3 Simple Steps to overcome Challenges~Yin/Yang Balance

When we experience challenge in any aspect of life, we can know that our physical-Yang aspect, and our spiritual–Yin aspect, in regards to this issue are not in balance.
The following 3 simple steps can help us overcome most of the challenges, and easy the way to making important decisions.

The Universal principle, and law of Yin and Yang says, that when Yin and Yang are in balance, we experience harmony, and there isn’t room for challenge, nor for an issue to manifest.

Knowing this wisdom—the Law, that is applied Universally for all things, we can put it into action to overcome our issues, a dilemma, or any challenges we experience in our lives.

We apply 3 Simple steps.

Step 1: We identify the challenge clearly.
This is the Yang-physical aspect, and it has already manifested.

Step 2: In the morning, when we first wake up, when our mind is the most peaceful, clear and receptive, with no chatter, we can connect to our Yin aspect of a trouble.
We connect to our inner powers, our heart and Soul.

Our beloved Soul is always ready and willing to assist us.
All we need to do is to ask for assistance.

We say Hello, like we would to a friend on the street.

“Dear my beloved Soul, I love you, could you please offer me a guidance, how can I transform my ______anger, my resistance, my procrastination habit ____or what ever we experience and want to overcome or receive guidance for___ we elaborate in details, what we are experiencing and what we need help with ___at the end we say Thank You!” ~

The more our heart is open and we are honest with our Soul, the more we’ll obtain a better answer.

Our Soul has all the knowledge, experience, wisdom, and answers, we will ever need. We talk to our Soul like we would to a very close friend.

Once we are done, we quiet down and we listen to the messages that our soul has for us.

At this point our Trust and faith, that we’re hearing the answer is very important. This takes practice and if we don’t hear anything, all we need to do is send more love to our Soul, and be patient, and in the feeling of gratitude.

We give it some time in loving support, imagining golden light in the area between our physical heart and our heart’ chakra, where is our Soul’ Temple.

It is important to not have many expectations, since these messages are very subtle, and delicate, so any of our attitudes or ’big’ expectations may dissolve the message, and push it away.

If we don’t hear the answer right away, we have to know that the answer will come in different form sometimes later.

The message can come in the form of image, word, sentence or just an inner knowingness of the answer for our inquiry.
Important is to ask and to trust our Soul.

Sometimes we may be guided to an event, newspaper, to an action that will reveal some answers and guidance.
We can re-phrase the question, in a different way and at another time to receive more information on what we need to know.

Step 3: We follow the guidance we receive from our Soul.

In its essence, what we want is to pay the respect to our Souls’ wants and needs, and NOT to make decisions, that are solely guided by our mind, and common knowledge and rules.

So, our physical lives, no matter how good or bad they look and feel like at the time, if they are not perfectly aligned with our innate true-nature, and our Soul desires, they will not be beneficial to us, in the long run, we will experience challenges and difficulties.

Our unhappy Soul will create and attract problems and challenges for us to experience, and to learn lessons.

I’ll give you a practical example, since I’ve experienced it in my own life.

In 2006, I joined the venture, in order ‘just to make money’ to support my physical life. I was aware at the time that joining this venture is not aligned with my highest soul’s purpose, and needs.
I failed to obey my Soul’ guidance. ~

I joined the venture, since my ‘powerful’ mind believed it will be able to sort of ‘play it off’ and trick my spirit—my Soul, and come back to it, when I get my physical needs covered. ~

I ended up having a draining and depleting time, for over 6-7 years in this venture. I invested much money and time, and have never accomplished my goal of reaching financial freedom.
I actually ended up in a massive debt and totally exhausted I left the venture at the end of 2012.
I have to add that I still have not recuperated financial debt from this experience. ~

My example may seem very drastic and to the extreme to you, but I can assure you that more powerful your soul is, the more challenges it is able to create for you to experience, and to learn lessons.

In order for this not to happen to you, my beloved readers, the great practical advice and technique, I open this article with may prevent similar disasters to happen to you.

This can truly be applied to any area of life, relationships, occupation, your service, love life, possible attachments, any transformation you seek can be solved with this simple 3 Steps technique.

“Ask (your beloved Soul) and it shall be given to you.”.~
That’s what the Bible says and so it is! ~

In Love and Light, and always with you! ~ TJ

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