Is the Enlightenment Journey the next Trend for Humanities’ Evolution

Humanity’s Awakening–Globally

Spiritual life and physical life are one. We are spiritual beings and we chose our physical form to evolve to the next level.
Humanity is awakening to this notion on a global scale.
We’re re-learning how to grow the light within our bodies. 
I can foresee the Enlightenment journey to be humanities’ next trend in the decades to come. 

Along with Mother Earth and all Universes, we’re transitioning to our next levels, and the massive purification of our consciousness and subconsciousness is at hand.
The monumental shifts in frequency and light on earth are connecting us to our Super Consciousness–Cosmic consciousness. This state is lifting off the remaining density of the old world and from our lives.
It is an uplifting time for all that are open and willing to change.
After all, the density from our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirit is transforming to more ethereal form, and our light field energies are ignited. 
We can experience heightened awareness of ourselves and the world around us, globally, and as a part of Divine Plan for Humanity’s ascension on earth.  

Purification on All Levels of Life, Results in Heighten Awareness 

This massive purification on all levels of our lives is causing us–humanity to experience life from our higher selves’ consciousness and perspectives.
Our higher self values are the new parameters. The unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, and care for our life and lives of others are in the air. Ultimately, the Christ Consciousness is awakening in many of us. 

For this reason, the advancement to the level of our soul, mind, and body Enlightenment is possible as we progress in time in our New Earth and this New Reality.
For those who still slumber, mainly, they have to get their personality selves out of the way, and to open their heart to change. The new era is about transparency, willingness and cooperation.
It’s the focus within, through the heart.   

This shift is so significant, for just decades and as well as the centuries ago, one had to eradicate the physical life, and to commit completely to a Spiritual journey in order to evolve.

Spiritual seekers were going to the remote mountains in Asia to reach the higher states of awareness and consciousness. They were isolating to purify, and to experience what we can experience at this time anytime, and anywhere.
In fact on the contrary the separation is inappropriate now, since in unity within and with others we ascend to our next level.  

Life on Ever-Giving Mother Earth and Our Roles

The easiest way to tap-into acceleration process is to connect to Mother Earth and feel her unconditional love. Mother Earth is mother to all of us her children. Therefore, grounding into her core qualities that are unconditional love and service to all we can assimilate the condition.
Besides, Mother Earth already carries 5th dimensional frequencies and vibration, she has chosen ascension, we can consciously merge with her frequency.
Many times I hear people say, ‘I hope when I die, I go to Heaven.’ At these times, I am always thinking but Heaven’s right hear on earth, now.

We have this abundant opportunity on the earth’s beautiful blue and green expanded stage. So rich in what it has to offer to our performance and our special roles.
So the idea is to tap-into her abundance, beauty, and love and to emerge, and build from it in sincere love and gratitude. 

Once we consciously choose the path of awakening, and awareness through recognizing and freeing ourselves from the ignorance, resistance, and the attachments to outcomes, we become one with our higher-selves virtues.
Our higher selves virtues are unconditional Love, for others and ourselves, care, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, harmony, and joy in service.
They are already within us and ready to step forward on our path of service.

We’re Liberated and Limitless  Without the Attachments

The Enlightenment Journey to Humanities
Evolution to the Next Level

Furthermore, in this physical form, and this very lifetime, we can align and Unite with our original eternal Soul and its love and light.  
The Divine, the Source seed within us is our always present flame within. Staying connected, and aligned to this eternal light being within we are expanded and limitless in all aspects.

When we think in reflection any attachments to outcomes are limiting the true potential of a situation and  our abilities.

We are liberated and limitless without our attachments and expectations. In love, gratitude, and trust, in time, and through suitable contributions according to our unique abilities, we can live as an enlightened beings on purpose, right here, now..

In conclusion, the source within us is limitless and abundant, only our attachments to something are limiting this potential within.

Hearts Open Reality is the Step to Knowing Ourselves as Light

It is when our hearts open fully towards the life, others, and ourselves we can see the reality in its true colors.
We are flexible, adaptable, open to receive all that life has to offer when living moment-to-moment through the heart.
Additionally, the grand benefit of this state is that we’re able to contribute with all that we have. 

These higher vibration states of consciousness through the heart will allow our physical body to integrate the light of our eternal Soul. Our eternal soul is always aligned with the most appropriate light frequencies that are available to us from the outside world, the New Earth and the Universe.
When we’re in this open and receptive state, we can experience our selves, through the heart in all dimensions of consciousness anytime. It’s a great practice, I suggest that you try it. To experience is to know.

The Enlightenment is as the word says, it is being aware and knowing yourself as Light.
We are light. The Source is Light. Everything is made of different frequencies of Light. Just being aware and perceiving the world in this way is a great start on the enlightenment journey.

So the idea is, and always was that we consciously assist the process of purification, and to grow the light within, through the heart, and our higher selves virtues.

