Heart is the Core of Life

The Heart is the Core of Life.

Because only by living through our hearts’ experiences of reality we can live our true selves and potential. Our true self is our higher self, which comes to life when we live from our heart experiences.
That is why love has the power to transform and heal our lives and the life of others. All our challenges dissolve when we are an embodiment of this love within our hearts.

The true cause of all our sufferings is the lack of virtue. Yet, there is a virtue, in everything. Love is a virtue. There is love in everything. The very breath we take has so much virtue. By, igniting the flame within our hearts with every breath, we can live by virtue in every moment of our lives.

the #Heart's flame
Our Heart’s FLAME!

The new frequencies of light on Earth, they’re literally shifting our focus, from being in our heads and trying to figure it out, to consciously living from the heart in the now. 

When our point of all references is coming from the heart center first, there are no feelings of lack or separation. The time and distance don’t exist when we feel this expansion of love from within. Consequently, our moral and ethics they shift, suddenly we’re part of the whole. We are in the higher state and dimension of our consciousness.

The #Heart Is The #Core of Life. Why?
Because only #by l#iving through our #hears' #experiences of reality we can live our true selves and potential. Our true self is our #higher #self, which comes to life when we live from our #heart experiences.
That is why love has the power to transform and heal our lives and the life of others. All our challenges dissolve when we are an embodiment of this #love within our hearts.

Seeing Through the Heart–We Live the Truth of our Being

When the heart starts beating Life begins and when the heart stops life ends. Likewise, when we’re living our lives from our hearts, we see the truth.
When we’re solely led by the mind we can get lost.
The heart is in the first place and the mind is on the second.
In another word, experiencing the life through the heart is the key for health, happiness, and acceleration in all aspects of life. Why?

The heart is a bridge between our true Self~our Soul and the Mind.

Heart is the Core of Life

Stay focused in your heart, at this time of significant shifts of frequencies and other tremors and changes on our planet. 

For this reason, seeing the world through the heart, the picture is real. It is our Truth.

Being in Divine Presence through the Heart

Additionally, when we dwell in our hearts we are in the Divine presence. The conditions of the Divine qualities such as unconditional Love, forgiveness, compassion, care, harmony, and gratitude are within our hearts. We are one with all things.

Thus, we feel safe and protected and in the Flow of our original self and light. Everything else seems to be Unfolding in perfect harmony, grace, and ease. Why? There is no separation, within and with the outer world by living in the present moment through the heart.

In this state of grace and harmony. we can live our true passion.

Why we are here and our main purpose in life can spring forth. What is that we are meant to bring forth at this monumental time?

Connecting to Our Message Inside the Soul Temple

In Traditional Tao teachings, the space between the physical heart and Heart Chakra, in the middle of the chest, and bit to the left, is called the Soul Temple (Ling Gong). Where within the light of our original–eternal Soul resides the assigned message. The special Task, for this lifetime.

So, it is important to be connected to this sacred place–our Soul Temple within at all times. The exercises to connect to the Soul Temple is explained how to apply in two articles. 

Through practices, we can purify our hearts so, to experience, and hear the true messages from our soul through the Soul Temple. 

Additionally, to purify our hearts is to experience freedom in life and to bring this freedom to others. How to do it? 

We are to be more aware of our emotions, thoughts, and actions and to consciously correct them through love, forgiveness, and living from the heart, moment to moment. Also, gratitude, love, and compassion, for others and ourselves are keys to this process of acceleration through the heart center.

The Pure Heart is a Perfect Bridge between the Soul and the Mind 

Why the pure heart is so important? The heart is a bridge to the true messages and guidance from the Soul–or Higher Self–Divine self within. This wise, eternal, light being within, our Soul, has all the wisdom for our transformation and acceleration once we’re in the sink with it. This is one of the functions of the heart to connect us to our essence within.  

For this reason, the heart as a bridge to this eternal knowledge within us, it has to be pure without pollution. Impurities block the messages to come through. They are associating with negative information, selfishness, greed, power-struggle, ego, the attachments to outcomes, to name the few for your reference to pay attention while purifying.

Mother Earth and Humanity are heading to the higher states of consciousness where those lower frequency states from the old program and the world of good and evil, don’t exist. It is our responsibility to clear those negative messages, so that we can experience the new frequencies available to us and our evolution.   

The Heart is also a Receiver and an Important Bridge to the Mind that calls for the Actions we Live 

Therefore, the heart is a receiver and an important bridge, for the messages to successfully surpass from our wise–eternal Soul to the mind.

The mind’s function is to process the information and call for the action to direct the energy and matter–our body. When the mind receives clear heartfelt message, through a pure heart, it has no choice but to execute the most appropriate actions for our highest good and the good of others.

I can see many people are still on guard in a state of self-protection. They believe if they were to operate from their hearts they will lose control over things. This is an illusion and reminisce of old programming that is dissipating due to the mass awakening and the higher frequencies of light on Earth.
Mother Earth already carries higher frequencies for our evolution and expansion. 

Therefore, the point is to surrender and  allow available high frequencies to carry on to our evolution to the next levels through the heart that leads the way to our truth, moment to moment.  

We Get to Choose  Between Creating Blockages or Accumulating Good Virtue 

When the actions are not aligned with our hearts’ and Souls’ desires and wants, what happens is we spend the energy and time and we create blockages in our lives.

In other words, by acting and seeing things through the heart we accumulate good virtue through serving others through our higher-self presence. We offer more love, compassion, care, forgiveness, peace, and harmony to the lives of others and our lives.

Our goal is to be co-creators and to birth the New Earth. The basic difference of the team, and the course of action is to transform our consciousness and the consciousness of others by offering our Higher Selves virtues through living our truth through the heart.

It’s time to be in a space of allowing things to unfold, rather then controlling outcomes.


In short, transparency, letting go, and flexibility, avoiding expectations are the optimal states of being for our acceleration in the current settings. Different dimensions and frequencies of light are in play and available to us at any given moment when we’re ready in such a state.

It is up to us to be fully present and aware in the now through the heart willing and open to benefit from the current opulence of opportunities for our evolution.

In other words, it is what we are ready to perceive and receive. Also, what is in alignment with our highest destiny and the original Soul’s plan that is geared for our evolution.

It is true freedom to be in the now, guided by the Soul through the heart. Taking chances that appear. The unexpected fortunes in every moment while romancing the truth of our eternal being.

We open our Hearts and Souls to receive with intention and willingness to give.

Love, Love, LOVE.

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles ~ ~ ~ Tat Jane

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