Global Effects on Human Conscience Through Sun and Moon Eclipse Cycles

The Sun & Moon In Conjunction & Eclipse Cycles from Year 2019-2022

I have been following and examining Eclipse Cycles and Sun and Moon impact on our human psyche since late 2019. I wrote the articles What Is Benefit Of Sun and Moon For Humanity and the article What Are The Benefits Of Sun and Moon -Part 2 explaining Sun and Moon phenomenon.

Actually, I am very intrigued by these successions of events by Sun and Moon intertwining and producing an effect on the global scale. Even more, I am fascinated with this free gift from nature we receive to evolve on our journeys.
I realized and written about the potential to shift and awaken at this significant time and dawni of the new paradigm on Earth. Every time between Solar and Lunar Eclipses I am caught in awe to nature for the opportunity we have.

Let me explain what I observed and experienced related to our inner and outer world transformation individually and collectively, It’s been two years and it is impossible for me not to share my thoughts on what and why is happening. And certainly how we can benefit from these occasions. I learned basic knowledge and characteristics of the planets of our Solar System and how they intervene with these events for our benefit.

I believe the intensity of possibilities and surge of higher frequencies light that are available for our acceleration are worth of your time and attention. 
Here is the flow of Eclipses and how they influenced our psyche starting with the latest Solar Eclipse on Oct. 25th, 2022.

Getting READY For The Major Energy SHIFT In Early 2023

With a New Moon Solar Eclipse on Oct. 25th, we are exposed to the subtle energies of high frequency light over our conscious minds. What is the state of our being? Our thoughts, mind, and self, the purity of the heart and the way we operate are being exposed.
Therefore, we are being more sensitive and AWARE of our potential drawbacks, patterns and behaviors hat we can change. What needs to transform so as we can evolve to our next level. Remember at this time, the purity of your heart, and the pure heart lives forever, It is time to be honest with ourselves.

These next two weeks, and since it is a Solar Eclipse the same possibilities to evolve last for 6 months and until a HUGE Energy SHIFT in March of 2023.
According to the higher plan and Aquarius timeline expansion, we have the planet Pluto of rebirth moving from Capricorn to Aquarius for 3 months from March to June,

Pluto’s moving to Aquarius for 3 months is a taste,of what it will be like when in 2024 Pluto sojourns in Aquarius for 20-eyar. This shift in energy on Earth will move the greatest powers to our collective effort in all aspects of life. Also, scientific inventions to better our human lives are at hand, and the progress in all aspects.
Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. It was the time of our inner and outer alteration and reconstruction on how we operate in this new paradigm. Now, as we are ready it is time for implementation of our gifts and talents.

Eclipse Session Oct. 25th-Nov. 8th, Fall 2022

According to the planetary influence and the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 10.25.2022, it is a perfect time for resolution, what is left to resolve? Our belief systems and behaviors within the inner and outer state of being.
Get prepared for upcoming total LUNAR Eclipse in Taurus when we’ll feel a lot of LOVE to satiate the exposed wounds through self-love and reflection.

Total Lunar Eclipse Nov.8th, 2022
Total Lunar Eclipse happens when the Moon is covered by Earth’s volume and it is in its shade, getting the light only from the sun’s reflection of the Earth’s surface. So is our human sub-conscience on Earth receiving a the blast of light and DEEP HEALING from the sun. 

In other words, the time between Solar Eclipse the New Moon and the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on Nov. 8th, it is a SACRED time for our transformation globally and individually.
The time is near for ALL to take responsibility and go about the WORK we came to DO here on Earth starting in early 2023. 

Please, check the article on Benefits Of Solar and Lunar Eclipse Cycles On Human
and What is Benefit of Sun and Moon For Our Evolution. Refresh on how best you  can utilize these times for your aligning with your highest destiny in purpose. 
We are all different and have different needs and aspirations but an opportunity at these nature’s occurrences are the same for everyone.

In short, this cycle is ABOUT opening our hearts to the invisible powers within and finding our WAYS to ground it and bring the VALUE to our lives and SOCIETY. 

First Eclipse Session of 20022
Exact Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune with
Solar Eclipse on April, 30th, 2022

As written, a significant time for our evolution in aligning with purpose in this lifetime is in the full expansion.
We have the event of our Lifetimes, the rare, exact conjunction of planets Jupiter and Neptune started on April,12, 2022. The influence of Jupiter and Neptune is a magical and transformational influence on our psyche and lives. We are experiencing a deep, direct connection with our dreams.

Jupiter, the planet of good luck, expansion, and fortune, is in sighting our innate purpose to more concrete phases and realizations on the physical plane. Possible business manifestation of what we have anticipated for a quite some time.
Together with the planet Neptune’s artistic, dream-like influence that makes it happens through magic and ease.
This influence and the magical combination of Jupiter and Neptune in action comes to its culmination with the New Moon, partial Solar Eclipse on April 30th, 2022.

An Amazing Time for Manifestation

Every New Moon is the new beginning, set your goals high for what you want to achieve in the next six months. Given that we are already working on manifesting our most sacred dreams and hearts desires this New Moon can increase the passion for that whatever in our lives we are passionate about.
Thus, with the influence of planets Mars and Uranus, also, we have a burst of energy (Mars) for possible deep transformation (Uranus) within and with the outer world and our experience of it.
The opportunity is here for our dreams and innate deep desires to come to life and materialize in some form. Enjoy this powerful manifestation time. Since it is the Eclipsed New Moon, its influence will last for the next six months until end of October 2022.
When another Eclipse season starts with the new set of natures helping hand and upgrades to our conscious and sub conscious minds.
To read more about this natural phenomenon of Sun and the More on our psyche globally, you can read in this article below.

