On the Self-Realization path, it’s the Inspiration & Motivation that Matter

You have to agree, that on the path of self-realization, inspiration and motivation are the fuel, which keeps us going.
In this article, I will explore with you, what it takes to be inspired, and motivated and remain on the self-realization journey infinitely.
It is surely, the way for us to be forever young and  free, self-content, and to be in good spirits.

I hope my realizations for the inspiration, and motivation on our lives’ journeys to self-realization, inspires you. I wish to ignite the light within your hearts,

Our hearts' flame
Our Hearts’ flames

This flame within, once ignited, can unmistakably remove possible boundaries that often stand in the way of a great, free, flowing of our creative energies and manifestation powers.
It is equally important that our true innate need to be of assistance and to contribute to the World is ignited and set free.

I carry in my heart an everlasting desire to expand my consciousness and the consciousness of others.
To be exact, it is my burning desire to liberate and expand the horizons for others and myself.
This internal drive keeps me inspired and motivated at all times, therefore, it’s been an enchanting journey to pursue.

What I discovered is that the ultimate truth of our being is our self-realization path.
More precisely, the self-realization is plural, since we are on an ongoing journey of self-realization through a myriad of self-realization.
It’s an ongoing process of becoming self-realized through many self realizations of our original messages.

The Flame within is an Everlasting Inspiration

What is that which lights the flame within your heart?
For everyone is different but few characteristics are the same for all.

Firstly, it is something that motivates us to go the extra mile, even when nothing is going our way.
When we go the extra mile, we ultimately forget about our selves and temporary things, then we’re one with eternity.
Eternity is the flame within our hearts.
Therefore, it is the place where we can always find the strength and fuel to keep us moving on.
So, the flame in our hearts is our anchor point and we’re well on the fast-track to self-realization.

Secondly, the flame ignites the love within our hearts.
When our heart is wide open, in this unconditional state, we can flow out our higher selves’ purpose.
For this reason, on the path of self-realization, the wholehearted journey is the point and the magic, not the destination.
The destination is a motive, an idea, in our hearts, but it is the journey that counts and brings the rewards.

Thirdly, the flame within us is an everlasting well of the ideas for the next stepping-stone to stepping on. In other words, it is a generator of the inspirations and motivations on our journey to self-realization.

Understanding our Original Message–the Flame

It is the flame, which is the consciousness and the message that inhabits the body when we’re conceived.
So, we have come to a physical form and at this special time with a particular purpose to fulfill.

The sooner that we can connect with it and start realizing this highest plan, the sooner we can be on the self-realization journey.

When we look sincerely, since we came to this physical world, all we’re seeking is a feeling of unity, harmony, and wholeness.
I suggest looking within for the answers, much less to the outside world.

Although we are all One and part of the grand field, we are all the source seed and our unique message.
The message, the flame within us carries all the inspirations and the motivations we will ever need on our self-realization journeys. 

All our gifts, abilities, talents, and all the abundance of possibilities are within our hearts and souls.

Self-Realizaition Light Field

We carry our unique light frequency and message. Also, we are part of the frequency, and light of everyone and everything, all things.

Consequently, we’re  entirely connected and part of this gigantic quantum entanglement and field.
Now, all we need to do is expand our consciousness, reach out, and connect with the field and with as many beings as we can in it.
This is also, the quickest way to self-realization, being an active participant in the field of creation.
As a result, we become the vehicles and benefactors to the lives of others and our lives.

The Unity and One Heart Consciousness for the New Earth

In this context of quantom field of creation, there is no separation. The separation is an imaginary concept of the old model, which was based on dependence and corruption.

The new Earth, and the true Divine, the Source desire for all beings is the Union, the unity and one heart consciousness.
This is the plan to be manifested during the current, new Era of Light.

This being said, we need to activate the flame and our message within, so that we can start realizing it, through our actions and deeds. This is our self-realization process through faith, self-esteem, and love we can discover and live our flame.

Connect to your Original Flame and Massage

So we know we have the source within us, our original message, which can easily surface through our hearts.
Our ultimate goal is to be the masters of our destiny, and our heart is the key.
The heart is a bridge between our true, original soul message, the flame, to the mind that organizes actions.

In other words, our body is directed by our mind’s energy.
Although, this force 
derives from our soul messages, through the flame in our heart that direct the mind, which moves and creates the outcomes we live.

This is why we have to have the flame lit up at all times.
The flame within our heart is the source of our inspiration and everlasting motivation on our path to self-realization.

