Gateway To The New Earth, Living Our True Selves Is Open

The Doorway To The New Earth and Our New Reality Is Open

Do you hear the calling?
Mother Earth is calling her people to awake to our sovereignty and living the truth and potential of our being.
Gateway to the New Earth is now open, we are walking in.

Once a year, in the first week to mid-December and Winter Solstice, our Solar System and Galactic Center merge. This planetary alignment with the Galactic center creates a powerful transformation and manifestation field, moving us beyond our current believes.
When we attuned to these cosmic alignment, our uplifting to the next best level of consciousness and awareness happens.
Thus, our integration, healing, and restoration are continuing through this passage and December 2021 gate. The influence from planets Saturn and Uranus, creates the field of shifts and changes for better moving forward.
Saturn and our construction, the root of what we are is shifting. Empowered by Uranus, the planet of a sudden change and going beyond our wildest believes is possible. These opposite energies working together can extensively influence our transformation, healing, and acceleration process.
Although the possibilities are different for everyone, one thing is sure, we are empowered and divinely assisted to expand beyond our current state.

Over Lighted By The New Moon The New Earth Portal Is Wide Open

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How we are influenced by the Solar and Lunar Eclipses globally

The New Earth portal opens with the Solar Eclipse New Moon on December 4th, 2021. No doubt, this can be a powerful new beginning for most of Humanity. Given, it is an Eclipsed new moon, our consciousness is influenced by the subtle moon energies.
Possibly, the refine moon frequencies can enable the awakening of our potential in purpose in our consciousness. Consequently, the insights to further align to our Soul’s purpose can dominate and create a new alchemy for our expansion.

Many things internally and externally are coming to light or may be ignited through this year portal. More opportunities for liberation and our conscious efforts through living the truth of our hearts in the new reality are on.

Thus, the time spend in reflection, assimilation, and integration while bathing in this high frequency cosmic light-field comes naturally. The energy and light are available for releasing all remaining fear and doubt based emotions and consciousness.

On the other hand, our hearts can open more and expand through this flux of clear energy while inciting our gifts and talents. We can intend from this portal on to solely serve our highest destiny through our hearts.
Especially, the field is divinely designed to empower our transformation and all that we want to leave behind. So, as to help us embody a wise, light being our Soul more.

Open Your Heart To Receive The Glory Of This New Beginning In The New Earth’s Galactic Alignment

What is your vision for the New Earth? Our place in it and what we do well to contribute to the birthing of the New.
What changes do we earn to see manifest moving forward?
The stage is set, the Divine and the Source grand plan and the agenda of the Light is open.

By grounding to the already ascended Mother Earth, and this surge of cosmic light, we can intentionally project our highest destiny. The momentum is potent enough to assist us in rewriting our DNA at will and for our highest good.
For this reason, the Gateway, from this week to Winter Solstice on is a perfect time for setting the intentions for our next chapter and the New 2022 Year.

We can find ourselves effortlessly flowing into our original self-presence in our newly created reality of the New Earth.

If you are still purifying and liberating your soul, heart, mind, and body, I recommend you to visit many of our articles from this and previous years. They carry all the wisdom you need to help your liberation and acceleration process.
In both instances, it is pivotal that we remain focused within, led by the heart’ experiences. It is a sacred place, where magic reigns and our Higher Self being is in charge and it is springing forth.

The Manual For Our Ascension

I have published the book specifically designed to assist our integration and acceleration during these and all times. 

 I am looking forward to its launch in early 2022. This essential knowledge and techniques for our reality in the New Earth deserve to be introduced to more people nationwide and worldwide. Let us know if you can contribute with your abilities to this process. I would be very honored.

The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth carries the knowledge and wisdom to assist as many people in aligning with the New Earth and to excel within. 

The book is my effort to help our collective and more of us individully to remember our true purpose and potential. Thus, it has the power to connect us to the source within and assist the unification of the soul, heart, mind as one in this form.

Currently, through upheavals, we are mastering the physical life and form to expand to the higher states of consciousness and awareness.
After and when enough people are ready, we can create together a New Earth and the optimal, potent new reality.

This is Ascension;
the doorway to the New Earth is open and the stage for us to walk in has been set, in perfect Divine glory and love. The grand Divine plan for humanity’s evolution thriving in the new paradigm is at hand. Trust the plan. The truth is the ultimate winner.

The Great Awakening

We had over 1,5 years of the ‘pandemic’ period and our healing and liberation from many of our faults and dismay.
If humanity has learned one thing from this experience is good enough to build the New Earth upon. The saying “Be careful when plotting to others, you may dig your own grave” stays in our hearts.

That being said, the first part of this chapter is closing. The New Earth is rising.

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Geminids meteor showers grace Northern Hemisphere skies for two weeks

Now, we have arrived at the crystalline Gateway of clear focused frequency and light. We are ready for the grand finale of our realizations in the the New Earth. A celebration in the Northern skies is happening for two weeks. Look at the horizons on December 13th and 14th for the Geminid meteor shower lighting up our skies. In the attached file, you can find more on this event.
Although the passage to the new may be different for everyone, the opportunity for our expansion is undeniable and available to all.
Knowing, we have learned to live our truth through the heart, no matter what. Focus on the grand Divine, the Source plan, and the agenda of the Light. That is when we are mighty and One in this pursuit of birthing the brand new world and reality, based on love, care, integrity, and cooperation.

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