Soul Light Hand -High Frequency of Light Healing/Blessing Therapy

Soul Light Hand is our high frequency Light healing/blessing–an Alternative therapy. It is applied to treat common conditions, and to life’s challenges,
The Soul Light Hand carries high frequencies of Light and it is transmitted through healing/blessings.  When we implement the soul-light hand for healing/blessing, the high light frequencies penetrate the physical manifestation of imbalance. Depending on a condition, one, couple, or several transmissions of light result in the removal of the main blockages that caused the issue.

Therefore, through applications of high frequencies light transmissions, we can help with many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions.
Besides, the high frequencies of the Soul Light Hand blessing transmissions can prevent sickness, rejuvenate your body, and ultimately prolong your life.

The Soul Light Practitioner Hand for Healing/blessing and Transformation

#Soul #Light #Hand #healing/blessing #transmissionSoul Light Practitioner hand carries the high frequencies and qualities of four major Universal forces. They are: the Source and the Soul Light, Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

What does this mean how  do these high frequency universal forces can impact your healing, transformation, and acceleration journey? To illustrate, I’ll give you real-life examples.

When your heart is open, you experience unconditional Love towards a condition you experience, your resistance is melted away. After this, healing can take place.

Furthermore, the high frequencies of unconditional Forgiveness open your heart further and create inner peace with what is. Then your hope and beliefs increase.

Finally, the frequencies of an unconditional Compassion boost your willpower, energy, vitality, and your stamina.

For this reason, the high frequency transmissions of four major Universal forces, are essential for healing process.

In summary,  the Soul Light Hand can transmit blessings that are effectively  remove soul, heart, mind, and body blockages.
The soul, heart, mind, and body blockages are often the ‘root cause’ of many of our physical conditions and other challenges.

What causes sickness and challenges on the physical plane?

Our negative emotions, mental images, repetitive patterns, ego, and attachments, when accumulated, create blockages in the body’s energy and matter flow.
The imbalance causes sickness and other chronic conditions.

Therefore, through our Alternative therapy, we can help you realize what is the root cause of your issue.

The root cause is determined through our analysis of your different bodies and their behaviors. We examine your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body and their impact on your condition. Again, this is solely, spiritual examination.
The evaluation allows us to decide and choose one of our most appropriate, alternative methods for you. Often, the Soul Light Hand healing/blessing transmissions therapy can be a choice.

Soul Light Hand healing/blessing transmission service

Given that you’re already familiar with what the key is.
The key to healing is to transform the negative information from your condition and sys tem to light frequencies.

The positive information is triggered by the applications of the high Light frequency healing/blessing transmissions.When the message and frequency of a challenge have changed, most of our physical conditions can resolve in the given time.

An Example of Soul Light Hand Healing/blessing Transmissions

We apply the Soul Light Hand blessing transmissions to any appropriate issues requiring transformation or healing/blessings. For example, if you suffer from chronic back pain, the high frequency of the Soul Light Hand light can dissolve dark matter in your spinal cord. Dark matter or blockages can be the root cause that prevent energy and blood flow in your back. Once the dark matter is lessen or removed you can heal in time.

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Additionally, the high-frequency transmissions of the Soul Light Hand’ Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion help assure that your heart opens. When your heart is open, you are ready to facilitate the healing first and after to remain healthy.
Therefore, our high frequency of Light healing/blessing transmissions, an alternative therapy, has long-lasting results.

If you desire to grow, and accelerate on your physical and spiritual journey, the high frequency of Light healing/blessing transmissions are great choice. Why?

As explained, the therapy will remove immediate blockages and darkness from your system, thus will align you with your potential.

Applications of Soul Light Hand Healing/blessing Transmissions

The Soul Light Hand healing/blessing transmissions are offered to a person or groups. We offer them to animals and plants,

We have successfully used the Soul Light Hand  healing/blessings to transform relationships and finances for our clients.
Please, refer to our Testimonials page, to learn about different ways we can assist you.

Soul Light Hand

To summarize, the darkness and blockages are removed, little by little, and replaced with the high frequencies of Light.
Consequently, the frequency of the addressed issue or condition becomes higher.
With further applications of the Soul Light Practitioner Hand, healing/blessing transmissions, frequency continues to accelerate when healing and transformation takes place.

We offer Soul Light Hand blessing transmissions in person, one on one, or remotely, via Skype or phone.

Healing/blessings are also applied to Groups, in person or remotely.
* There is a high percentage of successful transformation to certain chronic conditions over number of blessing transmissions offered remotely also.

It is important to note that Soul Light Hand healing/blessing therapy is a great companion to any other healing therapy.

In other words, if you’re already receiving a treatment and you’re not happy with the way you feel, we can help. The high frequency Soul Light Hand healing/blessing can complement the healing in place and help you feel more energized, grounded, etc.

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