“I had a blessing session with Tat-Jane. I am grateful beyond measure to know her and for this opportunity. While the session I felt peace within and a release in my head and in my stomach area. She also teached me important practices to do on a daily basis. I am very touched by your … Continue reading Testimonial for a #Soul #Transformation –Christina Urban

Testimonial for a #Soul #Transformation –Christina Urban

“The next day, after I woke up … I felt like I can breathe, I felt taller, and felt great, mentally & spiritually. As if I bleached my soul — means my Soul feels clean. I feel like my wife is trusting me more, too, she is giving me a space or giving me a … Continue reading Testimonial for #Soul #Transformation–George Medina

Testimonial for #Soul #Transformation–George Medina


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