Alternative Therapy ~

Open your heart to expand your consciousness.

We have the ways to remove blockages from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Assist you to awaken your potential through the ancient and new wisdom, knowledge, techniques, and healing blessings.


Consequently, we can increase the frequency and vibration of your body and all the organs and systems through our Alternative methods.

Help yourself, heal, prevent sickness, and ultimately prolong your Life.

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The Heart is the Core of Life and our Alternative Therapy focus

In Soul Light Universal–Alternative therapy and practice all sickness is caused by the accumulation of Soul, Mind, and Body, blockages.
There are three types of blockages:

– energy blockages

-matter blockages

-spiritual blockages

All illnesses and conditions are caused by one or more of the above-listed blockages. This is also the reason why we focus on practical techniques to go along with the healing/blessing to ensure your long-lasting results.
Once we assist you with clearing the immediate blockages from an organ,  or the systems, the healing, or transformation can take place.

Whether you’d like to heal your emotions, end depression or you’re suffering from a chronic condition we can assist you through our alternative therapy.
Additionally, we’re living at a very significant time in our new earth and reality. So, to benefit most from the current changes on planet earth these practices, knowledge, and removal of blockages are essential for your growth.

Helping people to connect to their Higher Self and to live their potential is our specialty.

We focus on the power from within. Exactly, your heart through Heart Chakra and the space between Physical and Spiritual heart is a major center for everyone’s healing and transformation.

Whatever we help you with, know that you’ll be able to continue to accelerate and heal on your own.
Our goal is for you to recognize and Unite in harmony, with your potential powers within.
Also, you will be able to recognize and harmonize with potential powers within everyone, and everything.

Free yourself from heart and mind blockages first and foremost

Our Alternative therapy mission is to help as many people to expand and liberate their consciousness, through removing blockages from their soul, heart, mind, and body.

The blockages I am now referring to, are our fears, negative mindsets, negative beliefs, ego, and attachments, are to go first.

Increase the Frequency of your physical, mental, emotional bodies

As a result of the removal of blockages, from your soul, heart, mind, and body with our alternative methods, the frequency of the issue, or a physical condition you’re experiencing is significantly increased.
When our body’s frequency increases, and we start vibrating in alignment with our innate potential, our lives’ experience is permanently changed.
Therefore, by increasing the frequency, chronic conditions, and other life’s challenges can be transformed.

Do you suffer from pain?

Soul Light Universal therapy does not believe in a quick fix.
Our Alternative methods encourage healing and removing the root causes of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual manifestation of pain, or a challenge.

Our results are long-lasting

How we do it?
I’ll give you a simple example.
Do you remember whenever you’re ‘in Love’?
Life seemed to be effortless and inflow. It seemed to unfold without much effort on your part. Is that so?

This is the alchemy of Unconditional Love, and it is where we can assist you in using our alternative ways.
Similarly, your healing or transformation is to be the flow to your original state.
In Soul Healing, we utilize the Five Elements and the Yin and Yang theory and practice that lead to healing and transformation through reverse creation to an original state.

Additionally, as mentioned, we can help you with opening your heart to remembering this original state first.
The heart is a key center for healing, transformation, and acceleration. Hence, only when blockages are removed in the heart center first and when the heart is open the healing and transformation can take place. 
Next, through our alternative methods, we determine where is the root cause of your issue.
After, we can initiate the healing process within you through removing immediate blockages from the root cause by implementing the soul wisdom and practical techniques with or without healing/blessings.
All the practical techniques, combined with the soul wisdom, can initiate the healing or transformation as well. Consequently, one needs to perform energy and purification practices at a minimum of 2 hours/per day to heal or transform an issue.
In other words, soul healing and blessings are a faster way for healing, transformation, and rejuvenation.

Where is Soul Light Universal Located

We are located in New York City, and we’re here to assist your healing, transformation, and your acceleration, in person and globally, 24/7 via Skype, telephone, or email.

How Soul Light Universal can Help You

Our Alternative therapy niche is a wisdom sword Light that penetrates any obstacles and negative messages accumulated over your this and previous lifetimes. 

The wisdom is, the energy accumulates to create cysts, tumors, and similar growths. Therfore, dissipate the energy, with practical techniques and transmissions of the high light frequencies, the growth can vanish.  In other words, the negative information, when accumulated or triggered create physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances, which develop conditions or challenges.

Soul_Light-Universal_#Alternative_#Therapy NY, NY

Thus, our Alternative methods and practices wisdom fruit Light come in to transmute these negative messages into the higher light frequencies.

How we do it?

We offer the Soul Healing blessing transmissions, which are transmissions of the high frequencies of Light, Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion to those who suffer.
Essentially, we initiate these highest qualities within you so that you can heal and continue the healing on your own.

Besides, in our therapy, we use all available Universal forces, frequencies, qualities, and their power and wisdom.

Our Alternative Techniques and Wisdom

Our alternative therapy utilizes wisdom and techniques from several traditions. Such as, the Hindu techniques and teachings, the Five Elements knowledge and practice (wood, fire, metal, earth, and water), and  Yin and Yang principal and laws. Finally, the Soul Power techniques that lead to the natural, original state of being through the portal of love in the heart center.
All these methods and teachings made the complete picture, and the way–the unique practice to come to life, through Soul Light Universal Alternative therapy.

Soul_Light_Universal Alternative TherapyThe wisdom, practical techniques, and healings transmissions serve to remove the negative messages and open your heart to the healing process. When after you heal first, they initiate further acceleration and bringing out your original state and purpose.  

Your original unique frequency and message will come to life through soul healing blessings,
the energy and purification process, practical techniques, and you embedding the ancient and new wisdom we teach.
One, or all of the methods will created the transformation you seek.

We serve as a guide and initiator for you, through your recognizing and overcoming limitations accumulated during your life’s experiences.

The Six Principal of True Healing

The Six Principles of the optimal state, when implemented and practiced are proven to bring healing, transformation, acceleration, and rewards to our physical and spiritual lives.

They are:
– Generosity,
– Ethics,
– Patience,
– Perseverance,
– Concentration and
– Wisdom without boundariesAlternativeTherapy

Ultimately, they mean different things for everyone’s healing/transformation and acceleration journey.
To illustrate what I mean, I’ll give you a few examples.
‘Generosity’ for someone means: “This is the rich Universe and there is plenty for all of us.” In other words, there is no need for greed or the power-struggle, since there is plenty for everyone.
For someone else, ‘generosity’ can mean the need to open the heart more to life and others around.
‘Ethics’ for another one may mean. “Living ethically, in reflection  creates good virtue, and helps us grow faster. On the other hand, non-ethical living creates blockages, inner struggles, and separation”…and so, on.

Purify and Open your Heart, so that you can heal and experience your true self

Using our alternative methods, we can help you purify and open your heart. In other words, we can assist you in overcoming any negative beliefs, actions, or deeds.
Furthermore, we can help you transform them into your unique message and your original light.
Your original light is your essence, message, and purpose.

TAT symbolizes and in Sanskrit means wisdom boundless as space is, reality with no divisions, the truth, true  Consciousness, Self illuminate, and space treasury.

To reach the TAT state is to know that we are all One and the part of one gigantic quantum energy field.
All people are lovable, and all situations are for the Highest Good. There is an immense Light available everywhere and in everything–you can turn it into Love–Gold, your Gold.

For this reason, we are sincerely working on bringing all these qualities to your lives.

Connect with Soul Light Universal

Please contact us, for a Complementary 20minute orientation, consultation session.

We are looking forward to being in contact.
in Love and Light, Tat Jane @  Soul Light Universal

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