Started with the Valentine’s Day and with the New Moon on Feb 16th 2018, the long waited rise of LOVE Consciousness is dawning on Mother Earth, the impact of high-level Love frequencies already fills the air!

The last six months, a post Solar Eclipse time from Aug. 21st’17 to the Lunar Eclipse that occurred on Jan.31st’18 was the most significant time on our planet, that I know of!

We are profoundly changed, cleansed and prepared for even more epic time and changes coming up next, the deep influence and expansion of LOVE consciousness, on a massive scale.

It is the time to Celebrate together, with all light beings, from ours and other Universes, which supported and orchestrated these shifts that are still continuing to take place, within our own inner selves and globally.

At last we’re experiencing the liberation and lifting off the darkness from the face of the Earth, and in both our conscious minds and subconscious minds.

Speaking for my self first, and feeling for others too, this past Jan. 31st’18, lunar eclipse made it possible for many to purify.  We have purified on a deep level and leave behind old memories, repetitive patterns, deep emotions and feelings that were not serving our highest good. These negative messages we’re not align with  our ascensions’ plan.

The truth is when we do not experience resistance and separation within, and we are able to transcend the possible limitations of our physical–external world, then we can truly experience peace, and harmony. The love and joy as our birth-right, comes forth, and we are able join as one with our true original souls’ light, in love and gratitude.

When we go beyond our personal perspectives, our lenses expand, our higher self takes over. Awakened and aligned with our divine presence–the higher self being we fully enter the highest plan for our lives.

We are extremely fortunate that we have received the most appropriate adjustments and re-calibration in the past months.

Our Yin (the moon, deepest emotions) and our Yang (our sun, our consciousness, our actions and deeds)  through extended purification process, naturally.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that when Yin and Yang are in balance, one is healthy.

We are made whole and so it is–in harmony and the cycle of nature!

All the veils are lifted off, and the naked truth is exposed on many levels of our existence.

A breath of FRESH air feels good; it is to be experienced more throughout this momentous year of 2019.

Our small Universe, inside, our soul, heart, minds and bodies, are aligned more then they have ever been with the big Universe, outside of us.  We–humanity , as a spices and the highest source plan to bring LOVE and Revelation to Humanity, at last. ~
So, much to be grateful for! ~

Everything, which is less than Harmony, Integrity, Love and Unity intentions will no longer survive after these major Universal shifts.

The OLD Paradigm has been magically and completely whipped out and it’s gone with the flurry winds of the golden new era of Light–Soul Light on Mother Earth.~

Now, we clearly know and see that the ‘separation’ theory and practice was created to serve evil and was a foundation of the Old Paradigm. Just this shift alone is a major thing to be beyond grateful for, now as the part of history.

It is a true relief and Freedom to know that our subconscious minds can not manipulate us any longer; as well as to know that others are not able manipulate us through our subconscious minds’ neither… Naked Truth is Awakened from deep within…

Now we are so ready for the Awakening and Ascension of Love Consciousness plan on a global scale.

We all will have the opportunity to experience the Power of Love and all the magic Love can do, to move our journeys to the next best state and timeline of our deepest and highest Souls’ dreams and desires.

When we are granted this brilliant life with no separation within our conscious and our subconscious minds, and when the inner and the outer world are able to join as One in harmony and unity, we are whole, and we’re living our Truth.

Focused in our open, grateful hearts, in Divine–the Source presence and with every breath we take, in every NOW moment all things are truly available and possible.

Everything we always wanted to experience is unfolding in perfect love, harmony, bliss and ease when we are in this state of Unity.

In flow and moment-to-moment, our LIVES are less pre-destined then they have ever been before. Everything is truly possible and at hand, it is the matter of what we’re ready for to perceive, experience and receive.

Including all dimensions of consciousness that are available and now we know they all have always been available.

When one purifies one’s soul, heart, mind and body and aligns with the Highest frequencies of an unconditional Divine–the Source Love and Light, within the heart and becomes one with the original, eternal Light of one’s Soul, there is no Limits on the amount of transformation and acceleration one is able achieve and experience.

I feel truly One with the Divine and the Source grand plan for Human’s evolution at this time on Mother Earth and I have seen it in my spiritual mind’s eye, long before.

I even feel more blessed to be chosen and empowered to Serve in this special way, to assist the process of Ascension for the others! ~ I truly hope you join us, too!

Everyone is needed, is precious and has a special task to accomplish!

Let us join hearts and souls together for this special task to bring the new era–Soul Light Era fully and experience all available Dimensions–levels of Consciousness 4th, 5th, 6th and beyond as soon as possible. ~

Let us use this perfect time and the next six months of the highest frequency of Love consciousness to open our Hearts further and more fully. ~
Let us help others to experience the same so, too! ~

Imagine what can happen once LOVE permeates all things. ~

There is nothing to fear from at this moment my beloveds, nothing to be concern about but the fear or concern itself.

It is in Love, Light, Harmony and Bliss that we can accomplish what we came for.~

It is the journey that matters the most. ~

Obstacles still within, and any attachments to your creations and the outcomes, know it is not coming from your Truth, and your pure, divine, ascended being self. ~

It is the illusion and left over from the old programming, the memories and repeated patterns held within which still need to be cleared, once and for all. ~

All these small obstacles can be transformed, and lift off from our lives and soul journeys made quickly, and almost effortlessly once we dare to face them! ~

I am here for you, with my myriads of Divine and the Source orders, transmissions and treasures given solely for this purpose–to assist others on the healing and acceleration journey at this significant time.

Bliss, Love, Light, Compassion and impact of LOVE through our consciousness and on the global scale is to be experienced in our lives in the next six months.~

‘The Sky is the Limit’ for what we can experience in living our hearts’ flames, bringing out our highest Souls’ Potentials and helping others to do so, too.~

We are Limitless beings, once in the condition of Unity and Alignment, with these greatest vibrations and highest frequencies of LOVE & CARE, our original, eternal, true, Souls’ Lights, living from and through our hearts’, experiencing our Divine–the Source presence in each and every Now moment and the breath we take …

All is Eternally ours once we dare! ~

LOVING You,  Tat Jane

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