High  frequency of Light healing through Movement and Dance

Our Movement and Dance Therapy is comprehensive, given that consists of two essential points for the transformation and growth journey through movement and dance.

They are:

  • wisdom and practical techniques
  • high frequency of light healing/blessings 

Movement therapy is form of psychotherapy that uses movement to promote emotional, mental, spiritual and physical integration of an individual or a group.  In it essence, its a non-verbal therapy, that uses words only to intervene and assist in a person’s overall health and progress.
When we do soul movement or dance, the whole body is involved.
Our energy, matter (physicality), heart, and soul are performing in unison.
Consequently, we’re harmonizing and merging our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies as one, creating unification within and with the outside world.

The dance and movement come from the individual, not the therapist. It comes as the natural flow and the organic expression of the participant’s or a client’s nature and current state.  
We act as the facilitator by holding a high-frequency space for your healing and transformation through movement.

Additionally, we teach our clients movements that promote body energy and blood flow. In some other instances, we teach breathing exercises or how to develop the foundational energy center, the trunk. The body strength that derives mostly from a foundation is critical for healing, as well as it is the dance and movement engine.

How Does the Movement and Dance Therapy Work

As a soul Movement and Dance Practitioner, I am able to conduct–teach movements and dance–techniques guided by the heart and soul, with frequencies of four major Universal forces.

They are:

  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion
  • Light

Consequently these high frequencies of light can dissipate the accumulation of a dense energy and matter within our client’s challenges.
Thus, the Light frequency healing/blessings transmissions promote faster progress and longer-term results.
Additionally, we provide ancient and new wisdom, and practical techniques for  healing, transformation, and acceleration through movement and dance.

How Do We Offer Healing Blessing through Movement/Dance

At its core, we teach the Heart & Soul Movement and Dance. It’s a movement guided by the soul’s expression through the heart. 
In other words, our participants and clients demonstrate and reveal their current state through the soul’s movement or dance. 
Then, we guide them to bring out their soul’s movement or dance by opening and expanding their heart’s abilities to express and heal. 

#Dance/#Movement of our Heart and Soul
10-15 min/per day to Master your FLOW in life through Heart and Soul Movement and Dance.–click & watch Video clip

Bringing-out our soul expression through movement is just the beginning of the healing process.
One of the characteristics of our soul and spirit is to experience great relief  through dance and movement.  
Many blockages from our lives and physical, mental, and emotional conditions can dissolve when heart and soul take over the mind through movement/dance.  
For instance, people feel the release from anxiety or distress that quickly transforms into a state of calmness, ease, and reassurance. 

No wonder, since one of the characteristics of the soul is that of its healing power. Therefore, soul movement and dance, by default, have healing, blessing power.

Furthermore, the soul movement of a practitioner is empowered and emanates the high frequency of the four major Universal forces, and it has more power to facilitate healing, transformation, and unification.

The love, forgiveness, compassion, and light, transmitted through body language; they serve as the initiators of the healing and acceleration process to all participants.

To summarize, every soul has healing power.
The heart and soul’s movements have healing and blessing powers.
The soul movement of a practitioner has additional powers because of its ability to generate, emanate, and transmit the high frequency of love and light to participants.

When Energy Flows One is Healthy and Happy

In Soul Mind and Body medicine and teaching when vital energy, or Chi, flows one is happy and healthy.
The Chi comes from the vibration and radiation of the matter. Thus, our cells continuously contract and expand.
When this vibration within the cells is in proximate balance, we are healthy. In other words, Chi is flowing freely, and there are no blockages. 

For example, if you’re often tired or lack vitality, your cellular vibration is impaired. 
Also, if you have growths, cysts, or inflammation, you have an excess of energy in that particular part of the body. Again, your energy and matter transformation within the cells of that part of the body is impaired. 

Through Soul movement/dance, we direct these imbalances in the energy and matter transformation within our cells to normalize. Thus, the Chi (energy) and matter, within the imbalanced body parts to create and flow smoothly, promoting health. 

When we’re in good health, the soul movement/dance can raise our frequency, and we can rejuvenate instead.

Balance your Yin and Yang through Soul Song and Soul Dance

Balance your Yin & Yang through Song and heart and soul Dance

The imbalance of Yin and Yang in the human body can also cause many conditions and challenges in our lives.

To facilitate the complete healing and balance circle, we combine healing/blessings through soul song and soul dance together.

The soul song with soul movement healing blessing produces the power to balance Yin and Yang in the body.

The ancient teachings state:
“When Yin and Yang are in balance, one is Healthy and Happy.”

The soul Song represents, balances, and heals our YIN, and the soul Dance and Movement represent, balance, and heal our Yang aspect.

5 minutes/per day Heal/Transform through Joy of Movement/Dance guided by your heart & soul

However, the soul song and dance of a practitioner create oneness and union within. For this reason, they are powerful healing tools.

Contact us to learn how our movement and sound therapy combined can bring health and prosperity into your life.

Everyone’s Soul Movement/Dance has the healing/blessing power

Everyone’s soul movement/dance has some healing and blessing power.

We guide our clients and students to bring out their soul Movement and Dance that can assist them in carrying-on and heal and transform on their own.

What Is the Source Dance and Movement healing/blessing

The Source Dance and Movement is movement guided by the Source. For this reason, the frequency of the Source movement/dance is of the highest frequency of love and light.

The Source Dance or Movement it’s the highest frequency healing/blessing we can offer through our dance and movement therapy.

#10-15 #minutes/per day to #Transformation-#Healing
10 minutes/per day heart & soul movement are great benefit for healing and transformation

We teach our clients to develop their soul dance and movement.
Given that every soul has a unique frequency and to an extent the healing/blessing power, therefore the developed soul movement of our participants is the long-run effective tool for their well being and transformation journey.

Meanwhile, our Soul dance and movement Practitioner is present to accelerate this process to our client’s transformation/healing through offering the healing /blessings with the high frequency, and vibration of the Source light, love, forgiveness, and compassion, through movement/dance.

In Conclusion, as a Soul appointed movement and dance practitioner I can manifest, the acceleration and healing progress faster, and more efficiently to our clients.

Applications of Soul Movement and Dance

The Source Movement and Dance can apply to all Soul, Mind, and Body wellness centers. 

Besides, we implement our movement/dance therapy to the groups, at Dance, Fitness Studio, Yoga, and other wellness service centers.

The knowledge and wisdom also consist of practical techniques that one can utilize in their daily routine.

Indeed, the highest frequencies of light, love, compassion, and forgiveness can complement the Theatrical, Musical, and Performing Arts platforms.

All practical techniques of Soul dance and movement can be applied to groups or one on one, in person or remotely.

In conclusion, our movement and dance therapy promotes overall well-being, health, increase energy, vigor, and raises the frequency of our client’s lives.

Please,Contact us for a complimentary 20 minutes consultation and assessment session.
Let us connect and see how we can assist you.

In Love and Light, Tat Jane

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