Conscious Breath to Heightened Awareness

In  support to the current higher frequencies on Earth, I found that the conscious breathing can be more effective in our attempts to experiencing heightened awareness. 
In this article I will share all that I kno on the subject of using the conscious breath and breathing. They  can truly help us access the higher levels of awareness, and consciousness–also known as a perfect Bliss.

By focusing on our breath and breathing, they seem to assist us in entering a heightened state of awareness, now, more easily then ever before. Speaking for myself, exactly, I am entering the  state of a ‘perfect bliss’, through my conscious breathing, naturally. 

The Power of Now through the Conscious Breath and Breathing 

I have realized, lately, that the conscious experience of every breath, brings more power to the present moment. Additionally,  it ignites the feeling of true belonging to ‘here, and now’.
I found that belonging to ‘hear and now’, is ecstatic, and it moves the course of our lives in more perfect flow .
Moreover and simultaneously,  we can experience belonging to beyond this time and space. The feeling beyond time and space is eternal in its nature, as a result we often catch the glimpses of eternity in the present moment. 

The Experience of Eternal Moment  in our Hearts through the Conscious Breath

In brief, it is more obvious to me nowadays  that eternity manifests itself when our heart takes over, to the leading of our mind, in the now moment.
Consequently, the conscious breathing can take us to this state of complete stillness of the mind.
I believe that the 
stillness of the mind is a crucial step to experiencing the heightened awareness, and the true reality of all things.
Finally, when our mind is still, we are closer to our  soul’ potential and callings, which are so important at this time.

To illustrate further, I feel my every breath as a soft pillow between the experience of my physical body and all creation, including all animate and inanimate beings.

For this reason, I brushed on ‘Tantric’ ancient yogic breath techniques. The Yogic breathing come to my mind while walking on the lake, one day.
While walking and focusing on doing this ancient technique I had an aha moment, followed by the variation of the same technique.
As I’ll explain further in this article, I’ve been guided to practice the technique since last week’s ‘Tidal Wave of Light frequency.’
The wave has brushed the earth, and evidently increased our ability to access the alter states of consciousness, more easily.

The Samadhi–the Perfect Bliss through Conscious Breath & Now

In delight I’ve realized that we have spent quite some time, reading and learning about different levels of heightened awareness and states consciousness; it dawn to me that the time has come to finally experience it on Earth, quite naturally.
I am referring to the state of consciousness also know as the ‘Samadhi’–a Perfect Bliss, that can be reached through our own breathing, almost effortlessly with some practice. 

So, I’ve sort of started learning to breathe again, by paying attention on each breath I take, while walking or doing other things. In the most profound ways, like the ancient yogis, and through these new frequencies of light on our planet we can truly reach the higher states of consciousness, 

I am quite certain; we do not need to go to the caves of Himalaya Mountains, in order to experience the benefits of these breathing techniques. We can live their full power, right here, and right now, and wherever we are on Mother Earth.

Imagine intentionally pulling in ALL the Light frequencies available into your body. Visualize your central channel, and all the chakras, in brilliant white-golden light, and in this way nourished with the prana of the Universe and from the crystal core of Mother Earth. With each and every breath, we can raise our frequency very high in this way, and through our own conscious breathing.

To experience is to believe in something.
I am already practicing for a week and am experiencing what I would call heightened states of consciousness.
As, I mention I will explain what I’ve been doing, and I believe you can experience the same.
This is about using what is already available to us, so let us begin.

The Ancient Yogic Breathing Technique Explained

It is good to start practicing by sitting down (until we get hold of the breathing pattern).
We can seat on the cushion, supporting your back, in the full or half lotus position. Keep the back straight, and head parallel with Universe.
Have a sense of the cord of light, from the core of the Earth, going up, and through the Earth Star chakra (3 feet bellow in the ground) to the Root-1st chakra. Simultaneously, we visualize and feel the crown chakra is opening, and through the silver-cord connecting to the cosmic energies.
We can proceed with what we done in the previous blog post, and I will just quickly go through with what I added to the steps.

Say, loud or silently: “I call Light to come to me now.”
We imagine 2” in diameter golden-white crystalline light, coming from above and activating and lighting up our all 12 chakras. 
Five from above our heads, allowing all the blessings and light from the Source–the Divine light to flow and pure down through our bodies, and through the Earth Star Chakra, to the crystal core of the Earth.
By visualizing and experiencing all 12 chakras, at once, we are connected and fully grounded to all that is above and all that is below us.

The Invocations to the Heightened  Awareness  

At this point, we can say: “I activate my prana-tube now!”
Feel the column of white crystalline light activated and moving through your central channel.

If we are in the safe place, we can now say:
“I concentrate and expand my aura, now.”
Imagine your egg shape aura, with all the 12 chakras lit up, and with golden edges expanding to as much as you feel comfortable with, in the moment.

Take one full breath in, through the nostrils and breathe out through the mouth. We can do a few full breaths in order to truly experience our bodies, and all we have already visualized.

#12-Chakras and Human Energy Field, Soul Light Universal, #Alternative Thearapy, Alternative Healer, New York, New York
12-Chakras and Body’s Energy Field and Flow

I realize that these breathing techniques can be done while sitting in the meditative position on the floor or the ground. Additionally, and as well as while standing, while walking, and while doing other activities during the day. I believe to do it more offend, is a significant point for our growth and acceleration at this time.

When the technique becomes second nature to us, we can truly uplift our spirits’ in this way anytime. Through breath and breathing we can experience the Now, even more fully, and as all that is.

