What are the Benefits of the Sun and Moon to Humanity-Part 2

What are the Benefits of the Sun and Moon to Humanity-Part 2

The Effects of Solar & Lunar Eclipse Season, 2019 on Humanity

The Sun and Moon, the New and Full moon, the Solar and Lunar eclipses, have profound effects on Humanity.

During these natural occurrences, Humanity, us, we have the opportunity to attain greater balance and alignment within, and with the outside world. There is a great chance for purification of our hearts, minds, and our spirits, globally.

The New Year–the New Beginning

We are at a monumental time on Earth, with the beginning of the New, Lucky 2019 Year. This year is said to be year destined for a mass Transfiguration. If you look up, in the dictionary, what the word ‘transfiguration’ exactly means, it is a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful form or Spiritual place.
Nothing short of Glorious! ~I will explain, why this can be possible.

Solar Eclipse January 5th, 2019
Solar Eclipse January 5th, 2019

All the New Moons, mark new beginnings in our lives.
The Year 2019 begins auspiciously, with eclipse season, starting with the New moon and the Solar eclipse, on Jan.5th, 2019. The effects of this powerful new beginning, considering its the new moon, with the Solar eclipse, will last for the next 6 months.
Additionally, it is followed by the Full Moon, and the Lunar eclipse, on January 21st, 2019, This natural accuracy, makes our full manifestation circle that will last for six months.

The Effects of the Eclipse Season to Humanity’s Evolution

This is truly, a great opportunity for more of us, Humanity, to become, the better versions of ourselves. This alignment will happen naturally, as a result of the intensified influence of Sun and Moon on our subconscious, and conscious minds, during the eclipse season.
Our minds will experience more harmony, which will cause further opening of our hearts. When our hearts open more widely, our talents, and gifts will be able to spring out freely.

Finally, our Cosmic consciousness, will begin to function, through the activation of the portal of Love within us. Our minds will let go of the grip on our lives, even more so, that we can experience our lives through the eyes of love and bliss.

The Sun and Moon~and their Manifestation Powers

So, make certain you have chosen the things you are going to be working on. New, and the Full Moon are always the powerful time, for manifesting, and further aligning with our true Self–our Higher Selves. Keep in mind, that they are intensified, by the Solar, and Lunar eclipse. Moreover, the effects–the time we have for our manifestations is extended, for additional 6 New, and the 6 Full Moons.

The Alchemy of the gentle, silver light of the Moon, with its sacred, feminine powers, graces our being at night, and all throughout the Moon’ phases. She reminds us, of our hidden wisdom and knowledge, from long ago.

These cycles of day and night, the new, and full moon its nature’s perfect way to balance all that is feminine, and masculine within our lives.

In like manner, the radiant golden rays of the Sun, which hug and comfort the Earth, during the day; they effect our subtle bodies by ignite the fire, and the Light within each of our hearts.

The feminine and masculine , within us, are balanced through nature’s perfect way.

With not much effort just by aligning with this process, and recognizing its might; we can let this cycles alone, heal and re-set our soul, hearts, minds and bodies, day-by-day.

The Solar and Lunar Eclipse Examination

Let us examine, the Sun and Moon in conjunction, when their powers are magnified.
We truly want to be able to utilize the potential of manifestation, and greater Union, and Harmony within us, while the eclipse season of 2019.

If you haven’t yet started benefiting from the magic of New and the Full moon, I suggest that you start from today.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are very ‘old’ Souls.
All three, they carry specific, wisdom, knowledge, and different power within them, and on our lives.
They are each, approximately 3.5 billion years old.
In order to truly dive into different possibilities, it’s good to recognize, and understand some facts first.

Generally speaking, the Sun influences and rules our consciousness. Some people call it the ‘right brain’. The right hemisphere of our brain rules our actions, reason, logic, analytical side of our being, our speech. All of the above is connected to the Fire element, and masculine power, within us–our Yang.

Influence of the Moon to our Suttle Bodies

On the other hand, the Moon’ influence in our lives is associated, and stimulates our sub-consciousness. Our emotions, feelings, receptiveness, intuition, mood, creativity are the feminine witin us–our Yin, the Water element.

Lunar Eclipse Janurary 21,2019
Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019

It is also called the ‘left brain’. The truth is, that there is no right or the left brain. Our ultimate goal is oneness, the union, within our being, which includes brain.

