Consciously Connecting and Activating, all 12-Chakras of our Body and Auric Field-Benefits

This article explains how and why, we can benefit by consciously connecting, and activating, all the 12-Chakras of our bodies. The six within, and six outside–within our auric-field, are being re-connected.
Among many benefits, the knowledge, does the two things:
– It will increase our awareness, in every present moment
– At the same time, we can feel more connected to everyone and everything.
Consequently, we’re becoming an important vehicle of light, and love, in our lives and the lives of others.
Therefore, at this monumental time on earth, we’re actively assisting humanity in moving forward, into the higher–one heart consciousness, globally.

In order for Us to Benefit
the Most from the Current High Frequencies of Light on Earth, it’s essential, that we Consciously Re-Connect and Activate All 12-Chakras.

Recently, I have realized, that the 6- Chakras within our bodies, correspond to the 6-Chakras in our auric fields.
Having in mind, that the six-chakras outside of our bodies, are less known, I will explore in this article, their benefits and relation to our actual existence.
In fact, the chakras within our energy-field can be the primal factors for our acceleration, at this time.
How we can do this?
In specific way, we will re-connect, all our twelve chakras, using the ‘Prana’–light force of the Universe . In addition, through creative visualization, we’ll be able to initiate and assure these connections.

Thus, the practice, can bring us the greater awareness in every moment, and our higher self presence, at all times.
It is the time, for us to consciously link our physical bodies with our auric–energy fields. Moreover, and due to the new-higher frequencies of light, on earth, we’ll be empowered by doing so.

The Benefits of Re-Connecting our 12-Chakras

The circulation of the higher light frequencies, from within our auric field, can greatly increase our physical body frequency.
In this way, we can align and assimilate the new frequencies of light, into our physical forms.

Furthermore, the process will ground, and connect us to mother earth. Our, I AM presence, and our unique frequency and force, our message. and contribution will awake further.
Generally speaking, when we’re well grounded, we’re the better vehicles for our higher self being to come throug us.
We’re actively enforcing the unique Universal light force within.

What I believe is most important, we can bring in the cosmic consciousness, and knowledge into our presence, here on earth. Ultimately, our hearts open, and we become the harbingers, and heralds of the higher levels of consciousness, on the new earth.

Connecting the 6-Chakras within our Body, with the 6-Charkras in our Auric field

In short, we’re connecting our physical body, with our subtle body, through 12-Chakras system.

Let us explore how to do this, and the wisdom behind it.
The best is to stand up, (you can sit up), your back straight (away from any surface), heels touching, with your head parallel to the Universe.

Visualize, the beam of light from the core of the earth, rushing up, throughout all 12-Chakras. The silver cord of light is continuing its way through our unique Cosmic portals, to all the universes.

The light coming back-down, while flushing out possible negatives, from our auras, back to the earth.
Affirm out load or silently:
“I call Light to come to me, now!”

By visualizing the light for few minutes, soon, we can sense that the light force of the universe, is succeeding in reconnecting, and acitvating our chakras. Additionally, our auras’ are receiving the splash of light.

This is a continuous loop. Visualize the silver-cord bringing up, the frequency, and light from the core of the earth, to our Earth Star Chakras.
In the Earth Star chakra, this light force start to mutate, and assimilate our unique frequency, while continuing up, to our 1st-Chakra. 

Joining the 1st-Root-Chakra, with the 12th-the Divine Creation Chakra

Knowing, that the Root-Chakra, is our main foundational energy center. Also, that the 12th-Divine Gateway Chakra, is our Divine light portal, we want to initiate and activate this connection.

Remembering, that when we’re in divine-flow, our earth’s experiences are effortless, and we’re divinely guided, we want the flow.
Consequently, the creator’s unconditional love, and light, becomes our light and flow, throughout our 12-Chakras, effortlessly.

Visualize the crystalline light, from the core of the earth, going up the central channel and reaching the Root-Chakra.
In the 1st–Root-Chakra, the color is turning into a bright red tone, rotating, and emanating the light all away, to the 12th- Chakra.
Here, in the Divine Gateway Chakra. the flame of light is bursting out–and flushing down, through our energy field.
Clearing up all, which is preventing us
from being our true divine selves, is dissolving into the earth.

Circulate the light from the Root-Chakra, up, througout the central channel, to the 12th-Chakra, and back-down, for few more rounds. 

Consciously Connecting the Sacral Chakra, with the Galactic Chakra

Once, we’ve established the light and love of the divine energies within us, we can shift our focus to the 2nd-Chakra.
The 2nd-Sacral Chakra is our second major foundational energy center.
It is in-charge of our relationships to the outside world, and our creative abilities.
The 2nd-Chakra is also referred to our presence on earth.
For this reason, we want to connect, this major energy center, with the 11th–Galactic Chakra.
Deliberately, this connection can enable our more advanced spiritual abilities, to move into, our presence on earth.

To be exact, we want to reach out to the higher dimensional realms, and light-beings, and bring in their knowledge, insights and growth, to our present existence.
Additionally, in this way we’re bringing balance not only to us, but also, to the wide number of beings and mother earth .

Visualize the ‘Prana’– the light force of the universe, coming upwards, from the core of the earth, to the 2nd-Chakra. There, the light’s turning into bright orange hue, rotating and vibrating, when continues to stir upwards and to the 11th-Chakra.
The galactic silver light-energy, and force, is clearing up, our auras, and the central channels, on the way back-down.
At the same time, it’s bringing in the galactic-light, and frequency into our energy field.