The Tantric Breath Technique 

We always start with an exhale first, and to oxygenate our bodies the most we take a breath through our mouths and let it fill our bellies firstly. (making the sound of the ocean wave rising) 
Secondly, we let it flow up filling up our rib-cage and our chest (with breath rising up our chest, our spines’ are lengthening and shoulders are expanding outwards, naturally). Once the breath reaches the throat area (we experience lengthening of the neck and raising up the head a bit, naturally), where its stops, in the back of the throat for few moment, and just before a slow exhale ( when it makes that beautiful sound of the ocean wave falling down–feeling of release). This will make the  chin slightly tacked down, and shoulders pushed outwards, with the spine still expended, and throughout the full exhale.

Although it seems like a 3 steps breath, it’s meant to be one long wave of breath, without stops. There is only one stop for a moment, when breath reaches to the back of the throat, and just before the exhale.

Try this Now for few consequent rounds of Exhale and Inhale. 
 Suggested minimum of 6 rounds at the time.

The immediate Benefits of Conscious Breathing

Just by doing couple of rounds of taking in and out-breath in this way, we can regain the great deal of our peace and mind clarity.
This is a powerful way to oxygenate when we are in nature and outdoors. In addition we can breathe the light and prana into any of our momentary challenges and see them dissolving into the eternal light and Universe.

When we desire just to quite down and experience peace of mind, and our presence, we can do the same exercise with just breathing-in through both nostrils, filling up the bellies first, pushing up the air through our chest to the back of the throat, and breathing out through our mouths, instead.
Both breathing techniques work perfectly either way. You can be creative and explore according to your needs and tendencies.

While and after practicing this breathing technique we will feel energized and vitalized, it will lead us to fully experience ourselves in the present moment, and in our full power.

An Extended Breathing Practice

The second—and an extended part of the same breathing exercise will awaken our central channel, our all 7, and 12 chakras will be on fire. Furthermore, the extended practice will assist us in experiencing the perfect Bliss–one heart consciousness with everyone and everything, and the heightened awareness of being one with ALL.
With some practice we can go beyond time and space, experience ‘Samadhi’ or the perfect Bliss, like the ancient yogic masters, right here and now.

For the extended breathing practice, we will do the same steps of breathing and will just add ‘3 locks’ for ‘each part’ of the one complete round of breath.
Let us begin:

The ‘1st lock’

Start with the exhale and then take the breath through our mouth, fill up our bellies first, and at that moment we gently contract our anus (muscle right above the perineum). This is our ‘1st lock.’
Notice an extra push to our breath, and lengthening of the abdomen and up, to the rib-cage and the spine extending with shoulders opening even more outwards and up,


The ‘2nd Lock’ 

Once we implement the ‘2nd lock’ in the area between the shoulder blades, which will completely fill and stretch our chest outwards and up; it will also push the air and light up, and more vigorously to the back of the throat. 

The ‘3rd Lock’

When the breath reaches the back of the throat we are to apply our ‘3rd lock’ with a stop for a few moments, and slowly release it through the exhale. Let the sound freely out by visualizing the  ocean wave, falling down. While tacking the chin down a bit and, pushing out the breath, with the spine and shoulders staying stretched up and outwards, while the head is raised up, chin slightly tacked in, on the exhale. This is all happening naturally, it is not suppose to be much effort on our part, we are just executing it.
Try it now, for the full 6 rounds of breath to experience it.

‘The Locks’ Serve as an Extra Push to the Light throughout Our Focused, Conscious Breathing

Breathing the #Light #frequencies from Universe and the EarthIt’s noticeable that the ‘Locks’ are implemented in order to push the air-the light, and the breath more easily and vigorously up.
The ‘1st lock’ it’s a signal for us ‘to light up’ all the chakras and to feel the surge of energy and light coming up our central channel.
The light, throughout our body is awakening all cells, and its moving up through our head and up to Universe more easily with each
 round of breaths.

Consenquently, all the parts of our body will receive a massage and will strengthen and expand throughout each round of breaths.

Be creative with visualization and activation of your chakras and the light through your body. You can do every day different visualization by reconnecting deferent chakras, and make various  intentions.

Breathing the Light through the Nostrils

We can use another variation of this original ‘Tantric’ yogic breathing technique, with alternate holding of each nostrils while inhaling and exhaling.
On the in-hale, we can use the thumb to close the right nostrils, and on the ex-hale we use the middle finger to close the left nostrils, while exhailing out through the right nostrils.  
We alternate this breathing through the nostrils for 6 rounds.
In this way, we are bringing the prana—and the light in the middle of the head. This way of practicing is particulary used to stimulate the 3rd eye, activation. It is also very handy to use it to quckly calming down, and on the go.

In Summary and Many Benefits of the Conscious Breath & Breathing 

With each new practice and our breathing exercise, we are one step further in awakening, of our Divine presence, and potential here, and Now in our physical form.

Through activating our all-12 chakras and our central channels, with conscious breathing we can bring balance to others, all humanity, the animate and inanimate beings, the planet Earth, and beyond.

Each breath is our complete connection to Divine Source, to now; with this connection we each become the ‘star gates’ ourselves enabling, peace, bliss, balance, and ascension to enter into humanity through us.

It seems through breath we can attract Abundance to flow more easily and through our lives. When we experience lack in any aspect of our lives, we can breathe the abundance of Universal Light frequencies into it, which it may obtain the steady flow, where neither restrictions, nor resistance exist, and we may enter the Divine flow, in the now and forevermore. 

Practice makes perfect, and so it is!

in Love and Light! ~ TJ


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