Exercises For Grounding and Opening The Heart For The Final Healing, Blessings, Of The Year 2020

In my desire to support our collective and individual #evolution to the next levels of #consciousness and #awareness and in regards to current events, I will share a couple of exercises for #grounding and #opening the #heart to help us align more within and with the other world.
These exercises are beneficial for any time when we want to tune in and inward, our magnificent #world #within.
I am referring to the upcoming gateway 12.12.2020 to 12.22.2020, the rare opportunity to evolve and further our awakening, acceleration, and ascension journey. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are up for transformation. This Dec. 2020 gateway includes Solar Eclipse, New Moon. Hence, there is an opportunity for our consciousness and subconsciousness to settle by the gentle, feminine, yin influence of this Ecliptic New Moon.

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