Therefore, at every New and the Full moon we have the opportunity to harmonize further our ‘left and right brain’, our subconscious, with our conscious mind.

When our minds hemispheres are in a proximate balance, we can experience more freedom in our lives.
Additionally, when the left and the right brains are in harmony, panial glan produces serotonin, the natural elixir, which stimulates the feelings of harmony, union, and extasy.

Moon Phases and Why they can Influence our Lives

Let us examine the natural phenomenon, of moon’ phases.

The Sun is the Star, very close to Earth, and other planets of our solar system. If there weren’t for Sun, Earth would be very cold place.

Earth orbits around the Sun, and the Moon orbits around the Earth.

The different phases of the Moon, as they are perceived from the Earth, are caused by the different amount of Sunlight that reflect from the Moon’s surface: while Moon’s orbiting around the Earth, for about 28-30 days at the time.

The New Moon happens when the Moon, while orbiting, comes in between, and in alignment with the Sun and Earth. While in this alignment, the Moon consequently covers all the Sunlight, leaving the side, that is facing Earth in shadow. Thus appears as no moon, for about 2 days. Then, the waxing of the moon begins, and New Moon appears. At the time of Solar eclipse, this alignment is more perfect, so is the effect of Sun on our settle bodies.

Due to our consciousness being exposed, and stimulated by the Sun’s impact on Earth; couple of days before, and on the day of the new moon, are perfect times for setting, and invoking the new goals.

In the following two weeks, and the waxing Moon period, we experience the increasing influence of the Moon’. Thus causes our receptive, indirect, subconscious mind to be more active. As a result we are able to come up with the most obscure, and mysterious ways to bring out, our set intentions, to life.

Benefit from the Moon Phases–Real-Liffe Example

Let me illustrate one practical example on how this may manifest in the real life.

Suppose that you’re a writer and you’re writing a book. You know you’re missing some piece of information for your story.
You can sense it’s dormant, and it’s stored somewhere in your memory bank (your subconscious mind).

You may set up your attention, at the time of the New Moon, for this specific information to be revealed to you.

Given that you’re actively working on your story, and while the waxing moon period, the following can occur. Due to the rising influence of the Moon on your subconscious, it is likely that the information you requested will surface. It can, sort of migrate, from your subconscious to your conscious mind, and you’ll be able to obtain desired information and complete your story.

At the same time if we don’t set good intention for our progress; our sub-conscious mind, may reveal some negative messages, memories or experiences that can surface with the Full Moon.

Set your Goal Streight for Manifestation

In the essence, when we intent to bring forth our gifts, and talents, our special abilities, at the time of the New Moon. This is true, more so, for the intention which can benefit others and Mother Earth. There is a great possibility for our intentions to surface and manifest, during the period of intense influence of the Moon on our subconscious.

Scientifically proven, and it’s worthy to mention, only 10% of our brain is consciousness and 90% is sub-consciousness.

This means that within our subconscious minds we carry wealth of knowledge and information. Perhaps, more abiabilities which are dormant and we can potentially awaken them, during these periods of more intense Moon’s, and Sun’s influence on our lives.

Waining Moon’ Phases and their Influence

In the same way, and for the two weeks time, that follow the Full moon–the waning moon time; due to moon’ decrease in size, and her influence, we feel inspired to organize our lives.

It is a great time for revising, altering and modifying what we already have. I noticed a potential to break off the bad habits, and reverse what’s not in alignment with our true purpose and plan.

Many people experience this time to be great for doing spiritual practices, and aligning more with divine, and the source within us.

Final Thoughts

Moon phases, especially ones intensified by Solar and Lunar eclipse can help us purify, re-set and re-calibrate, in all areas of our lives. Surely, if used intentionaly, as explained in thisa article, they can help us align furter with our potential powers, and our highest purpose.

Benefits of Sun and Moon to Humanity
What are the Benefits of Sun and Moon to Humanity

Our consciousness and our horizons, they expand. We can experience clearly how we’re part of the whole, and our connection to Cosmos and the Universe.

Our divinity can emerge, the connection to the Divine, the Source within us, and within others, can strengthen.

This connectedness we live, while being one with nature, through Sun and Moon, are nurturing and are super food for our soul, mind, spirit, our intellect and our physical body.

It’s Magic, Magic, Magic being with all of you, on Mother Earth, and at this time!~


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