Evolution, Birth, and Rebirth in Every Now Moment Through Heart and Breath

Through Breath and our Hearts We Evolve and Connect to the Source Within, and Within Others

Celebrating birth and re-birth in every now moment through our hearts, and breath.
Our breath is an ever present light-force, and energy of the universe within us.
With every conscious breath, through our heart, we’re connected to grounds of source in life and our evolution to the next best level.
We all have the source within us—our original light-source.
It is our Phoenix within, ever seeking, and ready to re-invent itself.

Those who believe in themselves and others, and live fully in the now, are reborn by virtue itself within every moment.
Specifically, there is a virtue in every thing, we can chose to thrive from.
Moreover, when we stay in this zone of projecting ourselves and others for the highest good, we emanate the source of nourishment to all.
To be specific, we can choose to nurture our surroundings and ourselves by merit of living in purpose, harmony, and peace.

The Birthing of an Idea, Kicks Open
the Journey and our Evolution

Growing up, I thought that the middle of the road was a good place to be. I remember that ‘Golden middle’ was always my choice.
Turned out that the middle of the road, in real life, doesn’t exist.
In truth I wanted to connect and to be part of all things.
Lately, by meditating on one heart consciousness, I realized that the seed of ‘one heart’ was dawning within me at this early age.

Pin– Birth and Rebirth Now on Pinteres

Eventually, we have to take part in something.
Early on, I chose to stand for the Light.
It was the birthing of an idea, that kicked open my journey in pursue of light forces in life.
Once I realized that my idea created an opening to the whole new world of new beginnings and closers. The journey has begun.

One thing is certain, we have to have a firm notion, and thereafter to continue to drive upon it.

It was obvious that once we finalize, and learn from a sequence in life, we can move on, to the next level.
So, early on I have made peace and a deep connection with process of re-birth and re-invention, through ceasing and starting over.

To this day, I owe much love and gratitude to the novel ‘Demian’ by Herman Hesse.

Once We Receive the Knowledge From the Life’s Sequence the Old World Vanishes

Especially, the following paragraph impacted me the most:
“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. God’s name is Abraxas.” H. Hesse
Abraxas is the ancient God—the myth, that has been claimed to be both, God and demon.

The wisdom is:
Once we receive the knowledge, and what we need for our evolution, the old world vanishes in front of our eyes.
Also, polarities meet and they’re part of the whole.
The good and evil, life and death, truth and lie. Light and darkness, they exist at the same time.
Additionally, we have all the shades in-between.

Indeed, either part and all the shades in between are important. The knowingness of birth and re-birth we once take upon through our heart, with no fear, and with trust, can move our journey fast.

Every moment is an opportunity for the birthing of an idea, and another step forward on our pursuit. Therefore, death is inevitable for the birth or rebirth on the horizon.

And then, there is love. Love is such an inspiration in our lives.
Stay in your heart dear souls, to feel the love in every now moment.

Negative Memories Serve the Birth and Rebirth and Our Evolution

Speaking of closure, there are times when negative memories come to teach us lessons. They also tend to keep us in one place for some time and until we receive all the knowledge needed for the next chapter of our lives. 

 Life is like a school program, where we get the opportunity to learn and pass the exam, to move to the next level.

 So, through all the occasions, reflecting through our hearts, focused on the best we can do in a moment, and trust in devotion that everything happens for the best is an optimal concept. 

 Therefore, our destination is the journey, where we get to purify and create virtue and an opportunity for people around us and our life. 

 I believe the goal of one’s life is the unification within and with the outer world through becoming one with eternal love and light of our heart and soul in purpose. 

Consequently, birth and rebirth are vital for our purification process and becoming the light and one with the eternal love of our hearts and souls in every moment. 

 When we choose to be the source of love and light, everything in our lives reflects in that way. through the purpose, and as the resource of love and light our evolution journey is a path of acceleration in pure bliss for all. 

Soul Wisdom Vs. Mind Knowledge

It is when we doubt and complain about the process we lose the ground.

Also, we have to be mindful of our minds. The mind is inclined to process through the old patterns, memories, and the ways we have experienced before.

So the fact is, what is in our consciousness already, it’s not helpful at the times of our evolution to the next levels.
Why is this?
Everything that is in our consciousness is the level we are at.

Therefore, in the event of our intense evolution to the next level, we seek knowledge from our souls’ through the heart.

Our soul has wisdom, knowledge, the experiences, from many lifetimes, while the mind carries knowledge from this life, only.

Forgiveness Practice Can Open our Hearts for the Rebirth and Speeds Up our Evolution

Practicing forgiveness is helpful at times when we need to move to the next level and we have emotional residues from the previous chapter in life. In other words, it is a great way to resolve the old by going deeper in the reflection and release negative memories and attachments.

Forgiveness Practice on YouTube

Forgiving ourselves and others helps the opening of the heart to the process of death and rebirth. In other words, forgiveness helps the conclusion of one cycle and the birthing of the new through a smooth transition.

To illustrate here is the poem:

…In other words, I am just One that
believes that day will come,
wheneveryone will be giving the most
of what they’ve got,
wouldn’t that be so right,
like you are underthis sunlight.

So, don’t be tight, let us share
this moment bright, besides
do you think it’s healthy being alone,
with the head full of thoughts,
on it’s own.
You have to keep that
beautiful face all the way.

Why do you think about the act?
In reality nothing really matters,
nothing is more important than
anything else,


…And don’t forget to smile, like an ascending master of love and light in a form on earth, now.
The smile brings people together and uplifts the hearts and souls.

in Love and Light, always Tat Jane

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