Kingdom Is With You In The City of Steel

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‘Kingdom Is With You’

The Premise:

Heroic, non-fiction, an adventure, life-story of a young woman doubtless in believing and delivering the only true power in life that is love in our hearts. How the life unfolds for her and what entails over a couple of decades living in that frame of mind in the City that never sleeps and it is made of steal.

The Plot:

The experiences, a state of mind, and evolution of a creative, venture young woman arriving to live and work in the Big Apple. 
Her ever-present passion to better this already an amazing world yet lacking the higher qualities that love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude in action provide. These very qualities are to be ignited, promoted, and lived through her life-experiences and music to fill the missing gap and inspire the change within the hearts and minds of others.  

Short Synopsis:

Tat-Jane is a vibrant, creative, and adventurist teenager arriving in NYC with the burning desire to share her passion and love for life and humanity.
Well aware that there is no better place in the world for what she’s up to, the excitement is in the air.
Since her arrival, the sister Marijana is a great embrace. Marijana and Tat- Jane are very different yet, since childhood, they have one bond. They both have a burning desire to make a difference for better in this world.
Marijana is already an architect and an artist-painter.

One day upon their contemplations on the art that besides being beautiful would generate the energy, also, Marijana’s creating a first painting, the Energizer.
Through many happy moments together, the newcomers’ triers and errors, Tat-Jane realizes her contribution and purpose.
Her sense for good-humor and unbeatable warrior spirit comes through the melodies and lyrics for the songs. She envisions a first few tunes ‘An Apple Bank and ‘I Love NY. It is,Tat-Jane’s picture in words of her love for the NYC’s Times Square and the 72nd Street Verdi Square.
She’s made up her mind to write the songs to ignite the light and satiate the hearts.

For days, Tat-Jane is walking up and down Manhattan island in search of an inspiration for her songs.
Although everyone seems preoccupied with making the cash, now she’s too is looking for a job.
The first job comes through in a midtown cafe where she writes ‘Business Baby’ and ‘Hot Pot Fashion Spot.’ realizing her new activity of making cash through good humor and delight.

Unfolding of a Vision

Suddenly, one day stopping by the newly renovated bar at Paramount Hotel she’s meeting her to be a long-time friend drummer Aiba, also newcomer, from Tokyo, Japan.
Aiba is a member of an Underground rock band with a rehearsal space, where two are starting their rehearsals, the vocal and drums only.
The material for five songs demo comes together quickly at this Lower East Side rehearsal space.
Once vocal and rhythm tighten up, they’re finding a guitarist Danny, on the musician exchange website.
Danny heavy-metal player writes all the guitar parts when the five songs demo recording completes at Kampo studios downtown.

One morning Tat-Jane wakes up with a great idea to apply for American Citizenship. She pertains with her contribution, a compilation of lyrics, a frashly recorded demo-songs, and some photos of the band playing gigs downtown clubs.
A few year, gone by in-between writing, rehearsing, and performing when she receives an approval for a Green Card as a singer/songwriter. Now, Tat Jane is on her way to fulfill the greatest desire of her heart to become an American singer/songwriter.
That is an auspicious accomplishment she rejoices gracefully!

Years in the city are flying by, Tat-Jane is living her singer-songwriter’s dream-life with a drummer Aiba on W 58th Street, in midtown. Currently, seeking a guitarist to be always on her side.

A Second Chance

As fate has it, she is meeting a thrash-metal guitarist Chris-Barry through Craig’s list ad.

When you think of melody and music flowing out, they are soul mates.
Although Chris has many issues and addictions, Tat-Jane also knows, with him on her side she would not play live that’s not what he likes.

Nevertheless, many great songs were birthed, at their Brooklyn loft and recording studio in this collaboration over nine years.

A dream is moving along when in Dec. 2012, Marijana, Tat-Jane’s bond sister, tragically passes away. The event follows a few misfortunate events when this chapter of Tat Jane’s life suddenly closes.
Yet for another to open up.
With a conviction greater than ever to accomplish her premise to make the difference for better in this world, Tat Jane’s joins Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment.
This time, so sure, to ‘Save the Planet’,OK?

The City of Steeel yet, #Kingdom #Is #With #You. Audio Files with  #Storyline for an Adventure in Musical, Theater, Film, or Series
Tat Jane’s Portrait by Marijana Bego in 2000

Music and Lyrics:

1). Pink Steam

2). An Apple Bank

3). I Love New York

4). Dancing Through The Clouds

5). Help Wanted

6). Business Baby

7). When The Sun’s Coming Down

8). Resurrection Pie

9). Time Is Now

10). Pirate Land

1). Break The Chains

12). An Anticipation

13). Life To Be Lived

14). Blue Sky

15). Save The Planet

'#Kingdom #Is #With #You' 
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Heroic, non-fiction, an adventure, tale of a young woman doubtless in #believing and #delivering the only true #power in life that is #love in one’s #heart, and all that entails while living in the City over a few decades.
Kingdom Is With You
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