Developing Compassion with The Greatest Compassion Mantra, Guan Yin and 88 Buddhas

The Greatest Compassion Mantra is one of Bodhisattva of Compassion Guan Yin mantras. I recorded it by singing and dancing through it for you. The subtitles of the words are added for you to easily follow.
Finally, the words are the names of 88 Buddhas in 88 lines of Da Bei Zhou. Da stands for big/the greatest, Bei means compassion, and Zhou is mantra in mandarine language–The Greatest Compassion mantra.
Additionally, I have added some of the images of the Buddhas as the artist have portrayed them, so that you can more vividly experience the characters of the Buddhas of the Great Compassion mantra.

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The Greatest Compassion Mantra with
words through song and dance

In its essence translation of the word, Bodhisattva says it all in regards to Guan Yin’s total devotion in service.
In Sanskrit Bodhisattva word for word means ‘a person whose essence is perfect knowledge.’
The word bodh means ‘know perfectly’ and sativa means ‘being essence.’

Reaching a Perfect Knowledge from Being our Essence in Compassion

In conclusion, Bodhisattva is a person who can reach the highest realms but delays doing so out of compassion to save those on Earth who suffer.

When we’re reciting these sacred names, in the condition of our greatest virtues of love and compassion, we’re opening our hearts to greater compassion more and more.

The first three lines of the mantra say that:
‘Qian Shou, Qian Yan Wu Ai Da Bei Xin To Lo Ni’
The mean word for word:
‘Thousand hands and thousand eyes of the greatest compassion mantra.’

Symbolically, when we develop the greatest compassion for the lives of others and our life, through reciting the Greatest Compassion Mantra we grow a thousand spiritual hands and a thousand spiritual eyes of Bodhisattva of greatest compassion and 88 Buddhas of Da Bai Zho.

Knowing that our heart is healing, transformation, and acceleration center of our whole life, we want to develop and grow compassion to evolve faster.

Compassion Boosts Energy, Stamina, Vitality, and Immunity

In Soul Power wisdom and knowledge, compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity.
If you haven’t experienced that, I suggest you start today.
Just recall the time when you experienced great compassion for an event or a person. I am sure you can feel, even now, your energy rising from within, and your heart is warming and opening wider. Also, if it was a sincere feeling of compassion, you can feel resilience and fortitude within, even now.
In other words, you feel empowered and invigorated just by recalling the event.
The feelings of compassion for others and oneself are a perfect example of benefits we can receive from offering love and compassion to others.

Singing & Dancing Together Creates Union Within & With Outer World

I am singing and dancing, reciting The Greatest Compassion mantra on the video.
When we sing and dance at the same time, we also balance Yin and Yang within our bodies, minds, and spirit. Thus, when we are progressively balancing Yin and Yang, we are becoming happier and healthier.
Additionally, also progressively, I am going into a condition of a great compassion through my heart and soul guided song and dance.
How? I’m not thinking of the movements to make.
I am just flowing the dance of my heart and soul.

Consequently, in this act, we can enter a surrender and devotion to our lives and journey. Also, the soul of Guan Yin, the bodhisattva of unconditional compassion, is assisting us. 
Guan Yin in her lifetime gave the vow to assist anyone who calls on her name when in difficulty or danger.   

Guan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion

There are many stories, throughout history, of people drowning or in life-threatening situations calling her name, and her soul would come and save their lives. 
You don’t need to be in a life-threatening event to experience her unconditional servant soul and offerings.

For example, when you are in disharmony or when you are developing your compassion, invite Guan Yin’s soul to bless you. You will feel her love, compassion, and uplift to an occasion.
Therefore, invite Gun Yin’s soul when you are soul dancing through The Great Compassion mantra or any other soulful song.

While practicing movement guided by the soul, our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are unifying little by little, and are becoming one.
To experience is to believe.
Join us. in the devotion of your unique heart and soul frequency through The Greatest Compassion Mantra and dancing with Guan Yin and 88 Buddhas of Da Bai Zhou, Great Compassion Mantra.

in Love and Light, Tat Jane

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