highest potential, through ancient and new wisdom, practical techniques, blessings and my own life’s experience, which is very versatile and adaptable according to the settings.

Please, Connect with Soul Light Universal about the opportunity to spread Soul, Mind and Body wisdom, and practical Teachings to others in order to assist more people on their Transformation, and an Acceleration path, at this monumental time on Mother Earth.
Let us join our Hearts together to awaken and to support more people.

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