Seed To Flower–Bego Poppy Energizer


Seed To Flower–Bego Art Poppy Energizer came to life in the mid-nineties, when the Energizing Art was founded, after my sister and I contemplated the form of Art that would not be only beautiful but can generate power to its viewers by connecting them to their essence within.
We thought most of the people are quite disconnected from their essence, perhaps due to a fast lifestyle and living a Big Apple demands.
We were thinking of genuinely, through the painting, to guide viewers to connect to their inner essence that is represented by the source within and in the middle of the paintings.
In this Bego Energizer painting, the source is the sun that one can rejuvenate and energize anytime by focusing within and in the center, meditating with it, or just by casually viewing it.
Although it may be many meanings within this painting, one comes across instantly. The process of our continues developing and evolving from a seed or an intention to fruition and all the phases in between is our human life cycle.
This piece looks fantastic on the wall, in all sizes, depending on your interior.
The file is 240 dpi JPG, sized 33″ X 33″ ready for print on canvas or color printable paper.
Enjoy and benefit from it.



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