Being and Living Our Truth through Love and Gratitude is Service to All

When we remove all attachments to how things should be, and we do all we can with no attachment to outcome, our life becomes an enlighten and unconditional journey of service in love and gratitude.
Furthermore, in this unconditional state we’re serving others just by being our true selves presence.
Being and living your tru presence is akin to being of a service to all.
Do you know, when we offer good services that we accumulate good virtue for our lives, bringing in all goods for our journey. The goods for both, a physical and spiritual plane.

Consequently, we’re opening the doors for the Divine and the Source to flow through us and to part on the expanded light energy field that serves all beings. 

Additionally, through our appropriate actions, we’re constantly purifying and opening our hearts, minds, and bodies more. Suddenly, our soul’s light and love take over the lead then we’re on the ascension path at all times.

Flexibility and Heart’s Focus in the Quantum Field Reality

Purification of our hearts and minds consists of realizing any old patterns, the ways linked to our need to control life, the ego, and attachments to outcomes that are lower vibrational frequencies.
In general, everything that belongs to the old, fixed, and controlled reality is not aligned with the enlightenment journey or the frequencies of the New Earth.
It’s a choice, we choose an acceleration path and any darkness we’re aware of within our physical body, our minds and hearts through focused awareness and conscious practice we can bring to light.

The enlightenment path is a constant awareness and focuses on our acceleration path through a burning desire to merge in unity with one’s original eternal light and purpose, as one, throughout all existences, as the soul.

I will introduce a practice for the transformation of a dense matter to lighter matter and field of light within our bodies later in this chapter.
Similarly,, in the article on conscious breathing of the light and Prana of the Universe to our cells, organs, and 12-Chakras can be used for this purpose.

Transmuting Darkness to Light Practice 

The following is the ancient Taoist practice, I learned while studying with the University of Soul Healing and Enlightenment.

In its essence, the practice is a transformation of any dense matter within our body to light. Consequently,, we’re mutating density within to lighter and lighter matter and light. The light can be our original soul light within us, the Source–the Tao.
As I mentioned earlier, this light within us is present yet, not always realized and utilized. due to possible blockages, we carry. This practice can help in transforming densities and with our unification with the light within.

Altering the dense Matter of our body, mind, and spirit into the Light--more Ethereal form, through ancient practice. 
Four-part process using light, and power of visualization and invocation. 
First--kidneys produce matter, Second--Matter transforms to Energy; Third--Energy transforms to Message; Fourth: Message transforms to Emptiness; Fifth--Emptiness transforms to the Light/the Source. 
In its essence using this principal we can alter any challenge or issue in our lives with this practice. See the attached page for more details.
Through Altering dense Matter to Light–the Source within, we’re developing more ethereal form and consciousness. The Practice

We can expand the essence of this practice, the transformation of matter to the Source light, to dissipate any dense matter within our lives to its more ethereal form. 
Potentially, all attachments, negative ideas, and beliefs, physical issues can be transform in this way.
All of the above issues listed consist of dense matter, within our form, which ultimately causes the challenge and blockages in our lives. 

I am still fascinated with this practice, it’s wisdom, the depth, and the effect that produces in my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

The Actual Practice that
can Potentially Transform Matter of our body, mind and soul to Light

This transformation of the matter to light is the five-part process:

first–matter is produced in Kidneys.
– second–the matter alters to energy, in the spinel cord.
-third–the energy transmutes to a message, in the head.
-fourth–the message transmutes to emptiness, in the heart.
-fifth— the emptiness shifts to light, in Heart Chakra, in the middle of the chest.

Inevitably, and while practicing through focused intention, our consciousness also evolves to more pure, refined, and higher frequency consciousness.

What’s obvious, the practice can assist the transformation of our physical body to the lighter body. This process is what the Enlightenment of our body, mind, and soul in its essence is. The goal is becoming the light and our more ethereal form in all aspects of our being. 

For those interested, the instruction on how to practice is attached and linked to the above photo.

There are more ways to assist our purification, our acceleration, and ascension to the higher frequencies of our light and consciousness.

Reciting the Sacred Ancient and New Texts

Reciting, Singing, and Chanting sacred ancient and new texts or mantras is also the way to go into stillness or emptiness where we can experience the unity consciousness.
The team is to entering a condition of love and harmony with all creation and creating the space for great realizations to occur for our journey.
Besides going into a condition of emptiness, these texts carry wisdom when we repeat it many times we become it.

I am fond of these practices and have created a few videos with singing sacred ancient mantras. I inclosed the Shakyamuni’s Buddha mantra for your reference.
If you’re not familiar with his inspiring life story you can find it in the text below this video on YouTube.

In other words, we find many ways to enter the conditions of love, peace, and harmony with everything. Thus, to enter higher awareness and unity consciousness, until we are in this state of being at all times.

Sing or Chant Shakyamuni Buddha mantra
108 times to go into stillness and emptiness

In Conclusion

Even if we chose to do nothing the alterations will happen at their speed in this new age of higher frequencies of light on the new earth.

It is uplifting to realize that we can be co-creators of this expanded new higher frequencies of light on our planet through our efforts as an active contributor to the collective,
Now it’s time that we take actions in any way we can for this purpose of bringing love, light, and higher frequencies of consciousness to Mother Earth and Humanity.

In Love and Light, Tat Jane

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