Physical Heart Vs. Spiritual Heart

Physical and Spiritual Heart is One

Why? Let me explain in this article.

Firstly, because when the heart starts beating life begins, and when the heart stops life ends. Here we’re talking about our physical heart.
Likewise, in the second place, when we live from our hearts, we experience life in its true colors.

It is our spiritual heart that allows us to live our truth. So, light up the light within you with every breath you take. This might allow you naturally to live the life from your heart.

Heart's flame
Light Up your LIGHT within

When we do not live through our hearts, we are missing out. Additionally we can develop illnesses.

Our spiritual heart is the necessary counterpart, which creates balance and harmony in our lives.

Here is why many people suffer from heart and cardiovascular conditions.
Often, they do not live this simple truth.

Co-existence of Physical & Spiritual in Everything

Let me explain further a physical and spiritual existences within all ‘things’. They are one, and they can operate successfully, only as a unit.
It’s one existence, which contains of two parts.

Just like anything else, our heart contains, the physical part, its function–Yang existence, and its counterpart Yin existence.
Yin existence in relation to heart, it’s our spiritual heart.

Therefore, understanding the essence of this law, makes our lives smoother and harmonious.
Firstly, we do not try to take things apart, but generally, we seek unity. Unity, balance, and harmony are essential for our health, well-being, and happiness. This is true, and the right way to examine our physical and spiritual hearts’ purpose and significance.

Let the Heart Leads your Physical Journey

For example:
Let’s say, you are walking, thinking, so many thoughts are on your mind. Something along these lines: oh, how to do this, and I need that…
Then, suddenly your heart takes over, and everything shifts; the heart opens, when ease and harmony replace the mind’s struggles.
In other words, you become one within, and with all that’s on your mind. Instantly, your point of view has changed. Thus, you’re able to come up with much better solutions, simply because you’ve aligned and united with your spiritual counterpart.

This example illustrates, and points out that our spiritual heart is the heart of our lives’ journey. Through our spiritual heart, we relate to others, our lives and ourselves. 

It is located in the middle of the chest, and it meditates between the worlds of spirit and matter.
This is another reason why many people have challenges within their hearts.

Our physical and spiritual heart, are at the threshold of the realms of solid, and tangible to intangible. The Earth, Water, and Fire, which are the characteristics of the lower body parts, are moving to the intangibility of Air– the upper parts, our head and above.

The spiritual heart thrives on forgiveness and compassion–an unconditional Love. Through this love we accept others, and ourselves, for doing the best we know.
Yet this love, this unconditional state, does not depend on others.
It is not the tribal love of the Root (first) chakra, or the sexual love of the Sacral (second) chakra but is our own state of being.
It is constant and enduring all that comes our way, regardless of externals.

Spiritual Heart the Symbol

Spiritual #Heart_#Anahata_Symbol
Symbol for Spiritual Heart

Take a look at the symbol for the spiritual heart {enclosed).
It is twelve lotus petals around six pointed star (two triangles). One triangle is pointing downwards, representing our spirit descending to meet the matter (body)– our physical world. While the other triangle is pointing upwards, denotes the matter (our body) is rising to meet the spirit. So it is the balance of two worlds.
In Sanskrit, Anahata–the name for heart chakra, means ‘unstruck’ or ‘sound made without two things striking’ describing the co-existence of body and spirit.

#Spiritual and #Physical #heart is one.
The archetype animal associated with spiritual heart is antelope

The associated animal, the archetype is antelope, suggests someone in love. The wide-open eyes, restless wandering, and bounding with joy.

Let’s explore this a little bit more.

When we experience life through our hearts, it is more likely that our minds will be harmonious, and at ease.
Why is this true? Even if we’re not aware, the heart governs the mind. Furthermore, our heart is governed by our souls’ desires and need.

All causes of our actions, experiences, our reality is initiated, and they come from our souls’ message, through our hearts. ( Both, the physical heart and the spiritual heart)
So the heart, especially our spiritual heart, is also an important bridge between our souls’ message, and the mind.
The mind receives the message, and creates the action, which moves the matter.
Our actions, our thoughts, and emotions, they move the matter primarily governed by our hearts and souls.

Our Spiritual Heart is Decision Maker

To recap, since it’s important to be aware of, it is not the mind that makes decisions in our lives.

For instance, when we experience the life, through the eyes of love (through our spiritual heart), everything seems to be unfolding in perfect harmony. In other words, our spirit guides our motions. Our spirit is connected, and aligned, through our Spiritual heart, with our body.
Our message–our world within, is in harmony with the outside world, through our hearts.

To summarize, the heart’s basic physical function is to keep us alive. The second major heart’s function is the ability and intelligence to guide our lives, in perfect harmony and ease.

Follow your Heart’s Guidance

When listening to our hearts we experience our true self being present and alive. Our true self, is our higher self, which comes to life once we experience the life through our hearts. Both hearts, the physical and spiritual heart.

This is the reason why an unconditional love is such a powerful healer to our challenges. The truth is, when we activate this love within we’re all powerful healers. It is just too difficult for many to comprehend and believe in this.

The true cause of our challenges is the lack of virtue.
Although, the virtue is in everything.
To Love is to accumulate virtue for our lives. There is love in everything. The very breath we take has so much virtue. For this reason we have to acknowledge it, deep in our hearts , to experience it and benefit from.

The New Earth is a Shift to the Heart Focused Life

The new frequencies of light on Earth, they’re literally shifting our focus, from being in our heads, to consciously living through our hearts, in the present moment.
It is our new existence beyond time and space; heart-felt focus within, much less on the externals.
The time and space were main characteristics of the 3rd dimensional consciousness.
Every moment feels eternal in the New Earth, mostly because the focus is shifting to our hearts, in the ever now moment.
Did you experience this shift, yet?

When our ‘point of reference’ is in our hearts, there are no feelings of lack, and separation in the way we relate to the external world.

The Heart Focused Life Vs. Higher Levels of Consciousness

How to avoid unnecessary disharmony in our lives, find out!

Let us explore, this monumental shift, and the truth of living on Earth at this time.

We are present in our hearts, in the ever present now moment. We experience the bliss and harmony in every moment of our lives.

Our hearts, both, the physical and spiritual heart, they are the bridge, which allows us to live our true Self–our Higher self, beyond time and space, in every moment.

By being present in the now moment, in our hearts, we’re bypassing the limitations of our body, time and space. We are entering higher dimensions of consciousness.
We are part of the eternal now moment with every conscious breath we take through the heart and its transformative power that does all the work for us.

in Love and Light, Tat Jane

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