The Key to Self-Realization is the Awakening of the Flame Within Us

To live our true hearts’ desires and our soul’s purpose we need to:

First, we have to connect to our original soul light within and the flame, to hear the genuine message and recognize the original plan.
We listen without attachment to the outcome.

Second, we truly need to purify our hearts from the possible attachments to the outcome. Which is hearing and believing only what mind can conceive.

Use your heart’s ability to expand your consciousness to receive the authentic, clear messages from your soul.

In this way our manifestations, on the journey to self-realization, are aligned with our true hearts and souls’ desires.
Additionally, we are in the free flow of our creative energies, we are inspired and motivated by being guided from the source within.

Examples of the Questions to Ask on the Path of Self-Realization

The idea is to connect to our original flame within every day.
Even if it’s just for a few minutes in the morning when our minds and our preprogrammed concepts aren’t fully awake. This is the best time to ask for guidance from our soul.

For instance, we can ask:
– How can I ignite the true passion, the flame within my heart, to assist my self-realization journey?

-What is the next step I can take that can take me closer to living and realizing my true calling?

-Is there anything I need to know today so that I can be more effective on my self-realization journey?

Be creative and imaginative, have the questions with the specifics that reflect your self-realization journey.

The Highest Purpose for most People’ Is to Be of Service to Others

When we think sincerely, the highest purpose of our lives is to be a vehicle to others. Indeed, the self-realization path is also service to others that when we do we feel energized and fulfilled.

One of the greatest services, which happen to be a great inspiration and motivation, is to offer love and receive love.
Similarly,  to offer and receive the love, on our self-realization journeys through different acts of service is the highest achievement.

Whether we’re on the self-realization journey through the act of writing, teaching, plumbing, construction, singing, or painting, it comes down to giving and receiving love, through particular service.
It is the expression of our love and our desire to assist and make a difference for the better,

When we come to the point and realize the potential of being of service and thriving through love and our passion, I believe it is already easier. Now, we just need to connect to our flame within when our hearts’ are wide open and be in pursuit.

Self-Realization Energy Feld

If we are not sure yet, what the destination is, on our self-realization path, I’d suggest visualizing it not as a place but rather the field of energy, we’re moving towards.

When we’re on the Right Path that Leads to Self-Realization, we Feel Inspired and Motivated

The good signs that we’re on the right path are that our heart opens, rather then constrains.
We are in the flow, just like a straw in the river, where we don’t need to try hard to navigate. Also, we feel that we are part of and we can prosper.

If it’s hard, and it drains our energy we’re probably not in alignment with our original flame and the plan. It is a good sign that we’re off the path to self-realization, and for us to change the course slightly.

I am a big believer that this physical life we have is to be of service and in alignment with our original true flame and plan.
Our true light is meant to thrive in harmony with our Divine plan and the unique message throughout the self-realization journey.
Therefore, it’s easy and it’s clear to realize when we are off the course and our path becomes solely a struggle.

Once on the right path, it’s a blessing, we are energized, nourished, motivated, and inspired. This is when our Soul grows and we are receiving good virtue. 

Good virtue is the spiritual currency for our good services, which is food for our soul, and everyone around us is being nurtured.

Final Words on Inspiration, Motivation towards Self-Realization

In the scoop the point is here:
If our creation finds even just one person and inspires and motivates their self-realizaiton journey, we’ve done a great job.

PIN-‘Inspiration and Motivation, Self-Realization’ article

Moreover, we helped the overall frequency on our planet to accelerate further and more people are inspired to be the contributors, and on the self-realization path.

Throughout this article, we broke many chains that kept us from sharing and shining our unique messages and lights.
We might already experience living our true passion, our highest destiny, and we’re well of on the everlasting self-realization journey.

We have stirred-up the flame within our hearts, and we’re giving and receiving love and light freely while co-creating the new Earth in ever-present delight.

May you be blessed on your self-realization journey.
Thank you for your contribution to the World!

It is a perfect time! 

In Love and Light, Tat Jane

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  1. I love “one heart “and “when we’re on the right path … we feel inspired …” and especially, “It is the expression of our love, and our desire to assist and make a difference for the better.” Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I absolutely love the inspiration this post just gave me to find my own flame and try to navigate through finding myself. I have tried before and gave up pretty quickly due to stress and just feeling like I didn’t have the time but this has inspired me to try again!

    1. Oh, WONDERFUL! I am so happy to hear that! and I’m sending more love and light for your manifestation journey ~ ~ ~

  3. This is a very light hearted inspirational article. I love the flame analogy, its very uplifting.

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