… When I received Tao Hands Blessing from TJ, I had terrible pain in my shoulder, I couldn’t do anything with my arm, plus it hurt, I couldn’t sleep. I was tired, exhausted,  depressed all the time. Tat Jane offered me Tao Hands blessing and chanted for me couple of times … I was amazed how good I felt after, I was completely renewed in my Spirit, my mood it was amazing that happened so easily from being depressed, tired, giving up on everything and all of a sudden I was elevated, loading in the clouds, I couldn’t believe such a change so quickly … I highly recommend for pain, depression it’s fabulous …”

Testimonial for #Soul #Healing — #Transformation–Bretta Landel

“You are amazing – thank you for your great service. You are a wonderful teacher – you teach with your heart and soul and you touched my heart with your devotion and service to bring LOVE PEACE and Harmony to all ..”

Testimonial for #Soul #Teaching–Christina J. Urban