Healing/Blessings through Movement and Dance

We offer highly comprehensive Movement and Dance Therapy, which consists of ancient and new techniques, and Healing/blessings and acceleration transmissions though movement and dance.

As a Soul Movement and Dance Practitioner, I am empowered to conduct movements/dance, and teachings with very high frequencies of Universal Love and Light.
Our clients, and students are enabled to heal, adopt and get hold of an ancient and new practical techniques, and wisdom on Soul movement and dance.
Additionally, Blessings, healing Transmissions, result in a faster progress and longer-lasting results.

How do we offer Healing Blessing through Movement/Dance

Healing blessing, and transformation transmissions are given through our Soul Dance/Movement, which carry the high frequencies of the Source Love and Light.

Participants receive, instructions on body movements, that promote energy and blood flow, as well as they lift the spirit up.
Blockages from your condition are removed, little by little, through the highest frequencies and vibrations of the Light, Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.
These highest Universal forces, implemented through movement and dance will facilitate your healing and transformation journey.
Clients, and students transform/heal from within first, when the physical manifestation naturally follows.

Balance your Yin and Yang through Soul Song and Soul Dance

Furthermore, we provide healing/blessings through the Sound.

The Source Song healing blessing transmissions, which together with Movement and Dance produce the power to balance Yin and Yang in your body, mind and your spirit.

The ancient teachings state:
“When Yin and Yang are in balance one is Healthy. and Happy”

The Source Song is the Source YIN and the Source Dance/Movement is the Source YANG.

The Source song and dance create the Source Oneness, which can transforms your health challenges, also the movement, and sound therapy is very effective in transforming relationships, and finances.  Movement, and sound therapy brings overall well being, and prosperity to every aspect of your life.

Contact us for personalized information on your specific needs.

The ancient teachings teach:

The Source Song and Movement implemented together heal/bless, balance, and harmonize Yin and Yang in the body, mind & spirit.

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Heal and Bless through Movement and Dance Therapy

The healing/blessings through Source Song & Movement can remove darkness and negative information from your heart, mind, body and your spirit.
Removing  of blockages will result in transformation and healing of your issues, or a conditions, from the inside out.
When blockages of soul, heart, mind and body are removed through sound and movement, the frequency and vibration of your body increases.
Consequently, your heart opens, and  mind and spirit are uplifted as well.
With every additional practice, and  our accompanied blessing transmissions, the most appropriate acceleration,
in all aspects of your life follows

Soul Healing and Transformation is based on a principal: Heal and Transform the ‘root cause’ of an issue/condition first, and the results on the physical plane will follow. 

What is the Source Movement Therapy

The Source Movement/Dance therapy consists of high frequency healing/blessing transmissions, and practical techniques which are thought through movements and dance.
The Source Movement healing/blessings carry the source frequency, vibration and power to bless, heal and transform your life.

Everyone’s Soul Movement/Dance has the healing/blessing power

Everyone’s soul movement/dance have a certain healing/blessing powers. However, the appointed Practitioners, they have more power, and abilities to offer healing/blessing, and transformation through their movement and dance.
I guide my clients and my students to bring out their Soul Movement and Dance, which can assist them to continue to heal and transform on their own.

What is Source Dance and Movement healing/blessing

The Source Dance and Movement is movement guided by the Source. The Source Dance/Movement it’s the highest frequency healing/blessing through dance and movement,

Everyone can learn and practice the Soul Movement and Dance, because everyone has the Soul.
All Sou  movements have a particular and to some extend healing/blessing powers and are great for overall well being.

However the Source Dance and Movement Practitioner is appointed by the Master, and carries the ability to transmit the healing /blessings with the higher frequencies, and vibrations of Light, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion through movement.
Thus Soul appointed movement and dance Practitioner manifest, the acceleration and healing of the issues and conditions faster, and more efficiently.
This is the  only difference between  Certified Practitioner, and anyone who wishes to develop their Soul Movement and Dance.

Develop the abilities to continue to heal and bless through Movement/Dance

I guide my clients and my students to develop their ability to do Soul Movement, this way they are able to continue to transform/heal themselves at anytime, anywhere.

In additionthis method can be implemented at Dance, Fitness Studio, Yoga and similar wellness service centers.
The knowledge and wisdom consists of practical techniques that one can implement in their daily routine for their overall wellbeing, health and acceleration of energy, vigor and frequency to new, and higher levels.

Applications of Soul Movement and Dance

The Source Movement and Dance can be applied to all Soul, Mind and Body centers.  In addition these techniques and knowledge may be applied in Theatrical, Musical and Performing Arts platforms.
To bring the highest  frequency and vibration of the Source Love, Light, Compassion and Forgiveness is a great addition to any form of performing arts.
All the methods and techniques can be applied to groups or one on one, in person or remotely.

Please, Contact us for a Complimentary 20 minutes orientation, consultation and assessment session.
We will answer all your questions and the session will allow us to determine the best way we can assist you, or your clients.

Please note, that an ancient and new wisdom, and practical technique with healing/blessing will enlighten and empower your physical and spiritual journey in the most profound ways.

It is our true desire and delight to ignite a positive turn in your lives. We are looking forward to get in touch! ~

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