“The next day, after I woke up … I felt like I can breathe, I felt taller, and felt great, mentally & spiritually. As if I bleached my soul — means my Soul feels clean. I feel like my wife is trusting me more, too, she is giving me a space or giving me a 2nd chance on things. My boss was so nice to me (quite unusual) and payed me my Overtime for the duty he gave me. I couldn’t believe it, was so easy I didn’t have to ask for it?! … I also ate a stop sign on a way home and trooper let me go? .. So what ever you did while our Session, I want more, I haven’t feel this great & lucky since … never … it’s an awesome feeling …”Soul-Light-Universal-¬†Alternative Healing-Holistic Health-Sound- Healing-TCM-Tat-Jane-Bego-Vic

― Testimonial for #Soul #Transformation–George Medina