“… Immediately I found Tat-Jane personality and style to be both calming and uplifting. It was very easy to open-up to her about my troubles and concerns without any hesitation. She was very generous in sharing her own experiences and really giving me her undivided attention throughout the entire session with no regard to time-constraints. In each session we discussed each challenge, went over the relevant techniques so that I could work on it afterwards on my own, and ended with some powerful soul-healing blessing to release the issue. I was very relaxed during this process and could really sense the energies shifting. For the next several days I felt a sort of lightness as the time and energy I normally spent thinking about my challenges didn’t seem so important. I would recommend Soul Light Healing Hub to anyone with troubles of any kind to get healing and support at the highest levels. I’m looking forward to continuing and seeing what else can be accomplished with your help.”


― Testimonial for #Soul #Healing & #Transformation–Dan Fishman