The Soul Light Hand

Soul Light Hand -High Frequency of Light Healing/Blessing Therapy

Soul Light Hand is our high frequency Light healing/blessing–an Alternative therapy. It is applied to treat  common conditions,  and to life’s challenges,
The Soul Light Hand carries the high frequencies of the Source Light.  When transmitted through spiritual healing/blessing these high Light frequencies can  penetrate the issue and result  in removal of the blockages, which caused the issue.

Therefore, through applications of high frequencies of the Soul Light Hand healing/blessing transmissions, we  can help you with an extensive number of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions.
Besides, the high frequencies of the Soul Light Hand blessing transmissions can prevent sickness, rejuvenate your body, and ultimately, prolong your life.

The Soul Light Practitioner Hand for healing/blessing and transformation

Soul Light Practitioner hand carries the high frequencies and qualities of four major Universal forces. They are: the Source Light, Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.

What does this mean, and how  these high frequency forces  effect your healing and transaction journey. To illustrate, I’ll give you the real-life examples.

When your heart is open, and you experience unconditional Love towards your condition, your resistance is melted away. After this, the healing can take place.

Furthermore, the high frequencies of unconditional Forgiveness open your heart, further, and create inner peace with what is. Then your hope and beliefs they inncrease.

Finally, the frequencies of an unconditional Compassion boost your will power, energy, and your stamina, and vitality.

For this reason, the high frequency transmissions of four major Universal forces, are an essential container for healing process.

In summary,  the Soul Light Hand can transmit blessings that are effective for removal of soul, heart, mind and body blockages.

The soul, heart, mind, and body blockages are the ‘root cause’ of many of our physical conditions, and other challenges.

What causes sickness and challenges on the physical plane?

Our negative emotions, mental images, repetitive patterns, ego, and attachments, when accumulated, create blockages in the body’s energy and matter flow.
This unbalance causes sickness and other chronic conditions.

So, through our Alternative therapy, we can help you recognize what the ‘root cause’ of your issue is.

The root cause is determined through our careful analysis of your differen bodies, and their behaviors. We examine your mental, emotional, physical, and siritual bodies, and their impact on your condition. Again, this is solely, spiritual examination.

The evaluation allows us, to together choose one of our most appropriate, alternative methods for you. Often, the Soul Lght Hand healing/blessing transmissions therapy is our choice.

Given, that you’re already familiar with what the Key is.
The Key to healing, is that negative information in your condition is transmuted into a positive information.
The positive information is, so to say, ignited,  through the applications of the  high frequencies of Light, healing/blessing transmissions.

Once the message, and frequency of the issue has changed, the majority of our physical conditions, and other life’s challenges, they will resolve in the given time.


The Source Field Blessing Transmission

The Source Field Calligraphy Blessing

at this time of great shifts, changes, ‘calamities’, and at the same time, greatest possibilities for our growth, healing, transformation and acceleration on all levels of our being, and along with Mother Earth Transition.

The Source Field 6’ original Calligraphy, created by Tao Master Healer, carries
the Source healing field, with very high Frequency & Vibration, that can remove higher levels of negative messages, karmic patterns and obstacles from one’s soul, heart, mind and body.

When activated, it creates a very high level of Light Frequency and Vibration Field which can transmute higher levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions.
This service can be offered in person or remotely, and benefits are equally powerful .
Immediately, you can experience high Awareness, Nourishment, Inner Peace, harmony and content.  
Furthermore, removal of negative messages and darkness happens on deep cellular level, as a result the Source Field Calligraphy healing/blessings are applied to more serious, and  chronic physical conditions, as well.

Contact us for personalized information on this service we offer.

The issue, condition, a challenge is transformed at it’s root cause through the highest frequencies of Light.
This transformation and healing field, also carries the highest frequencies of the source Love, forgiveness and compression that penetrates the conditions on the deep cellular levels, causing high percentage of exceptional results.

When soul, heart, mind and body blockages are lessened or removed, the frequency of overall body, mind and spirit is changed automatically, and permanently.

