Entering the Aquarian Millennia Humanity’s Evolution, Significance, Characteristics

The Aquarian Millennium  

We have entered the new Millennium, the Age of Aquarius, on February 2, 2020. In the next 4000 years, humanity will have the opportunity to heal, evolve and overcome the limitations of duality and separation consciousness, that was implemented in the previous, the Piscean Age.  

The Aquarian’s Age cycle is to be a more benevolent timeline for humanity’s evolution. It is here to facilitate the full development and realization, of the new Era. 
This is the astrological numerology according to the cycle of equinoxes over millenniums and ages. (please, see the linked dialog box for its visual illustration).
It happened to be perfectly aligned with what I teach the Power of Soul, through the heart. The new, Soul Light Era has begun in August of 2003. Like all eras, it will last proximately for 15 000 years.

In a sense, the Aquarian Millennia is to usher the new era in a more beneficent way.
My heart and soul is rejoicing and I wish to inspire and ignite the fire within your hearts with this article.
What is the essence and what is to look for is explored further. 

The Paramount Of All is:

 #Aquarian #Millennia Begins

– The presence, acceleration, and embodiment of the Cosmic unconditional love-the higher-self love.

 – Focus is on the eternal qualities of the things, as opposed to temporary–short-term solutions. The go get ahead no matter what attitude.

 – Cooperation is replacing competition, greed, and power-struggle.

 – Utilizing and developing our gifts, talents, and abilities selflessly and for the highest good of all beings takes the lead. 

 – Living moment-to-moment through the heart and heart intelligence in a reflective state is of utmost importance. 
In other words, aligning with the ever-changing and present quantum field reality through the heart in the now is it. 

 – Realizing and manifesting our highest soul potentials and roles in co-creating the new earth, based on love, care, and cooperation.

In many ways, all these characteristics of the new millennium and the new era derive from the truth bases consciousness.
Consequently, the truth based consciousness results in the altered reality for all beings. 

The Time Is Eternal In Its Essence

Firstly, the time in its essence is eternal doesn’t stop it just evolves. So, as our soul. The monetary traits that governed the previous age are temporary.
Please, do not take this wisdom wrongly, see it through. The money is a great asset and blessing when used purposely in a good cause.  

Therefore, the crux for the new paradigm is a focus on the eternal qualities, such as love, gratitude, harmony, and co-operation. 

Living these qualities we enter eternal timeline. We become the vessel of our origin–the light frequency unique to our soul’s message and purpose. 
It is our eternal soul frequency when we’re aligned with the realization of our highest potential. 

Finally, we’re using the time as the opportunity to move forward to the next level of our evolution. 

In addition through living selflessly, which is the eternal quality, we’re focusing on bringing the eternal note to our physical lives.     

Eternity Vs. Temporary Things Are the Theme of the New Millennia

Eternity Vs. Temporary things are the theme of the new millennium and the new earth. 

They are also the topic of the enclosed The Time is Now, the song and the video, that’s visually exploring these ideas for your reference and inspiration.


When we’re focused on things beyond our immediate needs, and their eternal aspects predominate our awareness, our needs are met. (more ideas to explore in this enclosed video).

 Being able to alter beyond the physical realm and what the eyes can meet, it’s equal to mastering our form. 

 This is all happening through our hearts awareness, that is the only true portal that carries all we need including wisdom, knowledge, and techniques for our evolution.  

Remembering How to Project Our Brightest Light in Benefit to All

The years ahead are process of remembering how to shine our brightest light.
We shine our brightest light when we’re fully aware of and we’re projecting our unique message and purpose to our environments. When aligned with this purpose, through our heart, we benefit all in form and beyond. 

We all have done this before in another existences. It’s the time for remembering our divinity, utilizing it with what we know now, and project it into our environments in service to all. 

Always keep in mind, it was never easy to evolve but it is that trust in the void and nothingness, in love and gratitude that births the new.

in Love and Light, Tat Jane

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