“..I only found your site today. I am so happy that I did! It is wonderful how you explain things! I am 70 and have been trying to learn all I can to heal myself.
I had a rough and abusive childhood. I have felt lost my whole life. My birth parents ….. I was left out. I craved affection and never received it from my parents. They did not nurture me or teach me things. Lord I don’t know why I just told you all that!
I only want peace inside and maybe now I can get it. Thanks for being here!!!

Childhood Traumas

” I was honored to receive a powerful Tao Source Filed Calligraphy blessing and Tat-Jane’s beautiful soul song, transported me to a place of calm, nourishment, and peace. My heart and soul felt replenished with gentle waves of the vibration and frequency from this extraordinary healing treasure and Tat-Jane’s singing …”


Testimonial for the Source #Calligraphy #Blessing–Christie L.

“… Immediately I found Tat-Jane personality and style to be both calming and uplifting. It was very easy to open-up to her about my troubles and concerns without any hesitation. She was very generous in sharing her own experiences and really giving me her undivided attention throughout the entire session with no regard to time-constraints. In each session we discussed each challenge, went over the relevant techniques so that I could work on it afterwards on my own, and ended with some powerful soul-healing blessing to release the issue. I was very relaxed during this process and could really sense the energies shifting. For the next several days I felt a sort of lightness as the time and energy I normally spent thinking about my challenges didn’t seem so important. I would recommend Soul Light Healing Hub to anyone with troubles of any kind to get healing and support at the highest levels. I’m looking forward to continuing and seeing what else can be accomplished with your help.”


Testimonial for #Soul #Healing & #Transformation–Dan Fishman

“Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so grateful to have received a Tao Source Field Blessing this week. I received the blessing for helping me to have more self–love. During the session I could feel so much more love for myself as the blockages were being removed. I feel lighter, happier, full of joy! I am so amazed at the power of this service. I recommend everyone receive this blessing at least once a month! It is a heart opening experience that I am so very grateful for!!! Thank you, Tat-Jane”

Testimonial for Soul Healing Blessing for #Self-Love–Dove Saberon

“The next day, after I woke up … I felt like I can breathe, I felt taller, and felt great, mentally & spiritually. As if I bleached my soul — means my Soul feels clean. I feel like my wife is trusting me more, too, she is giving me a space or giving me a 2nd chance on things. My boss was so nice to me (quite unusual) and payed me my Overtime for the duty he gave me. I couldn’t believe it, was so easy I didn’t have to ask for it?! … I also ate a stop sign on a way home and trooper let me go? .. So what ever you did while our Session, I want more, I haven’t feel this great & lucky since … never … it’s an awesome feeling …”Soul-Light-Universal- Alternative Healing-Holistic Health-Sound- Healing-TCM-Tat-Jane-Bego-Vic

Testimonial for #Soul #Transformation–George Medina

“..I only found your site today. I am so happy that I did! It is wonderful how you explain things! I am 70 and have been trying to learn all I can to heal myself. I had a rough and abusive childhood. I have felt lost my whole life. My birth parents ….. I was … Continue reading Childhood Traumas

Childhood Traumas Soul_#healing_for_#childhood_#traumas

“Your light, love and words spread truth and a vital message, while informing and educating. What you write is inspiring and uplifting and each word is loaded with love for all that has been, is and will ever be. Glorious”. Fauxcroft WorldPress Blogger poet

Fauxcroft Testimonial for WP Blogs Fauxcroft #WP Blogger #Testimonial-for-#Soul-#Light-#Universal-New-York-N-Y

Testimonial for Soul Healing of Physical #Injury

“I had a blessing session with Tat-Jane. I am grateful beyond measure to know her and for this opportunity. While the session I felt peace within and a release in my head and in my stomach area. She also teached me important practices to do on a daily basis. I am very touched by your love, devotion and compassion. I am full of energy. Love you so much Tat-Jane. I recommend your blessing sessions from the bottom of my heart.” Soul-Light-Universal- Alternative Healing-Holistic Health-Sound- Healing-TCM-Tat-Jane-Bego-Vic

Testimonial for a #Soul #Transformation –Christina Urban

“When I received Tat Jane’s Blessing I had injured my hip and as a professional ballerina, I need to rehears everyday it was truly devastating for me to be disable for a few weeks. After first Tao Hands Blessing I was able go to my rehearsal day after, TJ offered me remotely few more Blessings and I was completely recovered and back to my daily dance routine … It is truly stunning  and I highly recommend …”

Testimonial for #Body #Injury –Albena K.

… When I received Tao Hands Blessing from TJ, I had terrible pain in my shoulder, I couldn’t do anything with my arm, plus it hurt, I couldn’t sleep. I was tired, exhausted,  depressed all the time. Tat Jane offered me Tao Hands blessing and chanted for me couple of times … I was amazed how good I felt after, I was completely renewed in my Spirit, my mood it was amazing that happened so easily from being depressed, tired, giving up on everything and all of a sudden I was elevated, loading in the clouds, I couldn’t believe such a change so quickly … I highly recommend for pain, depression it’s fabulous …”

Testimonial for #Soul #Healing — #Transformation–Bretta Landel