Back to Source–Einstein Energizer, Bego Energizing Art


Back to Source Einstein Energizer is the first Bego Energizer. 

As you might already hear, my sister and I were contemplating Art that would not only be beautiful and decorative but would bring a new dimension of power and focus to the viewers. 

Back to Source Einstein Energizer is created by Mariana Bego and is a perfect replica of our intentions contemplated together. 

Like all Bego Energizers, the painting has a powerful open-source, meant to ignite the source within all the viewers and owners of this poster. 

I experienced it and lived with this painting for a couple of years on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It is amazing how much energy and focus it is generating. This painting, as well as the print, is like a constant booster waking by it. 

For many can be a reminder to re-focus within. 

The source resides within all of us it is available for all our needs and exploration. We have to recognize and work with it to start benefiting. Having a poster of this painting is a perfect opportunity to experience your power within. 

If you lack energy and drive to thrive, I can’t imagine a better booster and companion. And if you have enough drive, this poster will ignite more fire within your heart.   

The download file of Back to Source–Einstein Energizer is a high-resolution 240dpi file 33″X33″. You can print this file on canvas or print paper up to the original size 60″X60″ without a problem. 

Looks fantastic and serves the purpose on the wall in all sizes. 

Enjoy and benefit from it. I know you will. 



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