“Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so grateful to have received a Tao Source Field Blessing this week. I received the blessing for helping me to have more self–love. During the session I could feel so much more love for myself as the blockages were being removed. I feel lighter, happier, full of joy! I am … Continue reading Testimonial for Soul Healing Blessing for #Self-Love–Dove Saberon

Testimonial for Soul Healing Blessing for #Self-Love–Dove Saberon

… When I received Tao Hands Blessing from TJ, I had terrible pain in my shoulder, I couldn’t do anything with my arm, plus it hurt, I couldn’t sleep. I was tired, exhausted,  depressed all the time. Tat Jane offered me Tao Hands blessing and chanted for me couple of times … I was amazed … Continue reading Testimonial for #Soul #Healing — #Transformation–Bretta Landel

Testimonial for #Soul #Healing — #Transformation–Bretta Landel

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