In the Eternal Love and Gratitude ~ We Rise, We Ascend ~

Oh, takes my breath away … the Amazing Time, we live in, on Mother Earth, Now! ~ It is so easy to be fully emerged in the present moment, the Heart, the Soul, the Mind, no chatter as ONE, in a total surrender, to the beauty of each, present moment and what ever it is to bring to us, a child’s wander. Our Heart and our Consciousness are One and for the first time, we live our subconsciousness, fully and freely, with no judgments. ~ There is no separation, we’re whole, at last, we’ve Arrived. Loving every bit of the Journey that brought Us, here and Now; Memories are going in and out, waived in the Violet Light, which lifts of all the attachments. An Unconditional Love and Gratitude, for all we’ve gone through, feels our hearts. Naturally and subsequently, we are products of the eternal feeling of a Satiated Soul – Arrived and on a Journey, where every single moment is sacred and divine, when Time feels like Eternity. ~ Notice, each moment truly lasts forever, once you’re one with it. ~ There is no Thing, we wish for, that is not already hear Now and within us, Divine Higher Self Us, the Light Being’s consciousness, fully present, Now. ~ It is a Perfect Harmony, in the Now moment ~ the Golden Age has truly risen, since Aug. 21st’1017, once again, from each of our Hearts and has created one big Heart, in the Universe. It is One with the Divine’s, the Source’s Heart! ~ It is the dawn of the Universal Oneness. ~ What a Freedom, this Shift truly is, when no separation exists and you are able to ease into each Now moment, with all of your Heart and Soul, your Eternal Light, your consciousness and subconsciousness as One, Allowing all things, just to unfold, right in front of your eyes. ~ They are the most profound things for our Highest good, according and perfectly attuned with our Eternal Soul plan. ~ When you are so certain, when you know, without a doubt, it is indeed your Highest Soul plan ~ It is when full Trust, satiates and infuses the Soul. … And so, it is, we’ve truly let go of all attachments, expectations to outcomes, desires to adjust–to change, to control the things … it’s a True Freedom – Pure Being, Pure Light, the Journey. ~ Old ways are gone, with the Eternal Wind and the rise of the Golden Age; What’s left is only, the eternal Now moments and Us, within our Hearts, in an Unconditional Love, Devotion, Trust and Gratitude –Merged with our Eternal Soul Light, at last. ~ One with the Creator, the Divine, the Source, the Universal Consciousness, call it as you wish, we are all One with the Eternal Light and so, it is. We Experience the Ascension ~ Now and forever more. ~ In the Eternal Unconditional Love, Light, Gratitude and Bliss! ~ We are Love! ~ We are One! ~ We are the Light Divine! ~  Tat Jane Please read throughout Soul Light Universal website, to learn the ways we can assist you: Visit us on Pinterest, to see all our insights and ideas for your Life and your Journey: Visit our SHOP on Etsy’s: JOIN Soul Light Universal FB group to receive remote Blessing to: “Become your true original Light and One with your Highest purpose for this lifetime.” Please LIKE our page: Connect with us on Linkedin: To watch, practice receive Blessings visit our YouTube Channel: To listen to Tat Jane Bego Vic music and lyrics go to: Twitter link is in the footer in LOVE and LIGHT, with you always Tat Jane