Beautiful New Moon ~ Nov.18th’2017

~ New Moons are always the new beginnings and for those of us, who have followed the Natures’ ways and were in a perfect Harmony and Ease with our internal selves and with outside world, allowing and Trusting the Perfect Divine plan, in Love and Gratitude, there is a Magical unfolding of the initiations which have been ignited, hoped for and dreamed of, since the Total Solar Eclipse, on Aug. 21st. New beginings are here in all their Glory and miraculous glow of our eternal Souls’ Light and the plan of our Souls’ Star Matrix, are unfolding, sort of effortlessly … as promised, in the perfect Harmony, Love, Grace and Ease! ~ Now we know, we’ve been reminded of; Miracles are possible when we align and become one with the Universal Consciousness, in the present moment in Love and Gratitude. Universal Consciousness is Divine Consciousness. Divine Consciousness is our Consciousness. We experience it. We are one with it. Divine Heart is our Heart. Divine Soul is every Soul in every Universe. When we melt our Hearts & Souls with Divine Heart and Soul, we melt with all Souls in all Universes. We melt with everyone & everything. When, we experience no separation from anyone or anything, in the present moment, in total Love, Gratitude and Surrender, it is when we draw miracles to our lives. ~ “Dreams Do Come True” when in Harmony, in Union, in Flow, fully within and one with our presence and the present moment, One with ALL that is — we’re Divinity! We are It ~ everything naturally comes our way! ~ When in this state of Allowing and Harmony, we are our original Soul Light and Miracles, the most appropriate miracles for us, become our reality. ~ May we live this state, with this New Moon, Now and Forever more! ~ In the Perfect Harmony. Pure Beings, Pure Freedom that knows nothing but the Journey it self! ~ So, Glorious! ~ So, Miraculous! ~ So, Be It, Now and Forever more! ~ ~ Get well, Get perfect, You Beautiful Souls with this New Moon! ~ ~ ~ ~ Love You, LOVE U, LoVe You! ~ ~  ~ Please read throughout Soul Light Universal website, to learn the ways we can assist you: Visit us on Pinterest, to see all our insights and ideas for your Life and your Journey: Visit our SHOP on Etsy’s: JOIN Soul Light Universal, FB group to receive remote blessings to: “Become your true original Light and One with your Highest purpose for this lifetime.” Please LIKE our page: Connect with us on Linkedin: To watch, practice receive blessings visit our YouTube Channel: To listen to Tat Jane Bego Vic music and lyrics go to: Twitter link is in the footer in LOVE and LIGHT, with you always Tat Jane