The result is a profound transformation on all levels of your being. Any negative messages within your organs, systems, cells, cell units, DNA, RNA, spaces between the cells related to the issue or a condition are literally transformed to the highest frequencies of love, forgiveness, compassion and light  that this Spiritual light tool carries. 

* Please take a look at some of the many Testimonials we have received on Power and Significance of Tao Source Field Calligraphy for healing and transformation in all aspects of life.

TAO ~ Source Calligraphy Blessing Transmission can be offered, one on one, in person or remotely.
It can be offered to Groups of any size, in person or remotely.

Transformation happens on  the Soul level, first. When the Soul of the issue is healed,  manifestation on the physical plane follows.

* There is a high level of success in applying the Source field Calligraphy Blessing Transmissions for treating all life issues, including chronic physical, mental, emotional, spiritual pain and challenges, also challenges in relationships and finances.

Please Contact us for a Complimentary 30 minutes orientation, consultation and assessment session. We will answer all your questions, and the session will allow us, to determine the best course of actions, for your specific conditions, problems and challenges.

Movement/Dance Therapy Healing Blessings

 Healing/Blessings through Movement and Dance

We offer highly comprehensive Movement and Dance Therapy, which consists of ancient and new techniques, and Healing/blessings and acceleration transmissions though movement and dance.

As a Soul Movement and Dance Practitioner, I am empowered to conduct movements/dance, and teachings with very high frequencies of Universal Love and Light.
Our clients, and students are enabled to heal, adopt and get hold of an ancient and new practical techniques, and wisdom on Soul movement and dance.
Additionally, Blessings, healing Transmissions, result in a faster progress and longer-lasting results.

How do we offer Healing Blessing through Movement/Dance

Healing blessing, and transformation transmissions are given through our Soul Dance/Movement, which carry the high frequencies of the Source Love and Light.

Participants receive, instructions on body movements, that promote energy and blood flow, as well as they lift the spirit up.
Blockages from your condition are removed, little by little, through the highest frequencies and vibrations of the Light, Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.
These highest Universal forces, implemented through movement and dance will facilitate your healing and transformation journey.
Clients, and students transform/heal from within first, when the physical manifestation naturally follows.

Balance your Yin and Yang through Soul Song and Soul Dance

Furthermore, we provide healing/blessings through the Sound.

The Source Song healing blessing transmissions, which together with Movement and Dance produce the power to balance Yin and Yang in your body, mind and your spirit.

The ancient teachings state:
“When Yin and Yang are in balance one is Healthy. and Happy”

The Source Song is the Source YIN and the Source Dance/Movement is the Source YANG.

The Source song and dance create the Source Oneness, which can transforms your health challenges, also the movement, and sound therapy is very effective in transforming relationships, and finances.  Movement, and sound therapy brings overall well being, and prosperity to every aspect of your life.

Contact us for personalized information on your specific needs.


Soul, Mind, Body Teacher Practitioner

I am honored to be a Certified Soul, Mind and  Body Teacher Practitioner, and I am available to share and teach, the profound ancient and new Wisdom, and Practical techniques to empower people in their transformation, self-healinghealing others and assist them on their acceleration path to the ultimate goal of everyone’s Journey, which is to reach Soul, Mind, and Body Enlightenment.

My purpose in Life is to support others, and help them grow, expand and accelerate on their physical and spiritual journeys.

Please contact me, I am driven to share all I have experienced and learned throughout decades of my studding spiritual, and physical life’s wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques.

Teachings are universal, and I carry sincere desire to open the hearts and minds of others to their own highest potential, through ancient and new wisdom, practical techniques, blessings and my own life’s experience, which is very versatile and adaptable according to the settings.

Please, Connect with Soul Light Universal about the opportunity to spread Soul, Mind and Body wisdom, and practical Teachings to others in order to assist more people on their Transformation, and an Acceleration path, at this monumental time on Mother Earth.
Let us join our Hearts together to awaken and to support more people.

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