Just in Time a Resurrection Pie With the Ingredients to Elevate & Keep Us Up-High

Spirit of the New Decade is Excited Made me to Revive a Resurrection Pie

The ethos of the New Millennia is exuberant it reminds me of the former Yugoslavia, where I grow up. This spirit keeps me in a great cheer for all the decades living also, in the most beautiful, plus ventures country in the world America.
Exactly, in New York City I’ve got to reinvent–resurrect I narrated in the Resurrection Pie.
I aim to inspire you to make your one. The one that will keep you elevated and up-high.

At this time of rebirth and reconstruction–the resurrection of our whole being, at the doorstep of the new decade and the new Age I just revived my Resurrection Pie. With the intentions and ingredients that can always keep us exhilarated and up-high.
All the ingredients we once strive for are becoming a part of us, and our awareness and consciousness are it. Now we are living it.

The State of LoVe Elevation on New Earth

The Life We Live is a Play-the Game

The life we live is a play, the game of the experience of our consciousness and awareness. It’s like virtual reality. We knowing or not knowing it, are in charge of the game we play and we live. Looking at life as a game we can consequently have a good time.
Why not live our true self through the game light-hearted in love. In love with life.

A #Resurrection #Pie with Ingredients: #love, #game, #faith, #good humor, just #start
‘Resurrection Pie’. VD Just in time You, make your One

The heart always connects us to our origin–the message and light where we’re ever safe and sounding bright.
Love within is the beginning of every exciting venture. We explore through the love in our hearts. Keep your flame expanding and reaching out touching all at your site.

Also, the game we play is always the gain.
There isn’t a failure in life. Failures are the springboard and times where the greatest achievements are born.

Have the Faith to Believe in Your Resurrection Pie

Having the faith to believe in our resurrection pie because the faith will bring us from the failure out.
In general, all we need to do is start and play the game light-hearted and focused on our task.
Don’t forget to add the good humor to your resurrection pie to uplift your and the spirits around at all times.

I hope my Resurrection Pie inspires you to make your one that will always keep you high. Tailor it with unique ingredients of your heart and message you have for this time. We all have a message to live and fulfill.
What is that that you always wished for, is available to you now.

Just trust in the current highest frequencies of light that also carry the codes for our evolution and remembering how. They are presently dissolving all darkness and opening the hearts so that we may experience our true selves through the eyes of love within our hearts.
And here we go check this out and feel the joy.

Resurrection Pie

I wonder, I make Resurrection Pie
One will always keep us high, high, high

One that works at any time
Works at any time
I wonder I make Resurrection Pie.

Let’s put the game first in our Pie
Through the game, we have a good time
As a game, we gain all the time.
Failure is nothing, we’re having fun
There is always something
There is always a new one.

It’s a game to get things done
Just as a game to have a good time
When everything is in the right place
There is a space for everyone.

Hey, hey, Resurrection Pie
Help us to stay alive
Let’s not give up
We give the best we’ve got.

It’s Love the Lot of Love

It’s love, lots of love
That makes us feel so new.
Love’s so special, it has it all
You know what to do.

I’ll create a big balloon 
And send it into the sky.
To emanate love
Love for everyone.

And peace, let peace be all around
Let peace begin with us now.

The Faith in Resurrection Pie

I have faith to believe in Resurrection Pie.
When you’re lost, don’t hide
Faith will bring you out.

You can be an artist so bright
All you do is start
And good humor to keep us alive
And money to fill this all up.
Generate money, money is cool,
The money is school.

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