Dance of the heart and soul is a dance guided through the heart and soul.
In other words, there is no choreography prepared, no directions and the mind is at rest.
We’re expressing our heart’s and soul’s message at the moment. It’s an effective therapy to train ourselves to let go and be fully present in the now through the heart.
Once in this state, all things start naturally unfolding in front of our eyes.
Follow me on this video. Become one with music, experience the moment through the heart, and let your soul move the body the way it wishes. It’s like painting a picture but through the movement. Or talking and telling your story through the dance, or movement.

You will notice, on the video, that I am not editing my moments either or correcting them. On the contrary, I am freely letting my soul, through the heart, to lead the dance/movement.

Do not be disappointed if you do not experience success at first, or a second, or even the third time. It takes practice to let go and quiet the mind attempting to interact. Be patient.
Know that once you experience the freedom and uplift from letting go and expressing yourself through movement and dance, you will be able to do it every time you desire to.
The benefits are many to name the few are:
-you will have more confidence and command over your life.
-you’ll be able to be inflow with everything you do, following the principals of the soul and heart moment and dance.
-your heart will open tremendously, after experiencing this connection with your true self–your soul, through movement and dance.

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