Eclipse Session 2021, an OPEN DOORWAY To Our Highest Self and Multidimensional Being

Longest Lunar Eclipse Nov. 19th, 2021

Tonight, after midnight at 1:02 AM EST (check your time zone for schedule) begins the longest Lunar Eclipse since the 15th Century in our night skies. This Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, will last 5 hours and 28 minutes, with the peak and maximum intensity at 4:02 AM ET. 
This full Moon, given it, is the Eclipse Full Moon while in Earth’s shadow is a perfect opportunity for us to go deep within through our hearts to reflect, examine, and purge our hidden subconscious mind and its fears, flaws, and imperfections that might still keep us bound. 

Solar Eclipse Dec. 5th, 2021

What is the most beneficial for our healing and transformation path is that two weeks after, on December 5, the Solar Eclipse, New Moon will follow.
At this time will have an opportunity to align our logic, awareness, and consciousness, the left brain hemisphere to align and purify at this New Moon Eclipse. 

This gateway and the opposing energies of the Sun and Moon merged is an opportunity for our left and right brain hemispheres to unite in harmony as one. 
We know when our right and left brain hemispheres are in proximate harmony and the coherence, Pineal gland produces natural endorsements when we can experience perfect bliss and unity with all that is. 

Therefore, there is a possibility for many to shift and align with our multidimensional selves and experience life more fully. 
This new beginning and transformation are available to us during the New and the Full Moon cycle, every 28th day of our lives. What makes Eclipse seasons more potent and beneficial?

The Magical Time In-Between Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Twice a year, there is this magical time when we are in-between two Eclipses when the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are in perfect alignment. This planetary alignment facilitates an intense portal of focused energies and light affecting and causing our subconscious and conscious minds, left and right brain hemispheres, our feminine, and masculine, creative, and logical sides to merge and harmonize.
We may experience becoming more united and one within and with the outer world. In other words, the light and energies of these natural occurrences and their intensity act as portals for our growth, transformation, and evolution to the next best level of our consciousness and awareness individually and on the global scale.

Setting Your Intention

So, make an intention that this Lunar and Solar Eclipse Season benefit you in the areas of your character where you need it the most. We know best for ourselves and lives where do we need help the most. Ask beautiful Moon and Sun to assist you, and you will receive the most appropriate divine adjustments for your at this time.
It is always a glorious time to experience and complete the year of our lives with Divine and natures’ intervention.

Global Awakening and Ascension Gateway Dec. 2020

Here we are at the final trashed of the monumental 2020 year of our collective evolution to the next states of consciousness and awareness. The upcoming Eclipse season is a perfection of nature’s way to assist mass ascension on Earth. You can read more on the phenomenon of Sun and Moon in this and previous article. I explained in detail how and why these celestial beings influence mass consciousness and our lives and how to benefit from.
Now, I would like to point out the upcoming events this Dec. 2020 so that we can attune with and within. As so, it is an opportunity to further evolve to our next level.

Lunar Eclipse 11.30.20

#Total #Lunar #Eclipse #Benefits

Starting on Mon. Nov 30th is the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon. The sun concealing the moon is divinely orchestrated to enlighten and illuminate parts of our character and life that need to transform and resolve. For good, we are to realize and heal some blocks through the illumination of our subconsciousness caused by the sun’s eclipse of this Full Moon.
Of course, as it is a divine plan, it is for our benefits and an opportunity to clear the room for more awakening and revelation moving forward.
P.S: I am experiencing additional energies and vibration of this Full Moon in Gemini. It can as well be appropriate to balance the Yin and Yang, and our feminine and masculine parts to operate in unison and as one.

Dec. 12, 20, and 12.12. is always powerful energy and higher frequency and mass consciousness shift and recalibration. This year is even more empowered by higher cosmic light frequency and intervention, also due to current world-stage events and revelations.
Being in the heart, focused in the now, grounded in love and gratitude is the way to benefit the most.

Solar Eclipse 12.14.20

Solar Eclipse 2020

Dec. 14, 2020 is the Solar Eclipse New Moon, the final portal and doorway from shadow to light and our new life in the new reality. This Ecliptic New Moon is a possible energy shift to optimism, faith, and inspiration that will last for six months. Thus, this new opening is a creation for the next Wave of Awakening and Awakens on now the new earth. The mass awakening to the truth with revelations are at hand.

December 12.22.20 Portal

12.22.20 Portal is to be even more powerful and transformative than one, eight ears ago on 12.22.12 gateway. Due to many more people spiritually awaken, ready, and open to receive uplift today.
Therefore, this will be potent mass cosmic energy activation and release, Heart openings further, and our multidimensional body‘s activation. As well as, 5D and higher consciousness and awareness experiences for many.
Of course, each person’s path activation is according to our readiness and unique plan of our life and evolution to the next level.
In some astrological counting, this is a final portal to the Aquarian Age.
In every way, there is much to look forward to and get attuned, open, and willing to receive what’s best for us.

Winter Solstice December 21st, 2020

Time of the Solstice (equal time of day and night) is always a chance to restore and obtain balance within and with the outer world. It is when our polarities equalize and re-calibrate naturally.

As you may notice, this final nature’s and beyond, the healing blessing of 2020 is a powerful set of consequences to prepare for the new 2021 year. Every consequential year is more powerful and life changeing at this global acceleration time. We are further revived, transmuted, and changed, to a human of light. Globally and on a personal level we are evolving to our more benevolent versony for the highest good for all.

For Eclipse Session of 2019 when I started observing more closely Sun and Moon in conjunction and the effect on our human psyche click here.
Ang keep running in for the latest developments in the early 2023!