The Video of Da Bei Zhou, with Words, through Song and Dance

The Greatest Compassion Mantra is one of Bodhisattva of Compassion Guan Yin mantras. I recorded it by singing and dancing through it for you. The subtitles of the words are added for you to easily follow.
Finally, the words are the names of 88 Buddhas in 88 lines of Da Bei Zhou–the Greatest Compassion mantra.
Additionally, I have added as many images of the Buddhas, as I could, so that you can see some of them.

In its essence translation of the word, Bodhisattva says it all.
In Sanskrit Bodhisattva word for word means ‘a person whose essence is perfect knowledge.’
The word bodh means ‘know perfectly’ and sativa means ‘being essence.’

Reaching a Perfect Knowledge from Being our Essence in Compassion

In conclusion, Bodhisattva is a person who can reach the highest realms but delays doing so out of compassion to save those who suffer.

When we’re reciting these sacred names, in the condition of our greatest virtues that’s love and compassion, we’re opening our hearts to greater compassion.

The first three lines of the mantra say that:
‘Qian Shou, Qian Yan Wu Ai Da Bei Xin To Lo Ni’
The mean word for word:
‘Thousand hands and thousand eyes of the greatest compassion mantra.’

Symbolically, when we develop the greatest compassion for our lives and the lives of others, we grow a thousand hands and a thousand eyes of Da Bei Zhou, and Bodhisattva of greatest compassion.

Knowing that our hearts are healing, transformation, and acceleration centers, for our Highest Good we want to open them to love and compassion.

Singing & Dancing Creates Union Within & With Outside World

I am singing and dancing together on the video, reciting the greatest compassion mantra.
When we sing and dance at the same time, we balance Yin and Yang. When Yin and Yang are balanced we are happy and healthy.

I am going into a condition, of my heart and soul guided song and dance, please join me.
I’m not thinking of the movements I am to make.
It is a flow of my heart and soul.

Video with Words + Sing & Dance.

In this way, we’re reaching a condition of surrender, and in devotion to our lives through singing and dancing, together with Da Bei Zhou, we’re creating the Union within and with the outside world.

Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are unifying and becoming one.
Join me. we’re one in love and compassion of these holy beings and our unique hearts and souls frequency of love and compassion.

in Love and Light, Tat Jane

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