12-Chakras of Human Body and Auric field-Connected

Consciously Connecting & Activating all 12-Chakras of our body and the auric field - the Benefits
Connecting and Activating all 12-Chakras of our body, and our auric-fied–
the Benefits

Bridging of the Solar Plexus Chakra, with the Universal Chakra

Now, we can move our attention to the 3rd-Chakra.
The Solar plexus chakra is, where true power of our souls, resides.

Therefore, let us invoke, and command this power by saying:
“Dear my Solar plexus chakra, you’re the ‘seat of my soul’; you have the power to connect to all that is,
Please, allign my being with all creation, and connect with it, through my 10th–the Universal Chakra.”

The Universal Chakra can connect, and align us, with all creation. For this reason, we’re initiating a bridge of light between our Solar Plexus and 10th-Chakra.
Ultimately, becoming one with all creation, will help us to experience ourselves fully, here and now.
Additionally, once the light forces of the universes, are activated within our physical body, they can allow our Markaba-Light body to be constructed.

Visualize the light coming up, through the central channel, to the Solar plexus. The yellow-golden light, starts to spin, and rotate, in the center of our bodies, where it creates the golden weel of light. The light starts to emanate its golden-rays all-the-way to the 10th–Universal Chakra.
Here, some feet above our heads, its joining forces with the light frequencies, from all the universes.
Unified with our soul-light, the golden rays of light are coming back-down, bringing in light-frequencies from all universes, to our auric field.

Connecting the Heart-Chakra, with the 9th–the Spirit Chakra

Let us now bring the attention to the middle of our chest, where the 4th-Heart Chakra, is.
Our Heart-chakra is the essence and core of our life.
Therefore, we are creating a greater bond to the 9th–our Spirit Chakra.
Why, is this beneficial to our journey?
Firstly, when these two energy centers are fully open and connected, we’re able to connect to the vast realms of spirit.
This includes our direct joining, with the Divine-Source, within us.

Thereafter, we are able to surrender and to trust the flow of our spirit.
Once, we’re in divine flow of our spirit, we can access and realize most of our soul’s gifts and abilities.

Visualize the beam of crystaline light, going up the central channel, and turning into a bright emerald, green-light, when reaches the middle of the chest.
Here, in the Heart-Chakra, the light stars to rotate, and emanate, crystalline pinkish beams of light to our higher heart,
We want to stay focus in our higher heart, for a moment. Feel your Higher Self presence, with the Divine unconditional love, surrounded in pink.
Before we continue to see the light on the way-up, and through the central channel, to the 9th–the Spirit Chakra.
In the circular manner, once in the Spirit chakra, the light is turning back-down by showering our auras.
At this time, its bringing in the divine love, together with all our gifts, and abilities, into our energy-field.
Experience this light-frequencies, for few more minutes, until you can feel, and see, the colors of your spirit within your auric field.

Consciously connecting the 5th- Chakra, with our Soul Star Chakra

The 5th Chakra–Throat Chakra is our ability to express ourselves through the unique service to others.
For this reason, we want to create a bond between this energy center, and our Soul Star Chakra.

Why this can benefit our lives?
When the 8th– Soul Star Chakra is fully activated, the Creators light flows through us, freely, allowing us to access higher realms of consciousness. In addition, this chakra carries, the wisdom and knowledge of our soul’s accumulated experiences, throughout many lifetimes.
Therefore, we are awakening and utilizing these experiences, into our current lives, and share it through our service, and 5th-Chakra.

At this point, we visualize the Creators’ light, flowing through our Soul Stat Chakras. We see, the well of light, few feet above our heads, and rushing through the central channel and the throat-chakra, to mother earth.
Feel or see, the crystalline, silver-bluish light, going down and back-up, from above and flushing through the throat-area.
Circulate the light, up and down, the central channel for a moment or two. All the while, visualizing the frequency and light carring the knowledge, and wisdom, from our souls’ many lifetimes to our auras.
Feel free to expand crystalline light throughout your energy field. You can expand it as much as you feel like. (11 feet, or more, on each side, to the left, right, up and below).

Bringing Together our 6th-Chakra, with the Crown-Chakra

The 6th-Chakra is our Spiritual eye. It is offering to us the ability to intuit things, to have an in-sights. The non-physical nature, of our 3rd-Eye, is represented by light.
We are going to intentionally use the light to fasten the connection between this, 6ht–Chakra, and our 7th–Crown-Chakra.
Although, we have worked our way to our Crown Chakra, this is not the destination, or conclusion.
It is rebirth, the infinite unfolding of new experiences, All of which are taking us forward to our ultimate goal – enlightenment, self-realization, fulfillment and our Divine Self.

In the Crown-Chakra we’re bringing in, and expanding, all the concepts we have worked on throughout our 12-Chakra system.

Visualize the violet light moving through the 6th-Chakra, and up through the Crown, and moving up to all the chakras above our head. When the light reaches the Divine Gateway Chakra, the crystalline violet-light, is bursting out and flushing back-down, our central channel, and the auric field.
Now, the light is assimilating all the color, gifts and abilities from all the chakras, within and outside of our bodies. They are all melting down, and becoming one force, and frequency.
It is our unique Soul Star Matrix. Now complete, integrated, and ready for its ascension in the new earth.


Once we are able to experience the crystalline nature of the colors in our auric–energy field, consequently we’re able to raise our frequencies beyond our physical form. Ultimately, we can find ourselves in the higher realms of consciousness.
As fully awaken and aware beings of light and love, we carry our unique message and service to humanity, Mother Earth and all beings.

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